Love Is Sweet: Fun Dessert Bars

One of the best ways to ensure that your reception is unforgettable for you and your guests is a fun, unique dessert table. There's something about beautifully displayed desserts that makes a wedding reception or party more memorable. Bonus points if you include build-your-own desserts! 

At The Barn, we are all about unique dessert bars. If you've looked through many of our albums on our Facebook page, you probably remember seeing lots of candy buffets, shortcake bars, dessert shooter bars, and more. Our preferred vendor theCakePlace always comes up with the most delicious ideas! 

Here are some of my favorite ideas for fun dessert bars! (Warning: get yourself a snack before you start looking at these photos!)

Pie Bar

Pie is the best dessert ever (sorry 'bout it, wedding cake), so having a pie bar at your wedding is sure to make everyone pleased as... pie. ;) Mini-pies are always a good idea, and you could even give out slices of pie as your wedding favors! (That's what I did). If you choose to have a pie bar at your wedding, keep in mind that pies are supposed to be rustic and a little imperfect, so a pie table with rustic touches will be beautiful!

Fancy S'mores

S'mores are just as fun and delicious to me now as they were when I was a kid, especially when they're a little bit fancy. Whether your s'mores table is elegant or rustic, be sure to include gourmet chocolate bars or a variety of regular candy bars (Reeses, Hershey's Cookies & Cream, and Rolos are always winners). If you want your s'mores bar to be really fancy, spend a little bit of time dressing up your graham crackers with melted chocolate and delicious toppings, like coconut or chocolate chips. Yum! 

Color-Coordinated Desserts or Candy Buffets

  Twin Town Studios , from  Nikki + Scott 's wedding at The Barn

Twin Town Studios, from Nikki + Scott's wedding at The Barn

If anyone can explain to me why anything color-coordinated is so appealing, please do. A candy buffet or table full of desserts in matching or coordinating colors is just so. dang. pretty. Macarons, donuts, tiny pies, cupcakes, cake pops... make 'em all in the same color, display them on pretty plates and cake stands, and you've got yourself an unforgettable dessert table. Or if you're going the candy buffet route, buy candies in bulk in similar colors and put them in beautiful glassware. So pretty!

Donuts & Coffee Bar

 Braedon Photography

Braedon Photography

I am not a morning person whatsoever, but the idea of a morning wedding is so appealing to me. If you decide to have a morning wedding, you've gotta have donuts and coffee. (And even if your wedding is in the evening, donuts and coffee are still a good idea!) Donut holes are a great option, too, and there are so many cute ways to display them! You could serve plain ol' brewed coffee with flavored syrups, or you could hire a barista to make delicious lattes for your guests. And if you do this at your wedding, please invite me!

Dessert Shooters Bar

  KMWarford Photography , from  Bethany + Jamie 's wedding at The Barn

KMWarford Photography, from Bethany + Jamie's wedding at The Barn

What's more fun than a delicious, beautiful layered dessert in a shot glass?! You're right. Probably nothing. The best part about these little babies is that you can eat like 50 of them, which means you can try them all. ;) Plus, they're pretty and the flavor combinations are endless, and who doesn't love anything in mini form, especially when it's dessert? TheCakePlace made some of these for our Open Barn this past summer, and they were SO. GOOOOOD. I'm hooked. 

Beautifully Displayed Macarons, Cake Pops, Etc.

Put all kinds of desserts on one big ol' table together, displayed on gorgeous cake stands and platters. I especially love this look when the dishes don't match. Hunting for beautiful vintage cake stands and dishes at antique stores and flea markets would be a lot of fun, and you'd create a stunning dessert display in the end! I also love matching white cake stands and dishes for a display like this. Lovely!

Are you as hungry as I am after seeing these delicious dessert bars?! My goodness. Delish!

See y'all back here tomorrow with a gift guide for your groomsmen! 


Trending Tuesday: The Best Wedding Dresses for 2015

Today I'm taking a break from sharing our fabulous 2014 weddings with you. Instead, I'm going to share some of my favorite wedding dress trends from Fall 2015 Bridal Fashion Week, which took place just last weekend in New York. These dresses will be available in the spring, just in time for those of you getting married next fall to try them on! 

While there were hundreds of beautiful dresses and new trends on display at this year's Bridal Fashion Week, I've narrowed them down to five trends that I just love

Here are my Top 5 Wedding Dress Trends for 2015:

Sheer Long Sleeves

Illusion Necklines

Short & Sassy

Cap Sleeves


If you kept up with Bridal Fashion Week, do you remember seeing a dress trend that really stuck out to you? There were some doozies, that's for sure (I'm looking at you, crazy two-piece, crop-top wedding dresses). But there were SO many gorgeous ones, too!

By the way, I just wanted to make sure y'all are following our social media accounts. We're on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, too. Be sure to follow along, because we're always posting sneak peeks of the weddings we're working on, tons of wedding inspiration, and a million beautiful pictures! 


It's Fall, Y'all!

Today is the fall equinox, which means it’s officially the happiest time of year for all of you who love plaid button-ups, cozy scarves, crunchy leaves, Halloween, jeans tucked into boots, and all things pumpkin spice. 

I’ll admit it. I’m pretty sad to see summer go.  But the one thing that is making me a tiny bit more excited for this new season is, of course, inspiration for gorgeous fall weddings. Here are some of my favorite ideas for weddings this fall!


 Photos:  1 .  2 .  3  (which is from  Jordan & Nick's  recent wedding at The Barn!).

Photos: 1. 2. 3 (which is from Jordan & Nick's recent wedding at The Barn!).

 Photos:  4 .  5 .  6 . 

Photos: 4. 5. 6

What makes a beautiful, unique fall bouquet? Texture, whether from lotus pods, billy balls, burlap or ribbon; rich colors, especially cranberry, plum, mustard and burnt orange; and unexpected elements, like wheat, leaves, succulents, and even fruits. If you're curious about whether or not pastels work for fall bouquets, they absolutely do! Add a touch of texture, rich color, or something unexpected, and blush, mint and light blue become totally fall appropriate. 


 Photos:  1 .  2 .  3 . 

Photos: 1. 2. 3

 Photos:  4 .  5 .  6  (which is from  Hayley & Zach's  fall wedding at The Barn two years ago).

Photos: 4. 5. 6 (which is from Hayley & Zach's fall wedding at The Barn two years ago).

Something about a naked (or lightly frosted) cake screams fall, especially with the addition of a few apples or flowers in fall hues. If naked cakes aren't your thing, adding burlap or rich colored florals to a simple cake creates a rustic, autumn-inspired look. Or go for a precious birch tree-inspired cake with your initials "carved" in. Gorgeous!


 Photos:  1.   2 . 

Photos: 1. 2

 Photos:  3 .  4 . 

Photos: 3. 4

Nothing says fall decor more than loads of pumpkins! Traditional orange pumpkins or heirloom pumpkins in all shapes and colors are great ceremony and reception decor, but painted or glittered pumpkins are perfect for adding a fall vibe to a wedding with a not-very-fall color scheme. Pumpkins aren't your only option for creating an autumn look, though. Using TONS of candles creates a cozy, romantic atmosphere that makes even the chilliest evenings feel warm and wonderful. 

Ceremony Details

 Photo:  Miles Witt Boyer , from  Lauren & Jack's  wedding at The Barn last fall. 

Photo: Miles Witt Boyer, from Lauren & Jack's wedding at The Barn last fall. 

 Photos:  1 .  2 .  3 . 

Photos: 1. 2. 3

Once again, candles and pumpkins are a winning combination for ceremony decor. Fall florals, lanterns and gorgeous fallen leaves are also perfect for lining the aisle! 

Reception Details

 Photo by  MGB Photo , from  Meagan & Alex's  wedding at The Barn last fall. 

Photo by MGB Photo, from Meagan & Alex's wedding at The Barn last fall. 

 Photos:  1 & 2 . 

Photos: 1 & 2

Set the tone at the reception with dinner by candlelight and yummy fall snacks, like warm apple cider or delicious donuts. My personal favorite detail for fall weddings? A bonfire and s'mores. And that's all I've got to say about that. 

Keep in mind that choosing a fall wedding date DOES NOT mean your wedding has to be full of burnt orange and red, pumpkins, plaid or any traditional fall decor. If you want to have a hot pink wedding in the fall, DO IT. It's your special day, and you should absolutely choose whatever color scheme, style, flowers and decor you love, not what is "appropriate" for the season. So, I guess I sorta just told you to disregard everything you just read... I'm obviously great at this job. 

I hope you're feeling inspired and looking forward to all things fall after reading this post! What are your favorite ideas for fall weddings? See y'all back here tomorrow!


Trending Tuesdays {Pinterested?}

Hey y'all, and welcome to the first ever Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch Trending Tuesday!  

From now on, every Tuesday we will be bringing you a brand new trending topic related to wedding planning, florals, foods, drinks.. Heck, who knows what awesomeness we will be bestowing upon you!  This weeks topic kind of comes from somewhere a little selfish..


I have been so stinkin' ready for spring since about December.  What better way to celebrate the beautiful warm weather than a COLOR Trending Tuesday Blog Post?

These inspiration boards were put together with images from My Pinterest Board.. Interested in finding out more info about them?  Then head on over!  Oh, and dear Pinterest followers.. I am so sorry for blowing up your feed with my pin happy trending topics earlier today.

As some of you may know, Pantone is pretty much the authority on all things color related.  So, in this blog post we will be looking at the Pantone Spring 2014 Top Wedding Colors.  The 2014 colors are so fun, and there is a little something for everyone - from the neutral tones to the bold yellows and purples.  I am getting excited just thinking about all of the gorgeous Barn Weddings that will be hitting this blog very soon!   We kick off our 2014 Wedding Season on Saturday, March 22nd!

Pantone 2014 Wedding Colors

Placid Blue... Soft, subtle and matches well with the more neutral tones that you will see further down in the blog post.  Whether it be paired with sand, paloma or even glittery silver - this baby blue hue is very easy on the eyes.

Hemlock... This years version of last year's "mint".  It was a pretty big staple in the wedding world last year, and it doesn't seem to be dying out anytime soon.  You know what this would go perfect with?  Glittery gold... 

Violet Tulip... Although I keep typing "violent tulip" this sweet hue is a must for Spring 2014! Match it with a few different shades of purples and viola!  Color Scheme Heaven... 

Paloma... I've never been much of a gray girl [unless it's 50 Shades of Grey.. steamy!], but it really is the perfect accent for so many other colors.  Cayenne, freesia, pale pink, silver, black.. Really the list goes on and on.  

Sand... Taupe, gold, tan.. Whatever you want to call it, it is still versatile, classy and elegant. Sparkle it up for a little bit of fancy or tone it down for a soft neutral tone.  Either way, those SAND dresses are gorgeous!

Freesia... I'm not going to lie, this one caught me a little by surprise.  I've never been a yellow fan. I don't look good in it, I don't own anything yellow and I never really had the desire to either. However.. THIS is not yellow.. This, ladies and gents, is Freesia and it is gorgeous! Bold, attention grabbing and screaming springtime... 

And those tasty looking macaroons don't hurt the cause one bit... 

Cayenne... This is one of my favorite wedding colors.  My bridesmaids actually wore a similar color in our June wedding.  It looks good on pretty much everyone, you can always find gorgeous flowers in the color scheme and it's bright but still romantic.. It looks great paired here with the Dazzling Blue!

Celosia Orange... So fun!  Pair it with a little cayenne, a hint of green, maybe a little paloma?  The options are limitless with this bright hue.

Radiant Orchid... This color pairs with just about anything as well.  Silver, gold, deeper purples, magenta, black.. You name a deeper base color, Radiant Orchid compliments it. However, I think it looks best in a pallet of different shades of purple.. It is such a fun vibrant color, don't ya think? Maybe that's why it's the Pantone 2014 Color of the Year and my favorite on this list!

If I was a rock star, the radiant orchid ombre hair would sooo be mine... Think I could pull it off?

And last but not least.. Dazzling Blue...


This color pretty much speaks for itself.. It's classy, fun, clean but not overly feminine.  Hats off to all you gents that rock pink on your wedding day, but ladies, this Dazzling Blue ain't so bad.. 

Be sure to catch us next Tuesday when we talk about signature wedding drinks!  

Mmm... Cocktails.

Until next time...


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