You Can't Rent Our Venue

A question we’re commonly asked by our potential couples is, “How much does it cost to rent The Barn?” And the answer is, you can’t! That’s right, we don’t rent out The Barn. It’s not even an option. 

Are we crazy?! Well, maybe, but not for that reason. ;) We don’t offer a venue rental, because it’s super important to us that we provide EVERY service for our couples and completely eliminate every ounce of stress that typically goes along with planning a wedding. We believe in fully executed weddings where our couples don’t have to do a thing other than show up and have a perfect day. We are truly all-inclusive, meaning we take care of your flowers, decor, catering, entertainment, cake, planning, coordination, set-up, tear-down, and we’re even happy to help with stationery, favors, honeymoon planning, and literally ANY other thing you could need for the wedding. We hand-pick the best vendors that we know you can trust. You bring your dress, your photographer, your officiant, and your soon-to-be spouse (woot!), and we take care of the rest.  

Did you know that most similar wedding venues in our area start out at around $2,000 JUST for the venue rental, with most of them closer to the $3,500-$5,000 range?! That’s comparable to what our smaller full-blown weddings start at! Elopements are an even better deal, starting at $1,850. And our weddings include everything you could possibly need. Our all-inclusive collections save you from having to find great, affordable vendors, coordinate them all yourself, and all the other stressful, difficult, time consuming work that goes along with planning your own wedding. 

We love a DIY wedding as much as anyone, but we can’t imagine asking you to pay so much money for just a space to get married in, and then spend even more money on all of your vendors. That’s why we allow our couples to be as involved (or not) as they’d like to be. If DIY-ing some details is important to you, we’re all about it. We want your day to be exactly the way you’ve always dreamed it to be, but we want to make it as easy and stress-free as possible! 

The bottom line is, The Barn is more affordable overall than most other venues in our area. We offer full wedding collections for less than just the rental price of some other venues, and we do all the work for you! As a former Barn Bride who has done her research, I can tell you that you will save TONS of money by booking with The Barn instead of trying to do it all yourself. Holler at us, y’all! We can’t wait to plan your affordable, amazing dream wedding with you! 

Let's Elope!: Elopements at The Barn

As you've figured out by now, The Barn is known for pulling off some fancy, fabulous, elaborate weddings. But if you've ever said to your significant other, "Let's run away and get married!" Well, you're in luck. The Barn Team just so happens to love a romantic, intimate elopement. And apparently a whole bunch of you do, too, because we've been getting tons of emails about them!

If you're newly engaged and are thinking of booking with us in 2017, get ahold of us pronto! We're booking up like crazy (dates are going FAST), and we'd hate for you to miss your preferred date! 

Sterling Imageworks , from  Pam + Scott 's elopement

Our elopement packages are for the couple who decides at the last minute to tie the knot. They're for folks who want gorgeous pictures, without the hoopla of a big wedding. They're for the couple who wants just a few family and close friends by their side as they tie the knot. Or they're perfect for an intimate vow renewal! They're always sweet, intimate and romantic, and while they're smaller than our other weddings, they are absolutely every bit as beautiful! 

From  our Instagram . This photo is from Teresa + James' elopement at The Barn last fall! LOVE an inside The Barn wedding!

From our Instagram. This photo is from Teresa + James' elopement at The Barn last fall! LOVE an inside The Barn wedding!

Lela and Lyla , from Jamie and Mitch's sweet, romantic elopement

Lela and Lyla, from Jamie and Mitch's sweet, romantic elopement

Here's how an elopement works at The Barn: You let us know the date you have in mind. We typically book elopements through the week (Monday through Thursday), so let us know your date, and we'll see what we can do! As long as we have enough time to order flowers and your cake, we've got time to pull off a beautiful elopement. You let us know the colors and overall theme you like, and then our team surprises you with a whole bunch of gorgeous details: amazing flowers, a romantic altar, a sweet little cake, and a few more pretty things. You show up with your lover and up to 25 guests, tie the knot, pose for a bunch of pretty pictures, cut the cake, and go on your merry way! It's super easy. And they always turn out fabulous. :)

Elmer Escobar Photography , from  Amanda + Brad 's intimate, shabby chic wedding inside The Barn. Their cake was made by  theCakePlace , and I think it's the cutest thing ever!

Elmer Escobar Photography, from Amanda + Brad's intimate, shabby chic wedding inside The Barn. Their cake was made by theCakePlace, and I think it's the cutest thing ever!

Shingleur Photography , from  Sujey + Jeffrey 's whimsical, Up-inspired elopement at The Barn

Shingleur Photography, from Sujey + Jeffrey's whimsical, Up-inspired elopement at The Barn

The Barn Team has pulled off a gorgeous elopement that was booked only four days before the wedding! As long as you give us a few days to get your flowers in and your cake ordered, we can absolutely make it happen. 

While our elopements may be small when it comes to the number of guests, they're big on style. Each elopement includes: private use of our grounds for two hours, a gorgeous altar set-up, a bridal bouquet and the groom's boutonniere, a guestbook arrangement, a beautifully displayed custom designed wedding cake and cake cutting services, set-up and tear down, and, of course, our attention to detail and level of service that we are so well-known for.

This photo, taken from  our Instagram , is from Brittany + Jason's 2014 elopement. This is maybe my favorite altar ever! Swooooooon!!! (insert the heart-eyes emoji here)

This photo, taken from our Instagram, is from Brittany + Jason's 2014 elopement. This is maybe my favorite altar ever! Swooooooon!!! (insert the heart-eyes emoji here)

Lela and Lyla , from Jamie and Mitch's sweet, romantic elopement at The Barn. Cutest little elopement cake I ever did see, by  theCakePlace .

Lela and Lyla, from Jamie and Mitch's sweet, romantic elopement at The Barn. Cutest little elopement cake I ever did see, by theCakePlace.

Our elopement package includes up to 25 guests. Our elopement collection starts at $1,850. Of course, like every other wedding package at The Barn, we can adjust and add things to this one to suit your needs! Elopements can be scheduled from Monday to Thursday. 

Sterling Imageworks , from  Pam + Scott 's elopement

Each of these beautiful photos are from elopements at The Barn! See what I mean?! Just because your wedding is small does not mean that it can't be unbelievably pretty! In fact, some of my favorite weddings ever were small, intimate elopement ceremonies!


How I Spent Under $200 On My Wedding Invitations

Hey y'all! If you've been keeping up with the blog, you know I've been posting a lot about invitations, and today's post is part three of the series! Last week, we talked about invitation etiquette, and the week before that, we talked about how to choose your invitation designs. This week, I want to share with you how I saved TONS of money (like hundreds of dollars or more) on my invitation suite!

When I first started looking for invitations, I fell in love with several beautiful designs on Minted. The design I liked on Minted would have been $647 for the invitations, RSVP cards, directions cards and thank you cards. I needed 80 of each card, so that averaged out to $7.61 per invitation suite. Even though Minted is actually one of the less expensive invitation websites I looked at, I still dreaded the thought of dropping that kind of money on my invitations. So, I kept looking. I found some Rifle Paper Co. invitations that I was absolutely obsessed with, but when I found out they were at least $9 per invitation, I just about had a heart attack! (That would have been $720, and it didn't include the price of the other cards in the invitation suite.) I started researching DIY options, and then I discovered the brilliant option that is printable invitations. Who knew those existed?! 

I found a printable design on Etsy that I adored, but the colors weren't what I was looking for! So I sent the seller a quick message asking if it was possible to have the background changed to blush, the text changed to a brighter gold, and the flowers changed to a lighter pink. The seller offered to change all the colors at no additional cost! I also wanted a directions card, which wasn't listed on her site, and she designed one for me! I spent $45 on the design for my invitations, directions cards and RSVP cards. (You'll notice that this particular seller has invitations for $20 and invitations and RSVP cards for $35. I asked her to add the directions card design, so my total was $45. She also threw in a thank you card design for free!)

Since I don't have the greatest printer, I started calling around to local print shops to see how much my prints were going to be. Staples turned out to be the cheapest in my town. With Staples, you can actually upload your files to their website to have them printed and then go pick them up when they're ready. However, I wanted to talk to someone in person to make sure the quality was what I wanted it to be, so I went to the store and took them a USB drive with the invitation suite files. They showed me examples of invitations they had printed before and let me pick out the cardstock thickness I wanted. Staples charges per sheet (price depends on the type of paper), and they printed two invitations and four directions cards and RSVP cards per sheet. I only needed 80 of each card, and since they could print so many on each sheet of cardstock, I only had to have 80 sheets printed. 

The first time my invitations were printed and cut, they looked horrible. The machine they used to cut them left a disgusting green gunk on the sides, and I had a meltdown in the parking lot! I went back a few hours later and told them what happened, and they offered to fix it (for free, of course!). This time around, they were perfect! 

I spent a total of $153 getting them printed. My invitation total was $198! 

Now, I'm not going to lie, the printing issues were kind of scary and annoying, but it was really nice that they were willing to fix their mistakes. I loved my invitations so much that it was worth being stressed out about them for a while! Plus, they were cheap compared to how much they would have been if I'd ordered some online. And the quality was spectacular! 

As for the envelopes, I bought those at Hobby Lobby, downloaded a free calligraphy font and made all of them myself. I think I spent around $10 for all the envelopes I needed, and they were great quality. 

I would encourage any brides on a budget to go this route! Your total price will obviously depend on the price of your design, how many invitations you need and how expensive the paper is that you choose, but it will also be a fraction of what it would be if you ordered your invitations online. If you have a great printer at home, your invitations will be really cheap! There are so many beautiful printable options on Etsy! There are over 65,000 options, actually. Here are a few of my favorites!

I hope this post has made you realize that printing your own invitations isn't as scary as it sounds! Sure, it's a little more work, but it'll save you a TON of money (which you can then spend on fun things like alcohol for your reception or gifts for your bridesmaids!). Future brides, I hope some of you are feeling inspired to go this route!