Wedding Inspiration: Red, White & Blue

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you're having a fun, safe holiday and enjoying your long weekend. In honor of this holiday, let's get a little bit patriotic with some red, white and blue wedding inspiration! 

Red, white and blue can be a tricky color palette to pull off for a wedding. If you're not careful, it can end up being more tacky than elegant! But when it's done right, it's such a fun, pretty color scheme. I especially love this color combination for casual weddings! Here are some of my favorite unique, elegant ideas for red, white and blue weddings!

(P.S. My husband Richard and I got engaged on Memorial Day four years ago, so I love this holiday a little extra now!)

Shingleur Photography, from Tang + DJ's red, white and blue wedding at The Barn

Shingleur Photography, from Tang + DJ's red, white and blue wedding at The Barn

Kristen + Brett's Modern Rustic Green Wedding

I've been waiting for this day for a longggg time... Since this past fall, actually! Today is a big day because I finally get to share one of The Barn's spring 2017 weddings with y'all! And although this is the first post I'm sharing from this year, this wedding also happens to be our most recent. This sweet couple was married just 4 days ago... FOUR! (Fastest turnaround time ever for both the photographer and the bride, and the photos are SO gorgeous. Am I dreaming?!)  

Benjamin Martin did such a beautiful job photographing this wedding, and we are totally swooning over these photos! Can't even wait for y'all to see this one! 


Kristen and Brett were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on May 20, 2017. Their color palette included a gorgeous, bold shade of green, as well as pops of gold and yellow. Their theme was really fun and unique - it was equal parts modern and rustic. It had all the necessities of a rustic wedding, but with enough modern touches to keep it from feeling like a typical rustic chic barn wedding. "We wanted a wedding that was traditional and still modern," Kristen said. "We went with a rustic theme because it fit our personalities well!" 

This photo of Kristen and Brett's bridal party was the first photo I saw from their wedding, and my jaw pretty much hit the floor. Those gorgeous green bridesmaids' dresses + the lush green landscape + pops of yellow + handsome groomsmen in classic gray suits... heart eyes for dayssss!


Kristen's bridal gown and the bridesmaids' dresses all came from The Bridal Cottage. Totally swooning over Kristen's dress - I am really loving the illusion neckline! - as well as those floor length, bold green dresses, which couldn't have been more perfect for a modern, rustic wedding. 

These bright, rustic florals were definitely one of the highlights of Kristen and Brett's big day! We never, ever get tired of sunflowers, and we love the pop of orange Kristen chose for her bouquets. They were classic, rustic and perfect! 

"My two favorite flowers are sunflowers and red gerber daisies!" Kristen said. "Our bouquets incorporated both! My bouquet as the bride had the white baby's breath in it as well to make it more unique. They were beautiful!!"

We are always suckers for pretty paper details, and these wedding programs were simple but just lovely!

How lovely is this couple?! Can't get enough of their sweet wedding day portraits! Their happiness is contagious. <3 

"Everything was perfect!" Kristen said. "The forecast for the day was 100% rain but it only rained maybe a total of 2 minutes! We were able to get stunning pictures with all my family and bridal party outside, and the sun even came out a bit! It was definitely everything I hoped!"

Even though the weather ended up being nice, Kristen and Brett still chose to get married inside, and their ceremony couldn't have been sweeter or lovelier. Ceremonies inside The Barn are pretty rare, but they're always romantic, dreamy and unforgettable. This one was such a treat! They had a burlap altar with small floral tiebacks and twinkly lights, as well as painted canvases, logs and florals down the aisle. 

"I'm an artist and so I tried to incorporate my own artwork into the wedding," Kristen said. "I painted canvases for the aisles, sculpted our cake toppers, and made our guest book sign in from an old window. I think they all turned out great! Also our sand ceremony was special as well!" We LOVE it when our couples add personal touches to their weddings! Those details are so special. 

"I will always remember Brett getting so emotional as I walked down the aisle," Kristen said. "He cried so hard and was so overcome with emotion! It was very sweet and made me feel so special! Brett says he will never forget the moment he first saw me come down the aisle!"

Kristen and Brett's reception details were stunning! Their reception tables included white tablecloths, burlap table runners, and modern, minimalist greenery garlands with sunflowers and daisies, which gave them a rustic feel. Overall, their tables were simple and traditional, with the perfect modern-rustic touches! Ohhh, and that cake! Looooove.

"I loved the way my cake looked!" Kristen said. "It was perfect! The tables looked great as well. Everything was very classy but not too over the top. I liked getting married at The Barn because it was so stress free! It all ran so smooth too!"

Kristen and Brett's favors perfectly fit with their theme: "We had little flower pots and flower seeds so our guests could let love grow," she said. Cute! I also loved these little pecan pies. 

Kristen and Brett are leaving for their honeymoon TODAY! They're headed to Cozumel, where Kristen said they plan to scuba dive. We hope you guys have the best time! 

Finally, Kristen gave us the sweetest feedback about her experience with The Barn:
"They took the time to answer all my questions and provide good suggestions for me and my family," she said. "My planner helped me so much. She was so calm and level headed the entire time! We decided to have my ceremony inside in case it rained and even that was completely stress free!"

Kristen and Brett, we are SO happy that you chose The Barn as your wedding venue! Your day was absolutely perfect, and we'll never forget it! Have a wonderful honeymoon! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Wedding Inspiration: Fun Color Palettes

Hey, you guys! You may have noticed that last week was super quiet around here... I took a little vacation from blogging, but now I'm back and ready to share lots of pretty wedding inspiration! If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably seen a few sneak peeks of our spring weddings. We're anxiously waiting for the professional photos from all of them, and as soon as we get them, you can bet we'll be sharing them allllll over this blog and our social media accounts! CAN'T WAIT!  

2016 was the year of FUN color palettes at The Barn, and we have so many more this year! We've recently seen purple + turquoise (not once, but TWICE and we loved it!), burgundy + blue, red + purple, shades of blue, pink + gray, fuchsia, and so many other fun, bright colors! I adore traditional color schemes, muted colors, and pink and gold weddings as much as the next wedding blogger, but oh, how refreshing it has been to see so many BOLD colors! Here are just a few of my favorite bold color schemes from past weddings at The Barn, as well as from Pinterest. 

Burgundy + Powder Blue

Instagram photo from Brandi + Rey's wedding

Instagram photo from Brandi + Rey's wedding

Purple + Turquoise 

Erin Wilson Photography, from Courtney + Matt's wedding (which will be on the blog next month!)

Erin Wilson Photography, from Courtney + Matt's wedding (which will be on the blog next month!)

Tracye Harned Photography, from Katie + Cory's wedding

Tracye Harned Photography, from Katie + Cory's wedding

Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow + Green

Punch Colors (Fuchsia! Turquoise! Pink! Orange! All the fun colors!)

Andrea Clark Photography, from Megan + Drew's wedding

Andrea Clark Photography, from Megan + Drew's wedding

Red + Turquoise

Shades of Pink + Mustard

Pink + Grey

Jenna Lane Photography, from April + Isaac's wedding

Jenna Lane Photography, from April + Isaac's wedding

Primary Colors

Blue, Green + Pink

Happy Mother's Day!

"Motherhood is the place where all love begins and ends. It is a journey, not a destination. A mother understands what her children do not need to say. A mother's love perceives no impossibilities. Motherhood is a blessing." 

Motherhood is hard work, y'all. Being a mother is the hardest, most rewarding, most important job there is. It is messy, scary, bittersweet and perfectly imperfect. And it is the greatest blessing and honor. 

Let's celebrate and love on our mamas, grandmothers and mother figures this weekend (and forever)! They've loved us unconditionally, even when we were teenage brats, bridezillas, or crazy first time mothers ourselves. They're our truest friends, and we wouldn't be who we are today without them.  

Mamas, mother figures, and future mamas, here's to you! Thank you for all you do. Make someone spoil you this weekend, or at least spoil yourself. Go shoe shopping! Eat chocolate! Buy a pretty dress! Sleep in and let your little ones bring you breakfast in bed! Take the day off from cooking and cleaning! Pee without interruption for once! However you celebrate, make sure you do it right. Because you deserve it. <3

Here are some of our brides on their wedding days with their mamas, grandmothers, or their own children. Cheers to y'all! 

How To Keep Your Guests Cool At Your Summer Wedding

It's almost summer, y'all! I'm so excited for everything this summer has in store! There are going to be so many amazing weddings at The Barn this summer, and I absolutely cannot wait. While summer is a very popular time for a wedding, pulling off an awesome summer wedding can be tricky... especially if you live somewhere hot and disgustingly humid, like Arkansas! You want your guests to be comfortable in the sweltering heat, and there are some seriously fun ways to make sure that happens!

The first way to keep your guests cool and comfortable, even on the hottest of days: don't schedule your wedding for the middle of the afternoon. An evening wedding will be much cooler, and since summer days are so long, you'll still have plenty of light. Here are some fun, creative ways to keep your guests from overheating!

Ceremony Necessities
Even if your ceremony isn't held during the middle of the afternoon, there's still a chance that your guests are going to be in the sun. Ideally, your wedding will be held in the shade, but if not, you can still help keep your guests cool. Nobody likes a sunburn, so think about providing something that will keep your guests from getting so much sun! A few fun ideas: parasols, fans, customized sunglasses, a water and lemonade station, and programs that double as fans. If your outdoor wedding is going to be in the sun, do your guests a favor and keep it on the shorter side! 

Andrew Arceri, from Megan + Daniel's wedding at The Barn

Andrew Arceri, from Megan + Daniel's wedding at The Barn

Practical Favors
I've written a couple posts about favors (here and here), so y'all already know I'm a big fan of favors that are both fun and practical. Get a little bit creative and come up with favors that are both cute, original and will keep your guests cool! Think: bottles of water, sunglasses (again), flip flops, or koozies to keep their drinks cold.

Cold Snacks & Drinks
The ultimate way to keep your guests cool is with cold snacks and drinks! Provide your guests with signature cocktails (with an awesome display), beer or sodas on ice (in a wheelbarrow or canoe), popsicles, ice cream (bonus points if it's mini), and it would be super awesome if you had an ice cream truck.