10 Barn Weddings: Summer Loving

It's been way too long since I've written a 10 Barn Weddings post, and I'm not sure how I've managed to neglect my favorite blog series! Our super busy fall wedding season will be kicking off before we know it, and although we're a little bit sad to see summer go, we couldn't be more excited for our upcoming weddings! Summer weddings are oh, so sweet, and it's always a little bit sad when our summer season comes to a close! As a final farewell to this season, I wanted to share 10 of my favorite summer weddings we've ever done. Goodbye, sweet summertime! 

We'll be swooning over Regan and Cory's timeless, neutral summer wedding for literally FOREVER. Details for daysssss in this wedding, y'all. I couldn't possibly name all my faves, but here are a few that you CANNOT miss: those romantic, jaw-droppingly gorgeous reception tables!!! Omg. Regan's beautiful dress and accessories. Perfect white bouquets with loads of greenery. The sweetest chair signs. This couple thought of EVERYTHING, and it made their day absolutely amazing. 

As much as we love weddings with neutral color palettes, we also get super excited when one of our couples requests something BRIGHT and FUN! Megan and Drew's wedding had perhaps the happiest color palette ever - "punch colors," as Megan described it. Their theme was rustic, and their florals, reception details, and the bridal party's attire were full of fun, bold colors. My faves from this wedding: Megan's dress (sooo good!), the bridesmaids' dresses in shades of pink, bright florals + succulents, colorful reception details, and that fantastic burlap altar! 

I think of Kassie and Adam's rustic glam wedding as the most "The Barn" wedding we've ever done, if that makes sense... haha ;) It had lots of rustic details that perfectly fit a rustic venue like The Barn, but it also had several glam weddings that made it feel totally like us! There's a reason why this wedding was in Southern Weddings aka the wedding planning bible! This was one of those weddings were you seriously must see EVERY detail. It was all so good - just look at those tables! 

Tara and Casey's was the sweetest of summer weddings. They went with a color palette of shades of blue, ivory and gold, and their theme was classic meets modern. Their details were simple, sweet and totally gorgeous. Although their ceremony details were all-white and very minimalist, it was one of our dreamiest ceremonies of all time. We also loved the vintage books used on their reception tables, their watercolor cake, and their blue and white florals - they were simple but stunning. This was the perfect Southern summer wedding! 

Morgan and Tyler's wedding was super unique, because if was one of the VERY few weddings our team has ever done not at The Barn. They chose to get married at a historical church in downtown Dardanelle, and our team totally rocked it. Their details were full of greenery, white florals, and timeless, classic touches. After their ceremony, they held their reception at The Barn, which was just as classic and romantic. This wedding will always be in style! 

This was another one of those bright colored weddings that makes us all giddy! Alyssa and Matt wanted their wedding to be FUN and not-too-serious - that was seriously their only requirement for their theme. They chose a royal blue, red and yellow color scheme, which made for beautiful, bright florals and gorgeous, bold reception details. I loved ALL of the bridal party's attire - the bridal gown, the groom's tie (so fun), and the blue and yellow bridesmaids' dresses. And that dessert table - one of our faves, for sure! 

Megan and Daniel's pretty peach and mint wedding is one that I ALWAYS come back to when I think of my all-time favorites. Their peach and pink florals were definitely my favorite part of this wedding, with their dreamy altar and Megan's amazing dress closely following. We also loved their rustic chic reception tables (those adorable pink bow napkins!) and their candy buffet, which perfectly matched their color scheme. Perfection! 

Dreamiest. Ceremony. Ever. Let's throw it back to 2014 and swoon over Anita and Wesley's ceremony details all over again! This couple chose a pretty turquoise and coral color palette and their details were both elegant and fun. They ended up moving their ceremony outside, but it was SO dreamy and romantic inside The Barn, too. Future couples, let's please do this again! P.S. You gotta see their groom's cake. 

 Stephanie Parsley Photography

Stephanie Parsley Photography

I'm always gonna love Samantha and Danny's boho chic wedding! Beautiful pastel florals (some of the best florals we've ever, EVER done, imo). A green ombre cake. The floral crown of every boho bride's dreams. This aisle and altar combo!!! A barefoot bride. Those are just a few of the highlights from this wedding! 

The ultimate summer wedding bouquet! Lindsey and Matt's wedding was rustic and colorful. Their ceremony was super detailed, with antique doors, antique windows, barrels topped with flowers, lanterns, and loads of bright florals. Their reception was perfect - bright, colorful, sweet and summery. Sunflowers were made for summertime weddings! :)

10 Barn Weddings: Fall, Y'all!

Our super busy, completely insane fall wedding season has almost come to an end! This fall has been full of gorgeous, one-of-a-kind weddings, and we couldn't be happier with how they have all turned out. We've LOVED each of our fall 2016 couples and their unique visions for their weddings! It's been a little insane at times (hellooo, three weddings in three days!), but our team has been killing it day after day and creating some of the most beautiful masterpiece weddings ever! Let's take a look back at a few of our fall weddings from this season, as well as from years past! Y'all have a wonderful fall weekend... It is finally feeling like fall in Arkansas, and we're pretty pumped about it! xoxo

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Holly + Caleb were one of our fall 2016 couples, and their wine themed wedding was soooo pretty and full of unique details. We LOVED their florals, their hanging pallet drink display, their aisle (it was lined with verses from 1 Corinthians 13 painted on pieces of wood), and their amazing altar (hanging lanterns forever!). When Holly requested a wine theme, we knew it was gonna be good. ;) 

Jessica + Brett's wedding had a lot (like, A LOT) going on, and it was truly unforgettable. Their modern-meets-rustic-meets-glam theme and bright jewel tones were unlike anything we'd done before! Their flowers, geometric details, six favors (yup, SIX), and cake table were all insaaaaane. Oh, and that bridal gown?! Unreal. This one was good, y'all! Most detailed wedding ever. 

Once upon a time, two sweet lovebirds named Mandy + Matt traveled 3,030 miles from Alaska to get married at The Barn!!! Yes, you read that correctly. We sort of couldn't believe it either. Their rustic chic wedding, which took place just last month, was GORGEOUS and unique. There were fox tails, the prettiest Alaskan details, some really cool bouts, and so many other sweet details! We can't wait to share this one with y'all... it'll be on the blog soon, so keep watching! 

Samantha + Matt's navy and gold wedding was unique for many reasons. It was pineapple themed (yes, that's a thing, and yes, it was amazing!). They chose orange flowers and succulents for their florals, which was completely unexpected and AMAZING. Aaaand the bride pretty much planned her entire wedding around the gorgeous Badgley Mischka bridesmaids' dresses pictured above. These two were married inside The Barn on a gloomy fall day, but that didn't stop their wedding from being fabulous! 

Emaly + Thomas' bohemian wedding was full of gorgeous, unique details! Their ceremony was amazing, with red flower petals, logs and lit candles lining the aisle, and one of the most unique altars we've ever done! Emaly had such a lovely vision for her altar, including hanging bottles, Spanish moss, and gorgeous flowers, and it was incredible. We also LOVED her simple greenery crown and their reception tables. This one was extra pretty!

Jaime + Jake came to The Barn all the way from Hawaii for an intimate, romantic, rustic chic wedding. We loved their blue and burlap color palette, their glam head table backdrop, their adorable lemonade bar, Jaime's stunning dress, and their bacon jam favors! Okay, actually we loved everything about this wedding. It was perfect for fall! 

Every once in a while, it's nice to do a casual, laid back, simple wedding, which is exactly what Leah + Parker asked for! Their orange, yellow and chocolate brown color palette was made for fall, and their details were rustic and simple, yet elegant. We loved their pretty altar, which was extra romantic with the lanterns and candles! And their bright colored florals were pretty and fun! 

This next one is actually a styled shoot, not a wedding! Each fall, our team does a super creative, super details, AHHMAZING styled shoot. It's one of the highlights of our year! Last year's Legado shoot was probably my favorite of our fall shoots. There were floral necklaces and crazy garlands and amazing gowns and rich colored flowers and sparkly donuts and ahhhh, so much more! You have to check out ALL the details of this one! 

Maudie + Matt's recent wedding was full of PURPLE! Purple has been huge at The Barn this year, and we're not a bit mad about it! We'll be sharing this gorgeous wedding with you soon, so get ready to see lots of glam purple details and the most amazing getaway ever!

If this wedding looks familiar, it's because I just blogged it yesterday! Jordon + Nick asked for lots of wheat, with cranberry and burlap accents. It was rustic, it was unique, it was perfect for fall, and it was AMAZING. One of our most popular weddings ever, thanks to details like these gorgeous tables, a simple burlap altar, and amazing wheat bouquets! We're never gonna be over this one! 

10 Barn Weddings: Pretty Place Settings

There's nothing that makes our hearts go pitter patter quite like tiny details! They truly make a wedding, y'all. We LOVE planning our weddings down to the smallest details, like escort cards, coordinating straws, and napkin holders. Sure, the smaller ones may not be the most photographed details of you're day, but they're truly what make your wedding all your own! One of our favorite small details to plan: place settings! Food just tastes better when it's served on something pretty, am I right?! Picking out details for place settings is SO fun... There are tons of pretty plates, napkin colors/folds/holders, chargers, silverware, and drinkware to choose from! There are so many ways to mix and match them, and they never turn out the same! 

The Barn always has the BEST place settings... We love 'em simple, colorful, classic, quirky, and every style in between. Here are just a few of our faves! P.S. It was nearly impossible to narrow down our tons of gorgeous place settings to only ten, so expect a part two (and maybe three, four...) to this post in the future. ;)

Our Native American Heritage styled shoot, which took place in the fall of 2014, was a nod to the rich Native American history that surrounds The Barn, the town of Dardanelle, and all of Yell County. This shoot was full of teepees, headdresses, flower crowns, horses, amazing gowns, and so many other great details! With all the other Native American-inspired details, it only made sense to include feathers in our place settings. And they were fab!

Ashley + Ivan's wedding was the epitome of elegance! Every detail of their day was unforgettable, from the over-the-top altar to the entire reception! Their tables were some of our favorites, with burlap and lace accents, mismatched glassware (these make ANY table look gorgeous!), amazing white florals, and pretty, elegant place settings. They were simple, but the glittery napkin rings gave them the perfect pop of personality! 

 The Barn's  Instagram

The Barn's Instagram

Ohhh, those bow napkins kill me every time! Add in our glittery napkin rings, and I just about can't handle the cuteness! Megan + Daniel's wedding is one that I always come back to... It was full of great details, including one of my favorite altars, the prettiest bouquets full of garden roses, a peach and mint candy buffet, and these ridiculously cute place settings! Fun fact: our most repinned image ever is from this wedding! You can see the photo in their blog post... It's the Instagram photo of the memory table with the pallet backdrop! 

Kierstan + Bradley's wedding was truly rustic chic. Many of their details were inspired by nature, and they had lots of burlap. But there were also many elegant, totally chic details that made us swoon! We're talking about their RIDICULOUS petal aisle (nothing else like it!), the neutral colored amazingggg bouquets, and these chic place settings! The detailing on those plates made their reception tables super special! 

A somewhat unexpected combination that stole my heart: greenery and gold! Mackenzie + Tyler's wedding was full of glamorous, glittery gold details, as well as greenery garlands that were so elegant, we could hardly stand it! You've got to see ALL the details from this wedding. This one is a must-see! It's been a year and a half, and we haven't stopped obsessing over their florals or all the fab gold and greenery!

Nikki + Scott's elegant, glamorous pink and gold wedding is still one of our most talked about, and we absolutely understand why! Everything about this wedding was memorable... The amazing dinner and drink menus, the party, the pink candy buffet, and hellooooo! Those reception tables!!! Glittery chevron table runners, mercury glass vases holding pink flowers, beautiful calligraphy menus, and simply elegant gold place settings. This wedding was a dream!

When you're tables have a lot going on, your place settings can be super simple! Amber + Matt's red and turquoise wedding was truly amazing! When I heard about their bold color scheme, I was a litttttle bit skeptical... But holy cow, it turned out to be one of the most unique, gorgeous, unforgettable weddings we've done! Who could forget their petal aisle, that ALTAR!, or their bold, colorful reception tables?

Katie + Alan's blush, gold and emerald wedding was full of whimsy and the prettiest details. Their place settings are too pretty for me to handle! The gold dots + glittery napkin rings + blush napkins... Too much for my blush-and-gold-loving heart! Other highlights of this wedding: the best pink bouquets, a blush bridal gown (!!!), pops of emerald, and our game lawn looking fab in gold sequined tablecloths! 

Once again, the cutest bow napkins! Lyndsey + Brad's reception table details were rustic chic, with burlap and lace table runners, navy tablecloths, and burlap napkin ties. This wedding had a fun coral and navy color palette, chevron galore (even on the guys' bow ties!), and an awesome popcorn bar! 

This is another example of a busy table not needing extravagant place settings. Our Magical Meadow styled shoot is still my favorite! I could go on and on about the flowers, dessert table, drink table, the gorgeous gowns, and literally EVERY. single. detail... The blush and black lace tablecloth + simple, elegant place settings were just the icing on a very delicious cake! 

10 Barn Weddings: Blue!

It's been a while since I've written a new 10 Barn Weddings, so I had a lot of fun going through tons and tons of gorgeous weddings for this post! While deciding what the theme should be this time around, I realized I've never done a post on blue weddings! And I'm not even sure why, because we've put together a whoooole bunch of them. So many, in fact, that I had a hard time narrowing them down!

Blue as a wedding color is seriously underrated, y'all. Whether it's pale blue, navy, or any shade in between, you're bound to find another pop of color that will pair with it perfectly. And it is perfect paired with just a simple neutral, too. It works for themes from rustic to glam, and The Barn looks so pretty in blue! Here are just a few of my favorite BLUE BEAUTIES!  

A blue, yellow and red color palette. A bold, super fun dessert table. Mismatched bridesmaids' dresses in bold, bright colors. The prettiest bridal gown EVER. Summery, sweet, bright bouquets and florals. Rustic chic details with serious garden vibes. An amazing altar... Those were just a few of the highlights of Alyssa + Matt's colorful summer wedding. This wedding in one word: FUN!

Tara + Casey's color palette included slate blue, a pale watercolor blue, ivory and gold. It was understated, classic, romantic and lovely. It was proof that blue is beautiful enough on its own, without the addition of a bright pop of color! Their bouquets were very classic, with blue hydrangeas and white peonies. They had simply elegant blue, ivory and gold reception tables. And they had one of the prettiest cakes ever: a marbled blue cake with gold trim and a custom gold calligraphy cake topper!  

 Tomas Quiroga

Tomas Quiroga

Brandi + Rey paired navy and powder blue with burgundy, and my goodness, was it beautiful! One of the most unique, unexpected color palettes we've had in a while, for sure. Their florals were DELICIOUS... They were rich in color, and they absolutely made their wedding. Aside from the flowers, my favorite details from this wedding were: Brandi's simple, laidback dress. Their lovely naked cake. And the bridesmaids' mismatched dresses. This one was simple and super SWEET!

We're still swooning over Emily + Blake's Anthropologie-Ralph Lauren-book inspired wedding, with its blue, gold, champagne and chocolate color palette and amazing details! Seriously, the details were AMAZINGGGG. Chambray for days, deer antlers, vintage books, whiskey barrels, a stunning book backdrop, the naked cake to end all naked cakes, unbelievable bouquets, and so much more. This one was unforgettable!

Cara + Brock's wedding was classic and timeless, but it was full of style and fun details. Their color palette was blue, green and white, and Cara practically planned the entire design of the wedding around some pretty blue paisley tablecloths! These two were married inside The Barn, and it was nothing short of magical. Love, love, looooved their bouquets (full of hydrangeas!) and their BLUE (like really, really blue) reception tables. This was one of the most fun groups ever!

Navy and gold go together like weddings and pineapples... Say what?! Samantha + Matt chose navy and glittery gold for their color palette, and their wedding theme was PINEAPPLE-CHIC! No, really... There were pineapples everywhere, but this wedding managed to be glamorous, chic and absolutely stunning. Their bouquets were full of orange flowers and succulents, and I know the whole thing sounds like there was a lot going on, but it couldn't have come together more beautifully! You've gotta see this wedding and all the dreamy photography!

Jaime + Jake came all the way to The Barn from Hawaii! Their slate blue, ivory and burlap wedding was just stunning. It was rustic-meets-glam, with all kinds of special details. Just a few highlights: Jaime's swoon-worthy beige gown, traditional white florals with pops of blue, a fun lemonade bar, a glam head table backdrop, burlap AND sequins, homemade bacon jam favors, and bold, blue reception tables. 

Ally + Tyler's sweet summer wedding had a color palette of pale blue, blush, ivory and gray. The Barn looked SOOO amazing in pale blue, y'all! Their wedding was full of sweet, personal touches, from photos of the couple lining the aisle to a beautiful worship session during their ceremony. My personal fave details: the bouquets, the pale blue linens, the aisle decor, and their beautiful cake. This wedding was simple and understated, but SO pretty!

Lyndsey + Brad wanted a fun, romantic theme for their wedding, and that's exactly what they got! Their colors were navy, coral and gold, and their details were so fun! Chevron galore (even on the guys' bow ties!), coral flowers, adorable bow napkins on their tables, family heirlooms throughout their decor... There was a lot to love about this one! Fun fact: these two booked with The Barn before ever even seeing the place! 

Brittany + Tyler also chose navy, coral and gold as their wedding colors! Their theme was rustic-chic, and their wedding was oh, so sweet. Details we loved: coral flowers (the ranunculus bouts were precious!), Brittany's dresses (she wore two!), the bridesmaids' navy lace dresses, s'mores favors, and glittery gold throughout their decor.

10 Barn Weddings: Summer!

It's Flashback Friday, and we're flashing back to some of our favorite summer weddings from years past! I wrote this post in the spring of 2015, and the weddings featured are from 2012-2014. If you're fairly new to The Barn Blog and have never seen these, you will want to read through this post and check out all these stunning summer weddings! Have a great weekend!


It's finallyyyyy almost summer, y'all! After a dreadfully long winter and a weird, super rainy spring, I'm so ready for the upcoming summer months. We have several gorgeous, unique weddings planned for this summer, and I can't wait to see how amazing they turn out! Next week, I'm going to share with y'all a few tips for making your summer wedding even more awesome, as well as fun ways to keep your guests from getting too hot. For now, let's take a look back at some of our past summer weddings at The Barn. Here are some of my favorites!

I have a lot of weddings from The Barn that are my favorites. Megan + Daniel's peach and mint rustic-chic wedding is definitely high up on my list. Between the bouquets, Megan's stunning dress, the color scheme, that dreamy, magical altar, the pink glittery bow napkins, and pretty much every other tiny detail, I am IN LOVE with this one. 

Ally + Tyler's wedding color palette was so unique: soft blue, with pink, ivory and gray accents. Their wedding decor was so very pretty, and while this aisle and fireplace mantel altar are more on the simple side, they're also some of my favorites! I also particularly loved their cake, the precious flower girl's outfit, and their simply elegant reception tables. Be sure to check out this entire album; it's seriously dreamy! 

I've shared Nikki + Scott's elegant, whimsical wedding on this blog countless times, and for good reason! This wedding was simply amazing. It was full of sparkles and glitter, an awesome drink display, a pink candy buffet, and some of the most beautiful reception tables. This is one wedding that I'll never get tired of looking at!

Bayley + Lucas's wedding was extra special, because it was the first one ever held at The Barn. This wedding was sweet, Southern and pink. Some of my favorite details: beautiful flowers, that altar (swoon!), Bayley's dress, hay bale seating and jam favors. You've got to see all the sweet photos from this wedding!

Chelsea + Logan's wedding had a fun, summery red and yellow color palette. It's not often that we see such a bold color palette, so this one was really fun! This wedding had so many great details. The place settings were mismatched, Southern-inspired and precious. Many of their details were country-chic, and their bright flowers were so pretty!

Ashley + Derrick's wedding was one of the greatest. I mean, really. Their bouquets and floral arrangements were some of the best ever! (Those peony bridesmaids' bouquets? Ahhhhhh!) They also had a popcorn bar, honey for favors, these super fun tablescapes, the cutest cakes. I could go on and on about this wedding, y'all. 

Bright color schemes are so summery, and Brittany + Jacob's coral and cerulean blue wedding had a fun beach vibe! Some highlights from this wedding: their unique silk altar, Brittany's awesome shoes, colorful tablescapes and place settings, and a simple white rose bridal bouquet. 

Carla + Mark's wedding was sweet and intimate. It also had a great color scheme (turquoise and fuchsia!) and a Caribbean, tropical theme. Their reception plates were made from banana leaves, y'all! Sometimes our details blow my mind.  Plus, any wedding with a petal aisle is automatically amazing.

Samantha + Danny's wedding is another one of those that I'm forever obsessed with. A boho-chic theme. A seafoam, gold and cream color palette. These flowers. A gorgeous bohemian aisle + altar. A barefoot bride. The sweetest story about how the sun magically came out during this couple's ceremony. Flower crowns. A green ombre cake. Simply put, you just have to see every fabulous detail from this one. 

What's more summery than a red, white and blue wedding?! Tang + DJ's wedding was full of baby's breath, an amazing petal aisle, a sweet lace altar, and patriotism! Plus, check out their cake. Oh yeah, and they had a root beer float bar which automatically makes this wedding a winner. 

Eeeek, I am even more excited for summer now, and all the incredible weddings that are about to happen!!!