Wedding Inspiration: Altar Love

Your altar is a pretty darn important detail of your wedding, so you might as well go all out making it stunning! After all, there are going to be tons of photos of you standing in front of it, so it's gotta be pretty. ;) At The Barn, we take our altars seriously! We put a lot of effort into making each one as unique and special as the couple who says their I do's in front of it. Looking back through our weddings, I think it's safe to say that we've done every style of altar, from classic to whimsical to glam to rustic and everything in between! Here are some ideas I love for altars that are bohemian, rustic, romantic and glamorous, all from weddings at The Barn. Can't wait to see what our fall 2018 brides dream up for their altars! <3




  B.Matthews Photo , from  Tara + Casey 's wedding


 Paxton Goates Photography, from  Jessica + Eli 's wedding

Paxton Goates Photography, from Jessica + Eli's wedding

  Tryston Hines Photography , from Monica + Ryan's wedding

Tryston Hines Photography, from Monica + Ryan's wedding

10 Barn Weddings: We Can't Wait For Fall, Y'all!

Our super busy, completely insane fall wedding season is so, sooo close and we can't wait! This fall will be full of gorgeous, one-of-a-kind weddings, and we are so excited to celebrate with all of our upcoming brides and grooms. We can't wait to share with y'all their unique visions for their weddings! We're looking forward to fall florals, unique details, amazing altars, fall color palettes, how gorgeous our ceremony site is when the leaves change colors, cozy vibes, and everything else that comes along with our fall wedding season. SO PUMPED! Let's take a look back at a few of our fall weddings from years past! 

Whitney and Jimmy's wedding was a dream! They chose a neutral color palette and a boho theme, and it was timeless and stunning. We're still swooning over Whitney's entire bridal look - the floral crown, dress, veil, shoes... she was the prettiest bride ever! We loved their altar, all the greenery garlands used throughout their decor, and their timeless reception details. The fall colors surrounding The Barn in November made this wedding extra gorgeous and romantic. We'll love this one forever! 

Hailey and William's wedding last November was dreamy and magical! Their burgundy and blush color palette was sooo pretty... we loved how they incorporated a pastel shade into a fall wedding by combining it with a darker color! Their reception was pure magic - the burgundy details, candles and beautiful florals underneath The Barn's chandeliers, twinkle lights and beautiful drapes was breathtaking. We also LOVED their altar (the flowers across the top were so pretty!) and their cake!

Oh my, Allison and Patrick's wedding was sweet, special and unique. Their colors were cranberry and blue, and they chose a book theme. We adored the sweet book details used throughout their wedding - beautiful vintage books, book page runners, and a book page backdrop. Their ceremony decor was absolutely stunning, and we're also never gonna forget their reception details! Please go swoon over every little detail with us!

Holly + Caleb's wine themed wedding was soooo pretty and full of unique details. We LOVED their florals, their hanging pallet drink display, their aisle (it was lined with verses from 1 Corinthians 13 painted on pieces of wood), and their amazing altar (we forever love hanging lanterns!). When Holly requested a wine theme, we knew it was gonna be good. ;) 

Jennifer and Troy eloped at The Barn last November, and it was the sweetest rustic chic elopement ever. They chose a color scheme full of shades of purple, and they wanted rustic details that were flawless with the surrounding fall landscape. We LOVED their burlap altar, sweet purple florals, the cutest burlap and lace streamer wands, their adorable little cake, and most importantly, Jennifer's AMAZING purple dress! 

Abigail and Ben had the quintessential country fall barn wedding. There were sunflowers, burlap, lace, wood details, portraits with a tractor... ALL the essentials needed for a rustic chic wedding! Their colors were yellow, chocolate and tan, and every detail was rustic and country. My favorite detail was Abigail's amazing bridal gown! We also loved their ceremony aisle decor and their rustic burlap altar. 

Jessica + Brett's wedding had a lot (like, A LOT) going on, and it was truly unforgettable. Their modern-meets-rustic-meets-glam theme and bright jewel tones were unlike anything we'd done before! Their flowers, geometric details, six favors (yup, SIX), and cake table were all insaaaaane. Oh, and that bridal gown?! Unreal. This one was good, y'all! Most detailed wedding ever. 

Mandy + Matt traveled 3,030 miles from Alaska to get married at The Barn!!! Yes, you read that correctly. We sort of couldn't believe it either. Their rustic chic wedding was GORGEOUS and unique. There were fox tails, the prettiest Alaskan details, some really cool bouts, and so many other sweet details! 

Samantha + Matt's navy and gold wedding was unique for many reasons. It was pineapple themed (yes, that's a thing, and yes, it was amazing!). They chose orange flowers and succulents for their florals, which was completely unexpected and AMAZING. Aaaand the bride pretty much planned her entire wedding around the gorgeous Badgley Mischka bridesmaids' dresses pictured above. These two were married inside The Barn on a gloomy fall day, but that didn't stop their wedding from being fabulous! 

Emaly + Thomas' bohemian wedding was full of gorgeous, unique details! Their ceremony was amazing, with red flower petals, logs and lit candles lining the aisle, and one of the most unique altars we've ever done! Emaly had such a lovely vision for her altar, including hanging bottles, Spanish moss, and gorgeous flowers, and it was incredible. We also LOVED her simple greenery crown and their reception tables. This one was extra pretty!

FAQ About The Barn

There's a whole long list of questions that couples ask us frequently, so we wanted to answer several of them in one place! If you have a question that we don't cover below, holler at us on Facebook or via the contact page listed above! xoxo

 Paxton Goates Photography, from  Jessica + Eli 's wedding

Paxton Goates Photography, from Jessica + Eli's wedding

Where are you located? Can I stop by to see The Barn? We are located right outside of Dardanelle, Arkansas, on over 35 acres of gorgeous land! Due to our very busy schedule, we do not allow drop-in visits. If you are interested in seeing The Barn, please contact us to set up a time! 

Do you have my date available? How far in advance should I book my date? Hopefully so! We book up way in advance for larger weddings, but since we can plan elopements so quickly, we can often book an elopement with only a few days’ notice. (Literally, as long as we have enough time to get your flowers in, we can pull off an elopement. We've put elopements together in as little as three days!) 2018 is almost completely full, and 2019 is filling up quickly. Our best advice... don't wait! If you think you want a date, go for it. :)

I’m interested in The Barn, and I have a wedding date chosen. I'm just not sure if The Barn is my final choice, so can you hold my date until I decide? Our dates are in very high demand, and for that reason, we do not hold dates. They are booked on a first come, first serve basis. If you think you want it, book it. That's our best advice. Many of our couples book The Barn without ever seeing it!

What is the fee for renting The Barn? This totally depends on the collection you choose. Our elopements start at $1,850. For larger weddings, we prefer not to list our pricing online, because every wedding is so drastically different. Contact us with your wedding needs, and we’ll be happy to give you a precise quote! And just an FYI, you can’t rent our venue! (This means we don't rent just the venue... it's all or nothing, y'all!)

What exactly does the price include? Every collection we offer is all-inclusive. For elopements, this means designer florals, ceremony decor (including a gorgeous altar), a cake and cake display are all included. For full-on weddings, this means designer florals, ceremony and reception details (including linens, dinnerware and all decor), an instrumentalist for your ceremony,  cake, catering, entertainment, a bar, and so much more. Each collection includes planning, coordination, set-up and tear-down. We are happy to add stationery, favors, and even honeymoon planning to your collection as well. We are truly a one stop shop! We offer just about everything but the dress. :)

What does The Barn not provide? You will need to bring your photographer and officiant, and we are happy to help you find the perfect ones! Check out our list of preferred photographers to find one that fits your budget and style.

What collections do you offer? Classic Elopements. Sip-Sip Celebrate Elopements. Simply Sweet. Rustic Chic. Pearl Snaps. Diamond Horseshoe. We offer a collection for everyone, and they are all completely customizable! Contact us for all the details!

How many people can The Barn hold? We can accommodate up to 200 folks!

How many hours will we get to be at The Barn? Couples who book our Classic Elopement collection get The Barn to themselves for two hours. For the Sip-Sip Celebrate elopements, it’s three hours. And our full-blown wedding collections allow for five to eight hours onsite, depending on the collection you choose. 

Where should our guests park? We have a large, grassy lot that’s just a short walk from The Barn. It’s marked with lots of cute signs, so your guests can’t miss it!

Do y'all do set up and tear down? Yes, for EVERY wedding! Having someone to set up and tear down your wedding decor is worth its weight in gold, if you ask us. 

Is there a back-up location if the weather is bad? Yep! We will move your ceremony inside The Barn if the weather doesn’t cooperate on your big day. It’ll be just as pretty and even more romantic and magical, promise!

If our ceremony and reception are held in the same area, how will you quickly transition the space with guests present? Unless the weather is just straight up crazy, we will ask your guests to go out on The Barn’s lawn or out to our covered patio while our team quickly and flawlessly transitions The Barn from a ceremony into a reception. Your guests can have a cocktail and maybe some hours d’oeuvres while they wait, and we promise it won’t take long! Our talented team has this process down to an art!

Is there a bridal suite or a groom's suite? Yes, we have both! Our Bridal Suite is the perfect place for a bride and her entourage to get ready for the big day. There are restrooms, mirrors for primping, a comfy chaise, a kitchen and plenty of seating inside. We even have a closet stocked with wedding day essentials and emergency items! Our Groom’s Room is such a fun hangout for the groom and his guys to have a couple drinks in while the ladies get ready. ;)

 BnBauman Photography, from  Alyssa + Matt 's wedding

BnBauman Photography, from Alyssa + Matt's wedding

Do you have a website?Yes, we sure do! We are also on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

Is there a charge to use The Barn for regular portrait sessions? We currently only allow Barn Couples to use The Barn for portrait sessions. 

Showing Team Spirit In Your Wedding Decor

It's almost time for back to school, and those of us living in the South know what else that means... it's also almost time for a little thing called football season. If you don't live in the South, let me briefly explain just how big of a deal that is: football is sort of a religion, and it's taken very seriously. God first, family second, football third. Priorities, y'all! If you're a football fan, you don't get married on a game day, especially if it's a home game. You pick a wedding date that falls during a bye week, or you plan your wedding for a different season.

For diehard football fans, incorporating your love of your team into your wedding decor is a must. But it's easy to go from tasteful to tacky really quick, if you use too many football team-related details. You don't want a full on Razorback-themed wedding, obviously! Here are some ways to show your team spirit that aren't at all tacky! 

Use Your Team's Colors In Your Decor...

...Or In Your Flowers

Groom's Cakes

Shaker/Wand Getaway!

Ring Bearer Football or Pillow

Garter Toss


If nothing else, you could always just call the Hogs after your ceremony ;)

Have a great day, and woo pig sooie! ;)

You Can't Rent Our Venue

A question we’re commonly asked by our potential couples is, “How much does it cost to rent The Barn?” And the answer is, you can’t! That’s right, we don’t rent out The Barn. It’s not even an option. 

Are we crazy?! Well, maybe, but not for that reason. ;) We don’t offer a venue rental, because it’s super important to us that we provide EVERY service for our couples and completely eliminate every ounce of stress that typically goes along with planning a wedding. We believe in fully executed weddings where our couples don’t have to do a thing other than show up and have a perfect day. We are truly all-inclusive, meaning we take care of your flowers, decor, catering, entertainment, cake, planning, coordination, set-up, tear-down, and we’re even happy to help with stationery, favors, honeymoon planning, and literally ANY other thing you could need for the wedding. We hand-pick the best vendors that we know you can trust. You bring your dress, your photographer, your officiant, and your soon-to-be spouse (woot!), and we take care of the rest.  

Did you know that most similar wedding venues in our area start out at around $2,000 JUST for the venue rental, with most of them closer to the $3,500-$5,000 range?! That’s comparable to what our smaller full-blown weddings start at! Elopements are an even better deal, starting at $1,850. And our weddings include everything you could possibly need. Our all-inclusive collections save you from having to find great, affordable vendors, coordinate them all yourself, and all the other stressful, difficult, time consuming work that goes along with planning your own wedding. 

We love a DIY wedding as much as anyone, but we can’t imagine asking you to pay so much money for just a space to get married in, and then spend even more money on all of your vendors. That’s why we allow our couples to be as involved (or not) as they’d like to be. If DIY-ing some details is important to you, we’re all about it. We want your day to be exactly the way you’ve always dreamed it to be, but we want to make it as easy and stress-free as possible! 

The bottom line is, The Barn is more affordable overall than most other venues in our area. We offer full wedding collections for less than just the rental price of some other venues, and we do all the work for you! As a former Barn Bride who has done her research, I can tell you that you will save TONS of money by booking with The Barn instead of trying to do it all yourself. Holler at us, y’all! We can’t wait to plan your affordable, amazing dream wedding with you!