Fall at The Barn: 2011 Styled Shoot

We can't WAIT for colorful, crunchy leaves, boots and flannel weather, and chilly nights out at The Barn! This styled shoot was The Barn's very first, and it's still one of our most popular! I post this shoot every fall, so it's kind of become a tradition... If you've been following us for very long, you've probably seen it before! :) Every single rustic detail from this shoot was soooo pretty! We can’t even believe this was EIGHT years ago! OMG!


I don't know about in your neck of the woods, but in Arkansas, we are beginning to see the first signs of fall. The leaves are beginning to change, there is a crispness in the air (but then the next day, it's like 90 degrees... #ArkansasProblems), and every girl in front of me in the Starbucks line just ordered a pumpkin spice latte. 

Here are some photos from our Fall 2011 Photo Shoot, before The Barn had even been built. Things have changed so much since then, but one thing remains the same: fall at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch just can't be beat.

Photography: Melissa McCrotty Photography
Styling: The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch
Attire: Formal Affairs
Hair: Meagan Ford of Short Cuts Salon
Makeup: Susann Crowell of Skin Renew
Cake and Desserts: TheCakePlace


Nothing says fall like a bride in plaid!

That puppy! Be still, my heart.

Pie is the perfect dessert or favor for fall weddings!

See what I mean?! Fall at The Barn is the absolute best. 

And there it is, y'all... the first ever photo shoot at The Barn! Come back here tomorrow to see another one of our 2012 weddings. Y'all won't want to miss this one!


5 Wedding Traditions to Keep

If you've been reading this blog for long, you know that when it comes to weddings, I often prefer the non-traditional way of doing things. I've blogged about wedding "rules" to breakfirst looks, wedding cake alternatives, unity candle alternatives, and so many other non-traditional topics. But there are actually a few traditions that I still really love. We don't see many brides doing a few of these much anymore, so when we do, it's really special! Here are some traditions that, in my opinion, are worth keeping. 

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This tradition isn't particularly meaningful or sentimental, but it sure is fun! (And actually, it could be very sentimental based on the items you choose to wear or carry.) Brides often forget to pick their somethings old, new, borrowed and blue, but this tradition shouldn't be left out. What you choose to wear or carry makes for a lovely photo, and you'll always associate them with your wedding day! Did you know the saying actually goes "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe"? Bonus points if you track down a sixpence and wear it in your shoe, tied to your bouquet, etc.! 

The veil. Even brides who do wear veils don't typically follow the entire veil tradition these days. Traditionally, a bride wore her veil over her face until either her father pulls it back when he gives her away, or her groom pulls it back once they are pronounced husband and wife. I realize how old-fashioned this is, but it's just such a beautiful symbol as a couple begins a new life together! 

Tossing the bouquet and garter. Most couples still do these, thankfully. I'm not sure why, but they're so much better to me than a silly game played by the bride and groom in front of everyone at their reception! Games for the bride and groom often feel like too much of a performance, but a classic garter and bouquet toss involve more folks and are just plain fun. And they can be a little intense, which makes them even more fun to watch. ;)

Allison Harp Photography , from  A + J 's wedding at The Barn

Allison Harp Photography, from A + J's wedding at The Barn

Exchanging gifts or letters before the wedding. This is one tradition that I regret not doing on my wedding day. My husband and I considered our wedding our gift to each other, but I really wish we would have at least exchanged sweet letters during our first look! The exchanging of gifts or letters before the ceremony, either during a first look or by having someone deliver it to the bridal suite or grooms room, is always a great photo opportunity, and it's incredibly sweet! (P.S. If you need an idea for a wedding day gift for your bride or groom, read this post!)

Tryston Hines Photography , from  Jaime + Jake 's wedding at The Barn

Tryston Hines Photography, from Jaime + Jake's wedding at The Barn

First dance. This one is a no-brainer for most people, but it wasn't for me! My husband and I didn't have a first dance. I know, I know, it's terrible! My dress was poofy and a little too long (even after it was altered), and my husband has size 15 feet... Poofy dress + huge feet = a recipe for disaster. But I wish we would have done it anyway, no matter how awkward it may have looked. Do a first dance, y'all!!! That's one tradition that you just should not break. 

Are there any traditions that I missed that should totally stay?! 

Wedding Dress Wednesday

Barn Brides are ALWAYS unbelievably gorgeous; they truly are the prettiest brides. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that they're also the least stressed out brides, since our team does all the work for them! Wink, wink. ;) I am always blown away by their bridal gowns, whether they're trendy, glam, classic, super simple, covered in ruffles, etc. I find myself swooning over every. single. dress... They're all so unique! We've had brides in short dresses, dresses with crazy long trains, every neckline imaginable, fashion-forward gowns that look like they're straight off a runway, mermaid gowns, the fluffiest princess dresses you've ever seen, classic A-line dresses, their mothers' dresses, and literally EVERY style you could imagine. Just for the heck of it, let's take a look back at a few of the stunning, stand-out bridal gowns our pretty Barn Brides wore! 

Paxton Goates Photography, from  Jessica + Eli 's wedding

Paxton Goates Photography, from Jessica + Eli's wedding

Lela & Lyla , from  Kassie + Adam 's wedding

Lela & Lyla, from Kassie + Adam's wedding

Andrew Arceri , from  Megan + Daniel 's wedding
KMWarford Photography, from  Bethany + Jamie 's wedding

KMWarford Photography, from Bethany + Jamie's wedding

Kelsie + Chris's Bohemian Summer Elopement

I knew I liked this bride from the beginning, because we share (almost) the same name! And then when I saw the gorgeous theme and colors she chose for her wedding day, I knew I liked her even more. This was our LAST wedding of summer 2019, and we went out with a bang! Kelsie and Chris’s boho-rustic-hippie elopement was a dream, and we’re so excited to share with you their photos by the always amazing Crystal Malloy Photography!

Photographer: Crystal Malloy Photography | Venue, Coordination, Design, Florals: The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch | Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal | Cake: Kneading Hands Bakery


Kelsie and Chris were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on July 18, 2019. Their colors were so pretty for summer - light purple with pops of white, yellow and blue. Kelsie described their theme as “rustic boho-hippie.” We loved their combination of bohemian and rustic chic styles!

Kelsie’s bouquets and florals were so unique and pretty! Her bridal bouquet included hydrangeas and roses in the pretty shades of purple, white roses, a few pops of blue, ferns, and the prettiest fan palm! She described her florals as “just gorgeous,” and we totally agree!


While we love over the top bridal gowns, we also can’t get enough of simple, minimalistic ones either. Kelsie’s dress was simple and understated, yet elegant, timeless and stunning. She paired it with a gorgeous veil trimmed with lace and a great pair of shoes. She was such a beautiful, joyful bride!


Kelsie and Chris’s daughters were their bridesmaids, and we loved their blue, white and yellow dresses! Kelsie said having their daughters in their wedding was the most unforgettable part of their wedding day. Their sweet pup also tagged along… we seriously LOVE it when our couples bring their pets! Wedding photos are 10 million times cuter when they include pets. It’s a fact!


Kelsie and Chris tied the knot on the front lawn out in front of The Barn in a bohemian-chic ceremony. Their altar was a boho dream! Would you just look at this drape?! We finished it off with a tieback floral arrangement on the side of the drape, a hanging arrangement, and a couple basket full of florals and ferns. Their aisle was lined with wire sconces and tiny purple, blue and white floral arrangements. Kelsie described the decor as “simple yet beautiful” and said it was one of her favorite parts of the day. “I love the outdoor beauty and Lesleigh added the beautiful flowers and decor,” she said.


The ceremony was romantic and intimate, with their daughters, their families, and their closest friends supporting them as they exchanged their vows. Can you tell this sweet dad adores his girls?! Melting our hearts. <3


As they were pronounced husband and wife, and Chris kissed his bride… Kelsie’s veil fell right off! Must have been some kiss. ;)

Kelsie and Chris’s portraits were sweet, simple and romantic. These two were all smiles on their big day, and their photos show just how joyful they were to become husband and wife! A laughing bride and groom are the best kind of bride and groom.


Kelsie and Chris’s cake table was a little bit boho-chic, a little bit rustic, and completely jaw dropping! One of our favorite details from this day was this tree all prettied up with some vintage lace doilies! We were also CRAZY about their purple and gold cake, made by our super talented cake vendor, Kneading Hands Bakery.


The newlyweds headed off on a road trip to Colorado after their big day! When I asked Kelsie to let me know how our team did on her wedding day, she simply said, “The Twin Oaks Team did a wonderful job!”

From one Kelsi(e) to another, let me just say that I ADORED your wedding! We’re so happy that we got to plan this sweet, special day with you two! We wish you both the best! xoxo

8 Things Not To Forget On Your Wedding Day

Preparing for your wedding day can be a little bit cray cray. Luckily, if you're a Barn Bride, all of the details of your big day will be totally taken care of, so getting yourself ready for your wedding is all you've got to do! (Can you even imagine having to do the set-up, tear-down, floral designing, etc. on top of all of that?! I can't either... That's why an all-inclusive wedding venue is the only way to go, in my opinion!) Even if your venue is taking care of all the details, packing up for your wedding day can be stressful, especially if you're an out-of-town bride or you're leaving for your honeymoon immediately after your reception. Obviously you know you need to bring your dress, but what else?! We've put together a handy guide for commonly forgotten wedding day necessities that you absolutely should not forget to bring to your venue on the day of your wedding!

(Some of these photos have nothing to do with what I'm talking about... They're just eye candy!) 

1. An emergency kit. Bobby pins, a bleach pen, Tylenol, tampons, lint roller, hair spray, hair brush, any products you might need to touch up your makeup, tweezers, breath mints or gum, tissues, fashion tape, dental floss, sewing kit, scissors, bandaids, phone charger, and a corkscrew, just in case you need to open up a bottle of something to get rid of those pre-ceremony jitters. ;) I could go on and on with this list... If you think you might need it, bring it, just to be sure! The Barn actually provides our couples and bridal parties with a HUGE, amazing emergency kit in our bridal suite. Just one of the many perks of being a Barn Bride! We take care of our couples, y'all! 

2. Your accessories and the right lingerie. Remember to pack your bridal shoes, jewelry (including your wedding bands!), veil, garter and perfume. Most of these things will only be visible in photos, but things like shoes, garters and perfume always make for some of the prettiest detail shots! Also be sure to bring the correct lingerie to wear under your dress and what you will need to wear under your getaway outfit. Nothing would be more mortifying than having to wear the wrong bra or bright blue undies under your wedding dress! Yikes! 

3. Something old, new, borrowed and blue. Y'all, I totally forgot these items at my own wedding... oops. They may not be super important, but it's just a fun tradition, and your items will also make for fun photos! 

4. Marriage license. You're not official without it! ;) Also, you and your spouse, officiant and witnesses should really sign it on the day of your wedding... There are ten million things to take care of after your wedding day, and you don't want to miss the date by which you have to return your signed license. So get it taken care of on your wedding day! 

5. Something to wear when you leave your reception. It's dang near impossible to fit a big, fluffy wedding dress into a car. Plus, leaving your venue in a cute little white dress always makes for adorable photos! You'll be a lot more comfortable, and you'll also get to have an outfit change, which is sorta every bride's secret dream, right?! Also, if your dress is more on the complicated side, it might be a little difficult for your groom to get it off when you get to your destination... That's not ideal for your wedding night, if you get what I'm saying! If your dress is crazy, you miiiiight want to change before you go! 

6. Any details you're responsible for. Your guestbook, favors, unity ceremony, any photos used in your reception... Your wedding won't be the same without them! 

7. Everything you'll need for your honeymoon. Luggage, passports, plane tickets... If you're leaving for your honeymoon straight from your venue, double and TRIPLE check that you've got everything you'll need when you arrive at the airport and, ultimately, at your destination! 

8. Relax! This is perhaps the most important thing of all. Don't forget to relax! Enjoy your big day! Don't be stressed, and remember that as long as you're married to your love at the end of the day, everything went perfectly. :)

One Month of Altars: March/April 2019

One of the coolest things about working at The Barn is seeing how different our venue looks for every wedding. We’ve styled weddings in every theme imaginable, and sometimes we style The Barn in two or three drastically different looks within one weekend! It is always mind blowing to see how different our ceremony sites look from one wedding to the next. The altar is one of our favorite wedding details to style, and we’ve never done the same one twice! I wanted to share with you five altars from this spring, just to show you how different and amazing they all are. Within a 30 day span, we had five weddings that were each completely different and so beautiful in their own unique ways. In one month, we designed weddings that were rustic, bohemian, minimalistic modern, and eclectic. And two of those weddings were inspired by Steel Magnolias! (I know, what?!) Here are the altars from each of those five weddings!

Check out our other One Month of Altars posts here: October 2016, May 2017, and May/June 2018.

Samantha and Tyler tied the knot on March 30. Their altar was so beautiful and romantic, with its unique draping, gorgeous blush and burgundy florals, and hanging lanterns. The redbuds were in full bloom on their wedding day, and it made their ceremony even more romantic! Their color palette was blush pink and deep red, and their details were elegant and romantic, with a rustic touch. Several of their details were inspired by the movie Steel Magnolias, and we loved the combination of elegant details with a few hilarious movie references added in!


Casey and Awni were married on a rainy day in early April. They said their I do’s in a beautiful, intimate ceremony inside The Barn. For their altar, we used stacked wooden crates, lanterns, beautiful pink florals, and flower petals. The candlelight made it so romantic! Although it absolutely poured on their wedding day, this sweet couple was so laid back and joyful... The rain didn’t put a damper on their big day at all! Casey walked through the mud with bare feet and fully embraced the less than desirable weather. A few other must see details: their beautiful peach and pink florals, their guestbook quilt, their eclectic reception tables, and their stunning rainy day wedding portraits!

The dogwoods were stunning on April 12 for Holly and Alfred’s elopement! Their altar was an absolute dream. We tucked it right underneath a dogwood tree, and finished it off with a purple drape, a chandelier, and pink and purple florals. Their blush and lavender color palette was perfect for a spring wedding! It was also a little bit inspired by Steel Magnolias… blush and bashful! ;) Their altar was hands down our favorite detail, but we also loved their adorable cake table, Holly’s pastel bridal bouquet, and their bridesmaids’ pale purple and blue dresses. SO pretty!


The weekend of April 19 and 20, we had two gorgeous weddings, and both brides were named Rachel! Although they shared the same name, their weddings couldn’t have been any more different. :) First up was Rachel and Andy. We used a modern triangular altar for their ceremony (we call this one our mod teepee altar), and kept it simple with two offset arrangements that had loads of greenery and pale colored flowers. Their altar went flawlessly with their modern, minimalistic theme. We adored this unique wedding’s understated color palette and details, and the fun Italian-American inspired touches. Some of our other favorite details were their beautiful dessert table, Rachel’s simple, timeless bridal gown, their incredible cocktail hour details, and their modern, minimalist reception tables. You also have to see their stunning portraits with the dogwood trees! We truly loved every detail of this amazing wedding!

Rachel and Jimmy were up next! Once again, the dogwoods were stunning on this day, and their portraits among them are so romantic and beautiful. Their altar was truly unlike anything we’ve done before! We call it our “stick castle altar,” because it was literally made with sticks found around The Barn with wildflowers woven into it. They tied the knot while standing on a bohemian rug, and we were 100% into the boho, woodland vibes from this ceremony. We LOVED their wildflower bouquets, Rachel’s beautiful flower crown, their fun reception details, and their adorable s’mores bar. This wedding was so special!