Wedding Dress Wednesday

Barn Brides are ALWAYS unbelievably gorgeous; they truly are the prettiest brides. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that they're also the least stressed out brides, since our team does all the work for them! Wink, wink. ;) I am always blown away by their bridal gowns, whether they're trendy, glam, classic, super simple, covered in ruffles, etc. I find myself swooning over every. single. dress... They're all so unique! We've had brides in short dresses, dresses with crazy long trains, every neckline imaginable, fashion-forward gowns that look like they're straight off a runway, mermaid gowns, the fluffiest princess dresses you've ever seen, classic A-line dresses, their mothers' dresses, and literally EVERY style you could imagine. Just for the heck of it, let's take a look back at a few of the stunning, stand-out bridal gowns our pretty Barn Brides wore! 

Paxton Goates Photography, from  Jessica + Eli 's wedding

Paxton Goates Photography, from Jessica + Eli's wedding

Lela & Lyla , from  Kassie + Adam 's wedding

Lela & Lyla, from Kassie + Adam's wedding

Andrew Arceri , from  Megan + Daniel 's wedding
KMWarford Photography, from  Bethany + Jamie 's wedding

KMWarford Photography, from Bethany + Jamie's wedding

Bridal Shoe Love!

Are y'all ready to discuss one of the most fun topics everrrrr? I'm talking about shoes! (Omg SHOES!.... Does anyone even remember that joke anymore?! Oh well.) Y'all, shoes are a super important detail for your wedding day. They may not be the most photographed detail, but they will be in a few shots. Plus, they can tell a lot about you and your style, and even go along with the theme of your big day! Is your wedding more glam? Wear heels! Rustic chic? Boots, of course! Hippie or bohemian? Go barefoot!

Your bridal shoes are going to be on your feet for many hours on the biggest day of your life, so you might as well pick some memorable ones! And it's absolutely necessary for them to be comfortable!. (If you have your heart set on some stunning-but-not-super-comfy heels for your big day, get a back-up pair for the reception. Dancing the night away requires comfy shoes!) Our Barn Brides always pick the best shoes, and I always looove photos that show off their pretty accessories! From glamorous heels to beautiful boots, comfy flats and everything in between, here are just a handful of our favorite shoes worn by our lovely Barn Brides! 

Blingy & Beautiful: Heels & Wedges

Comfy & Cute: Flats, Sandals & Sneakers

And the Best of All... Boots!

We love ALL of our brides' shoes... But we have a special place in our hearts for a Bride in Boots! <3 

Lela &amp; Lyla , from  Kassie + Adam 's wedding

Lela & Lyla, from Kassie + Adam's wedding

But who said you even have to wear shoes?! Barefoot Brides are Beautiful! 

Oh, and one last thing... A love note written on the bottom of your shoes is an absolute MUST! ;)

Must-Have Bridal Accessories

Finding the dress is a huge deal, but even when you've decided on the one, you're not done completing your wedding day look just yet! Unless you like a really minimal, simple look, you'll probably want to do a little bit of accessorizing. You don't want to go overboard, because you want more of the attention to be on your stunning gown rather than your accessories... But a couple chic accessories make a huge difference. I'm definitely not saying you should wear all of these. Pick just a couple or a few to keep drawing attention from your gorgeous gown! Here are just a few of my picks for must-have bridal accessories! Emphasis on just a few... if I included all the bridal accessories I loved, this post would be neverending! ;) Here's just a bit to get you started thinking about what you like and don't like! 


Every bride needs a garter! That's one tradition that I'm all for keeping! I know they're not seen up close by anyone but your groom and whoever catches it during the garter toss, but it's such a fun, special little detail. And they make for great detail photos! Hint: get a garter set, with one to keep and one to throw. You'll want to keep one! From sweet and feminine to luxurious, there are so many great garters to choose from! 

La Gartier Custom Garters . This company makes the most beautiful garters I've ever seen. They're glamorous, and they're not cheap... but you only get married once, right?!

La Gartier Custom Garters. This company makes the most beautiful garters I've ever seen. They're glamorous, and they're not cheap... but you only get married once, right?!


I just wrote a whole post on Monday about some of our Barn Brides who wore the most gorgeous veils. There are SO many stunning styles and lengths to choose from, but here are just a handful of veils to get you started!



Belts and sashes are perhaps my favorite bridal accessory! They look stunning on a simple dress without much detailing, or with a lace dress. They're the perfect accessory to add just a bit of bling and a unique touch to your dress! 

Etsy;  The Knot

Etsy; The Knot

Hair Accessories

Whether it's a vintage barrette or a great headband, I can't get enough of bridal hair accessories! We've seen lots of flower crowns on brides, but other types of hair accessories aren't quite as popular. That needs to change... They are gorgeous! 

What To Do With Your Wedding Photos

One of my goals for The Barn Blog over the next few months is to include many more posts for those of you who are already married but who still love all things weddings! These posts will still be tied in with weddings or The Barn and our couples in some way, but they'll also be topics that all you married ladies (and gentlemen) can relate to.

Today's post is just as much for me as it is for the rest of you! I'm totally in love with my engagement, bridal and wedding photos, but it's kind of difficult to decide what to do with all of them, don't you agree? It's tempting to frame and hang 100 of them on your walls, but wouldn't it be kind of vain to have your house covered in photos of yourself?! It also seems too sad to leave them on CDs or print them and stuff them in an album that no one will ever see. So, what are the best ways to display all your pretty photos without being obnoxious?! Here are some tasteful ideas I love:

Make A Gallery Wall
If you're going to go all out and display a whole bunch of your gorgeous photos, print your favorites and create a stunning gallery wall. This would be perfect for your bedroom, living room, entryway or down the hall. You could also frame or hang some of your favorite wedding details, like an invitation, save the date or wedding program, a sign from your wedding that you really loved, or a dried flower crown that one of your bridesmaids or flower girls wore. 

Photo Book
Make a beautiful photo book (or several!) of your favorite engagement, bridal and wedding photos. Display them where they're totally visible, like on a coffee table. They are the perfect coffee table books! My favorite websites for creating photo books: Shutterfly and Artifact Uprising. Both websites are easy to use, and you can create so many beautiful designs, ranging from minimalistic to elaborate and fancy. Shutterfly has great deals going on every week, and if you sign up for their emails, you'll be notified of when they're offering photo books for free! 

Make A Fun Hanging Collage
I also love the idea of hanging your photos with clothespins on a wire somewhere in your house, or printing several of them in the same size and making a cute heart shape in your bedroom. Another fun, quirky idea: buying several vintage clipboards, hanging them down your hallway, and printing a photo for each one. 

Project Life Book or Scrapbook
For those of you who are much craftier/more patient than I am, making a Project Life book or a scrapbook of your wedding photos and mementos is a great option. Project Life is easier than making a totally from-scratch scrapbook, and you can customize it with pre-cut papers that match your wedding colors. The only downside to Project Life: it's not quite as customizable as a regular scrapbook, because the page protectors have slots for you to put your photos and papers in... This means you're somewhat limited on your photo/paper sizes, and it's not quite the same as placing a photo or other details wherever you want to on a sheet of scrapbook paper. 

Make Some Photo Ledges or Cute Shelves
I loooove photo ledges right now. They're perfect for displaying several of your favorite photos and framed invitations, and they're also super easy to DIY! (Here's a tutorial.) I also adore these shelves that are made from old frames and a few pieces of wood. Super easy, and how cute would  your photos be in those?! (You can find the tutorial here.)

Give Them As Gifts
If you're really proud of your wedding photos, there's no shame in framing some to give as gifts. For our first married Christmas, I'm pretty sure Richard and I gave wedding photos to everyone. ;) People that will be super into it: your mom, your grandma, and pretty much anyone else who adores you. It's a win-win situation, because you'll also get to stare at your gorgeous photos when you visit them, too! 

Get Them Published!
This is one of my favorite ideas. If you really love them, show them off to the whole world! Submit them to wedding blogs and/or magazines until you find one that accepts them. No matter what the style or theme of your wedding, you're sure to find a wedding blog or magazine that will love them and be thrilled to publish them. Some of my favorites: Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, Wedding Chicks, Southern Weddings, Rustic Wedding Chic, Rock N Roll Bride, 100 Layer Cake

I hope this inspires you to get your wedding photos off those CDs and into your homes! Maybe I'll finally do the same, considering I've been married for nearly two years. ;)