The Barn's Preferred Photographers

If you ask us, hiring a great wedding photographer is just as important as finding a great wedding venue. Few things are more sad to us than when a couple has a gorgeous, unique, super detailed, amazing wedding, and not-so-fab wedding photos. We love ALL of our weddings, and we want to see publish-worthy photos that do them justice! Here's the thing about photographers: you get what you pay for. We don't recommend any dirt cheap photogs to our couples. (This isn't a dig at any new photographers out there... We understand that beautiful photography takes years and years of hard work, and someone who has worked for years to perfect their photography style and invested in expensive gear is going to charge more for their talents.) And if you know of a photographer that is super inexpensive AND amazing, send them our way! ;)

While hiring a friend or family member to take your photos may seem like a genius way to save money, we would strongly discourage it - unless you know for a fact that they take incredible photos! Since you're going to look back on these photos for the rest of your life, we highly recommend saving up for an excellent photographer. We understand all couples have different budgets, and we are more than happy to help you find a great photographer that fits within your specific budget. There is no way we could include all the photographers we love, but this list includes people who we've worked with and feel totally comfortable recommending. They are all fun and easy to work with, have excellent photographic style, and have a reasonable turnaround time on their photos.  There is someone for every bride in this list... They're all different in styles, prices, lighting, personalities, etc. and they are all incredible!


Sterling Imageworks Photography - We go way back with Jaison and Callie Sterling from Sterling Imageworks! Just a few weddings and styled shoots they've worked on with us: Logan + Dusty, Morgan + Wager, Regan + Cory and our Breakfast at Tiffany's styled shoot. They take photos that are timeless and simply stunning, with natural lighting, beautiful colors and crisp details. They flawlessly capture every detail, as well as stunning photos of their couples, all the important moments that you don't ever want to forget, and even candids that are pretty! We're huge fans. Their wedding photography packages start at $2,000 and they are seriously worth. every. penny. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Erin Wilson Photography - Erin's photos are always SO dreamy and romantic, with the most gorgeous lighting and colors and major fairy tale vibes. If you want photos that look like they're straight out of Southern Weddings or Style Me Pretty, Erin is your girl! She's been featured in print and all over the web, and for good reason. She’s truly one of the most talented photogs in Arkansas (and anywhere, tbh). She shot Courtney + Matt's wedding, and you can also see more of her stunning work on her Facebook and Instagram


Shingleur Photography - Lance and Kathryn have been our photographer BFFs since pretty much the very beginning. They've shot more of our weddings and styled shoots than probably any other photographers... Ali + Lee, Hatley  + Charles, Mandy + Matt, and Morgan + Tyler, just to name a few! Their photos are SO dreamy, with the most gorgeous, bright lighting. And their detail shots are basically our faves ever. Plus, they are from Russellville and they know all the best local spots for engagements and bridals. You'll find so much inspiration on their Facebook and Instagram


Kelly Glaze Photography - We've had the opportunity to work with Kelly twice now (on Hailey + William's wedding and Delaney + Cy's wedding), and we've become major fans of her beautiful work. Her photos are typically full of light colors and bright whites. She offers some of the best pricing we know of, as well. Check out more of her work on Facebook!

Benjamin Martin Photography - This guy is one of those super talented photographers who can basically shoot in any style. His work on weddings at The Barn has ranged from moody vibes (Avy + Tisha) to the most colorful, fun, light-hearted photos (Kristen + Brett). His photography packages include wedding day photography and an engagement session, and they start at $2,200... and yep, it's worth it! We love following his work on Facebook and Instagram.

Myranda Randle Photography - We fell in love with Myranda's work after Gabby + Chris's wedding! Her photos also include beautiful, natural lighting and they are seriously ethereal. Her couples always look comfortable and not at all posed or unnatural, which is HARD to accomplish. Not only are her photos stunning, but she also has great prices... her wedding photography packages start at $1,500, which is pretty insane for a photographer as talented as this lady! We love to keep up with her photography adventures on Facebook and Instagram

Tryston Hines Photography - Tryston is another photographer who we've worked with countless times (Monica + Ryan, Katie + Alan, Lindsey + Matt, and Breanna + Bryan, to name a few), and we absolutely love her work. She is super fun and easy to work with, and we love her natural style of photography. She captures so many REAL moments of every wedding, and her photos are always full of emotions. They don't look posed or stuffy or over-edited. She also captures every detail, and you know we love detail shots! Check her out on Facebook

B.Matthews Photo - Last, but certainly not least, we are CRAZY about BJ Matthews' gorgeous photos. His website says "Real Love. Real Moments. Real Life... Those little moments, the in-between details of your wedding day, those are my jam." And that pretty much explains his photography style in a nutshell. His photos are full of emotion and so many beautiful moments that many photographers wouldn't catch. They are often darker and moodier than other wedding photos, but we absolutely love his unique style. He shot Tara + Casey's, Holly + Caleb's, and Emaly + Thomas' weddings, and you can check out more of his work on Facebook and Instagram

A Few of Our Favorite Photographers!

A beautiful wedding needs a great photographer! When your wedding is stunning, it is absolutely necessary to hire a professional photographer who will capture your big day in all its glory. If you let a friend or family member who isn't a professional be your photographer, there is a chance you'll regret it! When the memories of your wedding day aren't so fresh in your mind, all you have to look back on are photographs. You need a photographer who will capture all the big moments, the details, romantic moments with your love, and great candids, too! (Check out this list of must-have wedding photos.) Lucky for you, our team has handpicked several amazing photographers from around Arkansas who we would recommend in a heartbeat! You can read about some of our preferred photographers and other vendors, and here are three more of our favorites! 

Sterling Imageworks

Every image I've seen from Sterling Imageworks looks like it could be out of a wedding magazine or from one of my favorite wedding blogs! Seriously. Jaison and Callie's photos are always stunning. They're full of bright whites, beautiful colors, and crisp details. These two beautifully capture all the details, romantic portraits, the big, unforgettable moments, fun candids, and everything in between. When I've looked through their photos for blog posts, there are always TONS to choose from, and I love that they always pay attention to the details and capture every. single. one! Gorgeous, flawless photography right here, y'all! You may recognize their work from Morgan + Wager's wedding, our Breakfast at Tiffany's styled shoot, and Shelby + Josh's wedding. You can see more of their work on their Facebook page!

Stephanie Parsley Photography

Stephanie's photos are absolutely gorgeous. They are a bit moody and full of rich color and gorgeous light. I love that Stephanie's photos feel more natural and less "posed" than many wedding photos. When a photographer doesn't interfere and lets things happen as they happen, it shows! While many wedding photos feel stuffy and fake, Stephanie's are unfussy, natural and relaxed. She also captures details flawlessly! She beautifully captures all the emotions, and she takes a lot of super fun reception candids, too. Some of the weddings she's photographed at The Barn: Amber + Matt, Mackenzie + Tyler, Jessica + Daniel, Samantha + Danny. Check out more of her gorgeous work here!

Stephanie Dawn - Wedding Photographer

Stephanie's photos are light, airy, full of beautiful colors, and suuuuuper DREAMY. Everything this girl photographs should be all over Style Me Pretty and the pages of Southern Weddings, y'all. Seriously, so dreamy and gorgeous! She takes the prettiest detail shots ever, and she could make anything look pretty! Her portraits are romantic and sweet. She photographed our Magical Meadow styled shoot last year, and we cannot wait to work with her more in the future! 

One of the best parts of working at The Barn is getting to hang out with extremely talented folks from all over the state (and all over in general, really), and these three are some of the most talented out there! 


Preferred Photographer: Danielle Davis Art/Photography

Y'all already know how amazing our vendors are... because you've seen their work on this blog and on our Facebook page, and also because I talk about how wonderful they are all. the. time. ;) We keep a list of our favorite photographers, videographers, DJs and bands, caterers and other vendors, so when our couples ask who they should use for their big day, we can always give them a few recommendations! And let me tell ya, it's not easy to get on our preferred list. You've got to be the best of the best! 

Today's vendor, Danielle Davis Art/Photography, is one of our favorite photographers. She's one of the best, most talented photographers around, and if you've seen any of the weddings she's shot at The Barn, you already know how great she is! 


Danielle Davis Art/Photography , from  Ani + Nathan 's wedding at The Barn

Danielle Davis Art/Photography, from Ani + Nathan's wedding at The Barn

Photo by Benjamin Martin

Photo by Benjamin Martin

Danielle Davis has been a professional fine artist since 2001. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, which is how she says she "garnered quite a bit of photography skills." 

"It played a large role in my conceptual design and was the foundation for most all of my fine art pieces; sculptures, paintings, etc.," Danielle said. "I discovered the art of editing, digital photography, and graphic design throughout the years post college. I fell in love around '08 and my career as a professional wedding photographer was born."

Danielle shoots 25 to 30 weddings each year. She describes her photography style as "clean and vibrant." That's what I love about her photography! Her photos are always simple, bright and dreamy. They're always so romantic, and it takes a special photographer to pose couples in romantic-not-awkward poses! This lady is truly talented, y'all. I suggest you head over to her Facebook page and stalk her photos... you'll be endlessly inspired! 

Danielle Davis Art/Photography , from  Emily + Blake 's wedding at The Barn

Danielle Davis Art/Photography, from Emily + Blake's wedding at The Barn

It's true, y'all... professional wedding photographers can be expensive. But you get what you pay for, and when your wedding is over with and most of your memories of the day have faded, your pictures are all you've got to remember it by! I always ask our photographers why they believe couples should spend more and hire a professional photographer, and this is what she said: "I see what happens behind the scenes every Saturday. We troubleshoot through obstacles that our couples and their guests will never see. We know how to solve them quickly, quietly and without missing a beat because we are pros. To me, you're paying for every nugget of experience I hold dear to me."

"I still have my beautiful wedding images from 17 summers ago, from when I said 'I do,'" Danielle said. "It hurt to pay my pro as much as I did... but now, I cherish those priceless images. And when I'm sharing them with my three daughters, I realize I would pay him 10 times the amount to do it all over again."

Danielle Davis Art/Photography , from  Ashton + Mickey 's wedding at The Barn

A great suggestion from Danielle for deciding on your photography budget: Take 10% of your overall budget, and that's your photography budget. "Whatever photographer fits within those fences, find your fave and pull the trigger, book 'em before someone else does." 

When it comes to choosing a photographer, Danielle said couples should "fall in love with the photography first, then fall in love with the person."

"Wedding photography is a very intimate part of your wedding day; you want to love the personality that is photographing you and yours," she said.

Danielle Davis Art/Photography  , from   Ani + Nathan  's wedding at The Barn

Danielle Davis Art/Photography, from Ani + Nathan's wedding at The Barn

Danielle's photography packages range from $2,500 to $5,000. They include an engagement session, wedding day photography, and an online private gallery of lightly edited photographer-selected images, which are also given to the couple on USB drives with print and posting rights. She offers bridals and other sessions at an additional cost. 

Danielle Davis Art/Photography  , from   Emily + Blake  's wedding at The Barn

Danielle Davis Art/Photography, from Emily + Blake's wedding at The Barn

Finally, I asked Danielle to give us a little feedback! She had some super sweet things to say about us!

"The Barn is one of my absolute FAVORITE places to shoot weddings, bridals and engagements!" she said. "I see so many venues and staff throughout the year and The Barn is hands down one of the most professional, friendly, easy to work with venues. Not to mention their work is fabulous! Lesleigh's taste is always stunning. I've seen her design and redesign for each of my Barn Brides and all of them have felt special on their big day."

Danielle Davis Art/Photography  , from   Ashton + Mickey  's wedding at The Barn

Danielle Davis Art/Photography, from Ashton + Mickey's wedding at The Barn


See why Danielle is on our preferred list?! She's one of the absolute best. Danielle, we can't wait to work with you in the future! 


Preferred Videographer: Branchout Studios

You know one of the best parts about working at The Barn?! (Besides the whole getting to watch magical dream weddings come together thing, of course.) Working with some of the most talented vendors in the state. We seriously work with THE BEST, y'all. When our couples ask us for recommendations for their vendors, we've got a list of our favorites to share with them. And not just anyone gets on this list! You've got to be top-notch to meet our team's standards! 

I've told you about a few of our beloved vendors, including theCakePlace, Blue Willow Catering, Ken Gehring Photography, Shingleur Photography and Tryston Hines Photography. Today, let's talk about one of our favorite videographers! Chris Middleton is the mastermind behind Branchout Studios (here's the Branchout Weddings page), and his videos are beautiful, inspiring and will probably make you cry. Let me tell you a little bit about him!


Chris Middleton started making videos six years ago. He films 8-12 weddings each year, and he's filmed two weddings at The Barn: Emily + Casey's (above) and Ashton + Mickey's, which we haven't seen yet, but will be sure to share with you when it hits the internet! He also filmed our What Love Looks Like video, which took place at Ashley + Justin's wedding, which you can see below. 

I asked Chris why brides should consider spending extra money on a videographer, and this is what he said: "When all the flowers are dead, food is eaten, decor is put away, and our memory fades, a wedding film not only captures motion image of your day, it also captures the music, voices and raw emotion of their most memorable day." 

We can't stress the importance of hiring a great photographer and videographer! Your photos, videos and a few keepsakes will be all you have when the memories of your big day aren't so fresh in your mind anymore. Not hiring a videographer is probably the only thing I regret about my wedding day! After seeing Chris's videos, and other videos from weddings at The Barn, I totally realize how important hiring a professional videographer is! I know the brides who have videos will treasure them forever. How special to be able to remember every emotion from your wedding day!

Chris said his "approach to filming is purely based on the bride and groom's desire. We use many techniques such as motion slider, elevated crane shots, time lapse photography, simple long takes, as long as we tell their story in a unique and beautiful way." 

His wedding packages start at $2,500 and are tailored for each couples' unique wedding. He said most packages include filming before the ceremony, the ceremony and reception, and interviews with the couple. 

Finally, I asked Chris to give us a little bit of feedback. We LOVE getting feedback, because it helps us to do our jobs more efficiently! It lets us know what we're doing right and helps us to work on what we haven't yet perfected. This is what Chris said: "The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch is our favorite outdoor venue. The scenery, amenities, and above all the creative staff involved with making it happen every weekend!" 

Thank you so much, Chris! We love your work and look forward to working with you more in the future!

If you'd like to see more of Branchout Studio's beautiful videos, you can view an online portfolio here


I can't wait to share more gorgeous videos with you in the future! In the meantime, you can check out a few on our Facebook page. :)


Preferred Photographer: Tryston Hines Photography

One of the greatest things about being a part of the The Barn Team is getting to work with so many incredibly talented people. We work with the best photographers, videographers, caterers, DJs and other vendors in the state, and their talents constantly amaze us! For us to recommend a specific vendor to you, we've got to know firsthand how talented they are. We only recommend to our brides the vendors we've worked with personally... The folks who have proved time and time again how great they are! I've told you all about two of our preferred photographers recently, Ken Gehring Photography and Shingleur Photography. Today, let's talk about another one of our very favorites, Tryston Hines Photography! She's shot several weddings and engagements at The Barn, and we just love her!


Tryston Hines has been into taking photos since pretty much forever. "I've always had a camera in my hands," she said. "Back when disposable cameras were cool, I would buy ten at a time and just fly through them. I took pictures of anything and everything."

During high school, Tryston said she began taking photos “more artistically.” She purchased her first DSLR camera after she got married, but photography didn’t become more than a hobby until her friends started asking her to take photos for them.

Being a part of my client’s most precious moments is such a blessing and it helps me keep loving what I do. Witnessing a birth, a couple saying their forever vows, documenting a child’s first year milestones: these moments are what make life beautiful.
— Tryston Hines

“I upgraded my equipment a few times, and before I knew it, a business had been formed,” she said. “I didn’t get into photography for the money (it takes a lot of time for photographers to make names for themselves). Being a part of my client’s most precious moments is such a blessing and it helps me keep loving what I do.

Tryston has been photographing weddings for about five years. She does around 20 to 25 in a typical year. She also takes lots of photos of cute babies! “I also see about 15 babies every three months for their first year sessions and many of them are from my past brides and grooms,” she said. “I love to keep my people around!” 

I always ask photographers why they think couples should spend a bit more on a professional photographer, rather than asking a friend or family member to take their wedding photos. Tryston summed it up perfectly, so I’ll let her tell you in her own words why a professional photographer is one of the most important things to splurge on for your wedding.

“At the end of the day, when the wedding is over and the cake is eaten, what you have left over are your pictures. Memories fade and weddings are so crazy to start with that it’s hard to remember all the little things that brides pour so much work into. If you’re going to invest in a wedding it only makes sense to make sure that later on your images reflect exactly how you remember your day. As a photographer it’s my responsibility to be the bride’s eyes and make sure that when she looks back through her pictures she can remember how she felt at each moment, and sometimes share moments with her that she might not have seen. Anyone can snap an iPhone pic, but professional photographers tell a story, and in my opinion weddings should always be seen as a beautiful love story. I always tell my brides to think about what they are going to wish they had done 10 years from now. Budgets are important, but so are memories and they should be captured in a way that’s just as beautiful as when the moment happened. A family friend or an amateur photographer might make sure to snap the most important moments like the first kiss and the formals, but might not get the small things like all the details, the mom wiping a tear from her eye as she watches her daughter say “I do”, the father of the bride laughing with the father of the groom, the flower girls twirling across the floor. There are so many magical moments that make up a wedding day and I truly feel it takes someone experienced to anticipate those moments and capture them correctly.” – Tryston Hines

While Tryston has photographed several of our weddings, she's also taken a bunch of other photos at The Barn, including family portraits, senior portraits and maternity portraits.

Tryston Hines Photography  , from  Kortney + Dakota 's maternity session
Tryston Hines Photography , from Hunter's senior session

Tryston Hines Photography, from Hunter's senior session

Tryston Hines Photography , from the Freeman family session

Tryston Hines Photography, from the Freeman family session

My favorite thing about Tryston’s wedding photos is that she not only takes gorgeous portraits and detail shots, but she also takes plenty of candid photos. When you look back on your wedding photos, the ones of your family and friends dancing, having a great time and interacting with one another will be just as meaningful to you as portraits of you and your spouse. You will value the candid photos of you and your new husband laughing or crying together just as much as you’ll love your posed photos!

“My style is very natural,” Tryston said. “I try to focus on moments rather than poses so that when my brides see their images, they might look like they were through the eyes of a guest or even through their own eyes. Of course I do formal portraits, but my emphasis is definitely on special moments that tell a story.”

For couples who are searching for their perfect wedding photographer, Tryston had a few words of advice: “Always meet them in person!” she said. “Make sure you’re a good fit personality-wise and ask all the hard questions up front.” She said a couple needs to know more about the photographer than their wedding package prices. She suggests that couples check out a photographer’s recent galleries and ask to see photos from weddings at their selected venue.

“I love to meet up with people who are interested in booking over coffee, so we can just sit and get to know each other a little better,” Tryston said. “Then we can discuss pricing and find the best fit for her.”

Tryston’s wedding packages include from five to seven hours of wedding day coverage, with the option to add more time. Her engagement sessions are two hours long, “because I think it takes a while for people to get comfortable and really get a feel for what it’s like to be in front of a camera,” she said. “It gives me time to visit with my couples and laugh with them, and set up a relationship for a successful wedding day shoot.”

She also offers hour-long bridal sessions. She even offers boudoir sessions exclusively to her brides! Each wedding package includes a disc of images with print permissions, as well as a print credit that can be used for professional prints, albums or canvases. Tryston also has professional second shoots “so I can make sure that every moment is captured,” she said.

Tryston's wedding packages range from $1,250 to $2,450.

Finally, I asked Tryston to give me some feedback on her experiences with The Barn. We love getting feedback, and we never get tired of hearing what our couples and vendors have to say about us! 

"I always love working with The Barn girls," she said. "The attention to detail is wonderful and it makes my job much easier because I don’t have to put on any other hats than just photographer. Everything is in its place and looks magical- every time. I just have to show up and do my thing! It takes a lot of stress off the brides to not have to worry about where things are and getting things ready. They just need to bring their dress and smile." 

See why we love this lady?! She is one of the very BEST. 


Preferred Photographer: Ken Gehring Photography

We're right in the middle of engagement season, so we know a bunch of your guys have recently put a ring on it! That means that you're probably starting to plan your wedding, and you're needing some vendor recommendations, right?! At The Barn, we've got a highly edited list of the best vendors in the state, and you can read about a few of them here. Last week I told you all about one of our favorite photographers, Shingleur Photography, and this week, I have another fabulous photographer to share with y'all! 

Do y'all remember our incredible Native American Heritage Styled Shoot from this past fall? Ken Gehring took the stunning photos from the shoot, and if you've seen them, you know why he's one of our favorite photographers. His work is consistently phenomenal and inspiring and breathtakingly gorgeous... just take a look through his Facebook albums, and you'll see what I mean. If you follow him on Facebook, you'll soon see that his photos are always being published everywhere. He's the real deal, y'all!

Ken has been a professional photographer for four years. He has been shooting weddings for two years, and in 2014, he shot 13 weddings. He prefers to shoot only one wedding per month, so he can send out edited photos in a timely manner. 

Although photography has been his career for only a few years, Ken said he has always had "an interest in photography and photographic memories since I can remember." 

"One of my favorite things to do as a child was to get out the old family photo albums and look through them," he said. 

I asked Ken to define his photography style, and he called himself a "hopeless romantic" when it comes to his wedding photography. "I am looking to capture those 'special moments' that often get overlooked by photographers," he said. "A touch, a kiss, those moments are the great ones!" 

I've had the pleasure of working with Ken myself, and I cannot say enough good things about him. He pays great attention to detail. He knows how he wants each photo to look, and he's great at making every detail just right. He knows how to pose his models, and he knows how to tweak even the tiniest details to make them look perfect. Plus, it is obvious that this man loves what he does... it shows in every shot he takes! His photos are always creative and stunning. If you're looking for a photographer whose photos are glamorous and look like they're straight out of a magazine, Ken is your guy! 

Ken said hiring a professional, rather than asking a family member to take photos at your wedding, is an absolute must. "For me, the photographic memories taken at a wedding are priceless, and entrusting a professional vs. Uncle Bob ensures that you will have great lasting memories of your special day," he said. "From lighting to posing, the professional photographer is well-trained and educated and will help you achieve great images that you will be proud to share with friends and hang in your home."

Ken's advice for couples searching for their ideal wedding photographer is to do your research. "Please meet with a couple of photographers, know pricing and offerings, and then make an informed decision that you will be comfortable with," he said. 

Each of Ken's wedding packages come with an engagement session. "I like to work with the couple prior to the wedding so that we can get a feel for each other before the big day," he said. He also offers bridals, boudoir sessions, styled day-after sessions (in which the couple can dress up in their wedding day attire and have a more relaxed themed photo shoot), albums and prints. Each couple gets a custom flash drive with their wedding photos and print rights. Wedding investments start at $1,600. 

Finally, I always ask the lovely folks I interview to give us a little feedback about The Barn. We love feedback, as it lets us know what we're doing right and also fills us in on what we can do better. Ken had some really sweet things to say about us!

"The Barn and the team led by Lesleigh are top notch in my opinion," he said. "The wedding day goes perfectly for the bride and the wedding party. And who, can I ask, does not want to get married in an upscale barn!!!" 

Ken Gehring Photography , from  Lisa + Michael 's wedding at The Barn.

Ken Gehring Photography, from Lisa + Michael's wedding at The Barn.

See why we love Ken Gehring?! He's one of the best! See y'all tomorrow!