Wedding Links I Love

Hey y'all! It's been a long time since I've posted about Links I Love, so it's time for another! These posts are typically full of things that don't fit in any other section on this blog... Inspiration from wedding blogs, weddings I've seen on Instagram, articles that I simply have to share with our brides, and so much more. I always save wedding things on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and if they don't fit into any other category on this blog, I round them all up for a post like this one! Here are some of my favorite wedding-related posts I've been hoarding on secret Pinterest boards and in my phone. ;) 

Deer Pearl Flowers shared a round-up of 30 Perfect Ideas for A Rustic Wedding. The post is full of great ideas and pretty details, but this floral-and-greenery-covered swing!!! SWOON. This is probably one of my favorite wedding details I've ever seen. I love how simple, yet romantic and dreamy it is. What an unexpected, beautiful wedding detail and the perfect place for sweet photos with your love! 

While we're on the subject of things covered in greenery and gorgeous flowers, look at this AMAZING ceremony backdrop! This is SO pretty and dreamy. It's the perfect combination of rustic and elegance, with a hint of boho. You've also got to see the romantic ballroom reception, as well as the cake! "I chose black and white, emerald green, gold, cowhide, deer antlers, lucite, and shearlings to be the main staples of our day. Kind of this moody, glam, ranch look. Is that a thing?" That's a quote from the bride... Y'all know this wedding was good! Check it out. 

Brit + Co featured an article by Lauren Conrad that lists five things to DIY for your wedding, as well as five things you should not DIY. She was spot on with most of it, but we disagree with her on one major thing. (Are you even allowed to disagree with Lauren Conrad?!) While she included boutonnieres and bouquets on her DIY list, we'd suggest leaving that up to the pros. We 100% agree with her including photography and day-of coordinating on her "better off buying" list! DIYing for your wedding can be a whole lot of fun... but there are some things that you should definitely leave to the professionals!

This Buzzfeed article called I Found Out How To Pee In Different Wedding Dresses And It Wasn't Easy is LEGIT. While it may be funny and all, this is vital information for any bride to have. Peeing in a wedding dress is no joke! Thankfully, this bride-to-be tried several different methods in gowns with different silhouettes to find out what works and what doesn't. There are photos, as well as handy diagrams. It's funny, but it'll come in handy on your wedding day! ;)

This wedding on Style Me Pretty blew me away! This wedding had a classic theme, with a champagne, gold, gray and taupe color palette. It was elegant and romantic, with a garden feel and earthy vibes. Their florals were full of lush greenery. But the highlight was obviously that ceremony backdrop! Candles on a staircase, surrounded by green garlands. Romantic and stunning!

15 Flower Bedecked Wedding Cakes. No other explanation needed. This one is my fave!

Last week, we talked about bridesmaids' dresses, duties, and how expensive it can be to be in a wedding. Weddington Way has a whole bunch of bridesmaids' dresses under $150. There are some really great styles! I love the Vivien, Audrey, and Mia

One of my favorite wedding Instagram accounts is Jacin Fitzgerald's. She's an Atlanta-based wedding coordinator who plans weddings throughout the country (mostly in the south and on the east coast). Her style is classic, preppy, Southern, sweet, and she always includes the most stunning florals in her weddings. I LOVE this bouquet, and I'm always so inspired by her floral masterpieces!

I hope this post wasn't too random/all over the place for y'all! I just can't keep good wedding links to myself! :) In the near future, I'll be sharing more recent weddings at The Barn, as well as the prettiest baby shower ever. Y'all are going to love these!



Wedding Links I Love

It's been too long since I've written a Wedding Links I Love post... almost three months! I've seen so many fresh, unique wedding ideas lately that I would love to see at The Barn... so now is the perfect time for a round-up of all the random wedding ideas I've come across over the past few weeks that I'm obsessed with. Some of these ideas came from the wedding blogs that I follow, while others were random pins I saw on Pinterest. I'm constantly liking and sharing wedding pins with our followers, as well as hoarding them on secret boards for myself. ;) Here are some of the ideas I've saved over the last couple of months that I've been crushing on!

The protea bouquet trend isn't exactly new, but I'm more obsessed with them than ever. I've seen sooo many pretty ones on Pinterest lately, and these were two of my favorites. The one on the left would be perfect for a fall wedding; it'd be ideal for a bride who wanted to incorporate light pink into her decor while still keeping the color palette fall-inspired. The all protea bouquet on the right is perfect for a bridesmaid's bouquet or a table arrangement. There's also another protea bouquet in this post on 100 Layer Cake that I love!

Style Me Pretty did a round-up of some of the prettiest bridal lingerie around. If you're looking for something special to wear under your bridal gown or on your honeymoon, be sure to check out this post. Most items are linked, so they'll be easy to find to purchase. Some of them are more on the expensive side, but it's totally okay to splurge on one or two gorgeous lingerie sets for your honeymoon, if you ask me!

Have y'all ever heard of Salvation Mountain? It's a colorful tribute to God by artist Leonard Knight that's way out in the California desert... it's a pretty crazy, wild place, really! It's somewhere that I've wanted to go for years, so when I saw this Salvation Mountain elopement inspiration shoot on Green Wedding Shoes, I just about lost it. Most couples would not want a theme this colorful/out there/unique, but it sure is awesome. This bouquet is seriously fab!

Something I've seen on Pinterest several times recently: hanging flowers. I love this idea. It's perfect for an altar (like Anita + Wesley's!) or behind a sweetheart table, but I especially love this idea for over your reception tables. What a statement that would make! 

My favorite wedding DIY I've seen lately would definitely be this precious flower parasol for the little ladies in your bridal party. How cute would it be to have your flower girl carry a flower covered parasol rather than a tiny bouquet or a basket of flowers or a flower crown. Plus, this idea would be totally customizable to match your wedding colors. Get all the instructions over on Green Wedding Shoes!

So, like, where have flower popsicles been all my life?! These have been popping up on my Pinterest feed all summer, and I'm convinced that the only thing more fun than eating a popsicle is eating a popsicle with flowers. End of summer brides (or next summer's brides!), make a note of these! Remember that post about keeping your guests cool? Here's another amazing, gorgeous, statement making way to do that!

Excuse me while I drool over each of these 35 sparkly, beaded, bedazzled dresses on Style Me Pretty. There are some insaaaane gowns in that list. That dress on the left? Be still, my heart! If you love pretty things, look through these. Two words: EYE CANDY.

These are my two favorite bouquets that I've seen recently. I hope we see lots of rich colors at The Barn this fall! That one on the left is brilliant... it's crazy unique and the colors are stunning. And the purple one? I just love all those different shades combined into one perfect, gorgeous bouquet. 

A few days ago, I found this round-up of boho wedding ideas that Southbound Bride posted earlier this spring. If you're into the boho-chic style, you've got to look through the ideas they posted! There are several creative ideas that would be perfect for a relaxed bohemian/hippie wedding. I really l-o-v-eeee this VW campervan photo booth! There are also teepees in this post, and I am always crushing on those! 

Which of these ideas is your favorite? I feel like a lot of these are kind of out there, but I guess I'm into some pretty crazy trends right now. The more unique, the better! ;)


Wedding Links I Love

It's time for a quick round-up of my favorite wedding ideas I've seen all across the web over the past month! These ideas come from Pinterest, Instagram, our own Facebook page, and wedding websites and blogs. This is the wedding inspiration that doesn't really fit into any other category on this blog, but it's too pretty to keep to myself! You can see part one here and part two here. Here are my favorite weddings and wedding ideas from the past month:

Sujey + Jeffrey were married at The Barn just a couple of weeks ago, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that this was one of my favorite weddings ever. I love a good whimsical wedding, and this one was the best of the best. This wedding was actually a planned elopement, which meant our team found out the colors and overall theme the couple liked, and then they got to be totally creative with the flowers and decor. Sujey loves bright colors and the movie Up, so our team really ran with it! Sujey's bouquet was stunning, and those naked cakes?! Be still, my heart. (Plus, Shingleur Photography captured this magical, dreamy wedding perfectly!)

Jacin Fitzgerald, a wedding planner and floral designer, is one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow, partly because of all the gorgeous bouquets she posts! Her bouquets are always a little messy and undone, with unexpected combinations of flowers and gorgeous texture. They never look stuffy or too perfect, and I'm absolutely crazy about this look! If you're in need of a daily dose of pretty inspiration, be sure to follow this account! 

This sweet, romantic garden wedding shoot was one of my favorite styled shoots this month! The theme of this shoot was vintage, with a spring garden vibe, lots of lace and the most gorgeous flowers. This wedding had so many pretty details, including mismatched vintage vases, the prettiest table decor, and the loveliest naked cake. 

Totally opposite from the garden wedding styled shoot, I also was really into this bohemian ranch styled shoot. Dream catchers, mismatched vintage bottles and glasses, a big ol' protea bouquet, and that table decor. Hippie vibes abound, and I love it. 

And here is yet another styled shoot that I was crazy about this month! The theme of this one was urban woodland. The best parts of this shoot were definitely the altar covered in eucalyptus and the bouquets and flower arrangements. These flower combinations were totally unexpected and awesome! Orange and purple dahlias, pink and ivory roses, and a whole bunch of greenery... it sounds like a hot mess, but looks amazing!

I'm a sucker for a fairy tale wedding, and this stunning Bel Air wedding definitely fits that description... just look at the bride's dress, that altar and these gorgeous flowers! My favorite details from this wedding: the bridal bouquet (oh my goodness!), their stationery, bridesmaids in flower crowns, that really sassy grandma, and definitely the cake. This one's a beauty!

I hope y'all have a beautiful weekend! 


Wedding Links I Love

Last month, I started a new blog series called Wedding Links I Love, in which I share the most inspiring wedding-related things I've come across during the past month. These can be from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or wedding blogs. They're the ideas that are just too good or too pretty not to share with y'all! Here are my favorite links I've come across since last month:

Our fabulous preferred photographer, Shingleur Photography, designed this gorgeous Cusp of Spring styled shoot, and it's probably the most beautiful, inspiring thing I've seen this month! Only a few of the photos have hit Facebook, but you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for more details from this stunning shoot. We seriously work with the most talented people at The Barn!

The Puppy Brunch was my other favorite styled shoot from the past month, for obvious reasons. ;) The floral details from this shoot were soooo beautiful, and I hope one of our Barn Brides this year will opt for similar greenery and flower runners on their reception tables! And you've got to see the cake and cake table. LOVE.

I spend a lot of time working on The Barn's Pinterest each month, so I come across tons of inspiration on there. This was my favorite board I came across this month! It's called Fleur, and it's full of photos of gorgeous flowers. If you're planning your wedding and are uncertain about what flowers you like, you're sure to find plenty of inspiration here! 

I found this wreath photo on Pinterest when our floral designer, Ginger, posted it, and I am pretty much IN LOVE with it. This link is full of English Country Garden Wedding inspiration, and I love this style. It's feminine, but it's also messy and organic and so, so pretty. Each of these pastel wedding details would be perfect for spring weddings, and Barn Brides, pleeeeease choose a floral wreath as one of your wedding details!

Chic Vintage Brides posted photos of the most stylish, unforgettable wedding getaway ideas. That canoe! Definitely my favorite. Other fun ideas: classic cars, horse-drawn carriages, vintage motorcycles and mopeds, bikes and canoes. Lots of pretty inspiration in this post! 

Did y'all see that we made Green Wedding Shoes' list of the 24 Best Barn Venues in the United States?! This was super exciting for us, and such an honor! Make sure you scroll through the entire list, because there are some seriously beautiful barns on there. We're in good company! 

This destination wedding in Tuscany had the most elegant color scheme and tonnssss of greenery (which I am absolutely crazy about!). That bouquet! The greenery and candles hanging from the ceiling! Other details I love from this wedding: the bride's stunning dress, the gray bridesmaids' dresses, and the insane amount of flowers at their ceremony. 

I hope y'all have a great weekend!


Wedding Links I Love

Today I'm starting a new monthly blog series called Wedding Links I Love. Each month, I'll show you some of my favorite wedding ideas from around the web that I've come across over the past month. They may come from wedding blogs or websites, Pinterest, Instagram, or even from The Barn's Facebook page! They may be themed, or they may be totally random. 

Here are eight wedding ideas from the past month that I'm totally crazy about! 

1. This music-themed wedding is colorful, bohemian, hippie-chic and totally awesome. The flowers at this wedding were incredible, but my favorite detail was this ridiculously awesome antler chandelier. I'd like one of those in my house, pretty please!

2. This pallet escort card holder from an Austin, Texas wedding by Jacin Fitzgerald Events is stunning. Totally swooning over those gorgeous florals and the escort cards, which were in hand-lettered, wax-sealed envelopes and attached to the pallet with pale pink ribbon. 

3. I keep seeing this custom gown alllll over Pinterest, and I'm totally okay with that. Yes, a bride actually wore this! Yes, it is ridiculous. And yes, it is AMAAAAAZING. This bride's wedding was based off of a Dolce & Gabbana fashion show. Any bride with such an amazing sense of style is bound to have an incredible wedding dress, and this dress takes the cake. 

4. I'm not typically into anything preppy, but I loved the preppy details from this styled shoot. I'm a big fan of those gold and white striped bridesmaids' dresses (and don't get me started on that watercolor gown), but my favorite details from this shoot were the coffee favors! The watercolor packaging is the prettiest, and helllooooo?! Coffee is pretty much the best favor idea ever. 

5. During the week of Valentine's Day, Pinterest was blowing up with so. much. pretty. Pink and red details and bouquets  galore! This particular Valentine's Day-themed styled shoot really caught my eye, specifically the beautiful bouquet and the gorgeous calligraphy on the invitation suite. Another detail I loved: the skinny gold candles on the table. So pretty! 

6. Wedding Chicks had a great round-up of 15 DIY wedding projects that are under $50 each. I'm really crazy about these upcycled, spray painted bottles and this flower chandelier. You can get the instructions to make both over on Wedding Chicks, and spoiler alert: they're both super easy! 

7. Helloooo, teepee and tent of my dreams! This bohemian wedding had tons of crazy, DIY details, but this magical tent is my favorite! Other highlights: some weird fringey arches over the aisle (I'm not even sure what to call those, but they're awesome!), pictures hanging from the trees, tons of huge marquee letters, fabric bunting everywhere, disco balls and a human-sized birdcage. Epic.

8. We added Bethany + Jamie's wedding photos to our Facebook page this week, and holy cow, this wedding was incredible! This bride's dress was straight from a fairytale! The color scheme for this wedding was marsala, blush and leopard, and the bouquets and floral arrangements were stunning. You've got to check it all out here! 

I think each of these ideas would be stunning at The Barn... take note, future brides! ;) Y'all have a lovely weekend!