Want to hear what our featured brides and vendors have to say about their experience with The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch?  Well, you've landed in the right place.

Our wedding was the best day ever because of the people who we asked to help execute our vision and they killed it! The girls at The Barn are such a great team of people who helped create our wedding and reflect our vision. We were lucky to find the absolute best people to help us with our wedding and because of them, the day was more than we could have hoped for.
— Mrs. Jessica Elliot
Everyone at The Barn was fantastic! My planner, Victoria, was so easy to work with, and helped me so much throughout the whole planning process. All of the staff was absolutely amazing! They made our day perfect for us, down to the very last detail. They don’t hesitate to make your day anything and everything you could ever want it to be! Adam and I are forever grateful to Lesleigh and her team for giving us the wedding of our dreams, and so much more!
— Mrs. Kassie Robertson
I was beyond impressed with the staff at The Barn! Every step of the way, I was catered to and felt so comfortable and stress free. I feel like so many brides don’t enjoy their wedding day because they have so much to handle, but with The Barn, all of your worries are gone. I loved how when I seemed nervous I was given words of encouragement or helped in every way possible. This whole experience from start to finish was so easy and I am very thankful for everyone who played a part in our big day! I don’t have a single complaint to offer!
— Mrs. Emaly Hunt
It was absolutely amazing. Rehearsal was awesome. I loved my coordinator and planners. They all did an amazing job. Cindy was my rock; she kept me calm and in tune for months. When I got there, all the flowers and arrangements and designs were beautiful. Walking into the reception was something I’d never imagined. It was absolutely gorgeous. The food was amazing, drinks were amazing. Thank you to all The Barn staff... It was gorgeous and I loved every minute.
It was an amazing day! It was a blur of excitement with my closest friends and family! It was everything and more that I’d hoped for! If anything went wrong, I don’t remember it!
— Mrs. Sarabeth Martin
I can’t say enough good things about The Barn. Like I said, I would love to do it year after year. The end result was amazing and I couldn’t have picked a better place. It was worth every penny absolutely!
— Mrs. Shelby Fowler
You all did such an amazing job; like I have said so many times, everything was perfect. From the very beginning of the planning process, you guys made it so easy, stress free, and fun. I cannot express how thankful and how grateful we are to have had such a great team. If I could do it all over again there wouldn’t be one single thing I would change! Thank you all again so much for everything, every single one of you is truly amazing!!
— Mrs. Monica Cook
The staff at The Barn did absolutely amazing. I am not at all a coordinated person, nor am I girly. Luckily, the lovely ladies stepped in to make my wedding day perfect. The flowers were beautiful. The décor was stunning and I couldn’t have imagined any better. Every little detail took away my breath.
— Mrs. Paige Whitfield
The night before the wedding there was a big storm. It took out the bathrooms and bridal suite
due to down trees. We were suppose to be married outside, but due to the storm we had our
wedding inside the barn. It turned out perfect. I was not worried at all after I got the phone call
from Trisha the morning of my wedding day. I had complete faith that Trisha and Lesleigh
would take care of everything. I was right. I knew that they worked overtime to get everything
cleaned up, and decorate for the wedding. We had a complete change of plans and it turned
out perfect!! I will always appreciate their hard work to make sure my day was perfect.
— Mrs. Cassie Crafton
My parents live in Maryland so they were not able to be ‘hands on’. The Barn staff paid close attention to our ideas during our planning meetings and completely captured our vision for our wedding day. It was such a blessing that not only did I not have to sweat the details, but neither did my parents! They were able to travel the 1000+ miles and enjoy the celebration! I can’t say enough!
— Mrs. Alyssa Bradley
I couldn’t have asked for a better day! I felt I had stepped out of a fairy tale. I cannot imagine one thing that could have been better. The ceremony site was beautiful, and the reception was breathtaking. The food was delicious, and the music was exactly what we wanted... However, the best thing about getting married at The Barn is being able to relax and enjoy your wedding. I have been to several weddings where the bride is too stressed to really enjoy the moment. The BATOR team is prepared for anything so you don’t have to be!
— Mrs. Kelsey Tchamkoriyski
The staff at BATOR is phenomenal!!!! The details, the planning, the flowers, the food, the decorations…. Every single bit of it was amazing. I don’t have the words to describe just how perfect it was and how thankful I am that I found The Barn. The staff honestly make you feel as though you are the most important person that day and they do everything they can to make you feel that way too. It was a flawless ceremony and a flawless reception and I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out on our special day!!!!!
— Mrs. Sarah Pingel
My favorite part about being married at The Barn was the stress-free experience!! Our original plan was to get married after Jeffrey’s deployment. However, he didn’t want to wait anymore! I was in the middle of finals and completely unprepared to plan a wedding. I loved that you guys offered an elopement ceremony! I wanted a wedding experience, and I knew that you guys would deliver. I’m so happy that you guys made this a reality for me!!
— Mrs. Sujey Wortham
Everything was just how I imagined it in my head and more! It’s incredible how they were able to pick up on my style and everything I wanted just off of my Pinterest page! It made things so easy for me not having to pick it all out but it was so much more personalized than picking ‘package A,B, or C.’ I recommend your services to everyone!
— Mrs. Breanna Burkett
Allison Harp Photography , from  A+J 's wedding
I LOVED that venue and I loved your coordinators. It was one of the most pleasant venue experiences I’ve ever had—I mean that! You guys are doing great work and creating amazing experiences for everything. SO THANK YOU!
— Allison Harp
My favorite part about getting married at The Barn was how gorgeous everything was. It’s hard to pick just one thing. From the chandeliers inside to the bridge and swing outside, it was all flawless and perfect... You did a great job arranging everything and making sure each detail was exactly how I would want it! It was nice to not have to worry about decorating or cleaning up! It took so much stress off me!
— Mrs. Rachel Huie
The staff was perfect! They did everything for us and everything ran smoothly. Everyone was so nice. The decorations were amazing as well, better than anything I could have thought up. And of course my Aunt Ginger’s flower arrangements were beautiful!
— Mrs. Kierstan Barnes
My favorite part about getting married at The Barn was simply the obvious; it’s a beautiful barn with gorgeous chandeliers and it was affordable. Even though the venue was a few hours away from us, it was very convenient. I got to live a girl’s dream and basically plan my wedding on Pinterest and they put it together for me hassle free! It was amazing. The fact that they did everything from set up, décor, took care of the catering, already had a cake place, staff for the wedding, etc. made it almost stress-free for my husband and me. The distance wasn’t an issue and it was very reassuring. I honestly wouldn’t have had my wedding anywhere else.
— Mrs. Chelsie Wilhite
Holly Giles

Holly Giles

My favorite part about getting married at The Barn was that the staff was so helpful and made everything stress free for myself and my mother. Tyler and I were engaged for exactly a year and a half on our wedding day, and by that time we had changed our minds on where to get married three or four times. We were having a hard time planning because we knew what we wanted, it was just hard for us to get that idea out of our heads and make it happen. When we looked into The Barn, it was a no brainer on where we would be getting married. The Barn staff is excellent and helped us bring our ideas to life and it was everything we wanted and more.
— Mrs. Brittany Cook
Everyone at The Barn was so attentive and helped us so much. All of my ideas that I had were brought out and were perfect. Completely stress free!
— Mrs. Hannah Watson
The Barn is such a beautiful space; I can’t pick a favorite aspect. It flowed wonderfully for guests and was a fairy tale setting.
— Mrs. Cedrah Burk
My favorite part was that I truly got to enjoy my day because the staff at The Barn took care of everything and made sure it all went smooth... I’ll say it over and over again, The Barn is the best! It was so easy to just show up and love every minute of my wedding.
— Mrs. Lisa Smith
Honestly I don’t have a favorite detail because it all was so over the top and beautiful! My favorite part about getting married at The Barn was how amazing the staff was! Everyone was so nice and easy to work with! They knew exactly what we wanted and they took my dream wedding and turned it into reality.
— Mrs. Ashton Deweese
My favorite part about getting married at The Barn was that it was the exact venue I was looking for. An absolutely beautiful, simple, outdoor wedding. Also, everything was taken care of, so it was stress free... It was perfect. I think that everything went wonderfully and I would highly recommend it. Picturesque venue, talented and professional staff, and worry free.
— Mrs. Sasha Belcher
The staff was quick to help me and my photographer get all the photos we wanted, showed us The Barn and all decor before the ceremony so we could enjoy it before everyone showed up. I felt like I got to come and just enjoy the day. I didn’t have to worry about any details because I knew that it would beautiful and taken care of. The staff was on top of the day, hard-working and always nice and friendly. It was everything I hoped it would be and so much more! I will recommend for anyone and everyone to get married there.
— Mrs. Cathryn Bass
Everyone at The Barn did a fantastic job! You guys exceeded our expectations! The decor was stunning and Cindy did a fabulous job coordinating our wedding! We could not have been happier with everything. We might need to renew our vows so we can have another fabulous wedding here! :)
— Mrs. Megan Chapman
I could not have been happier with all of it. I remember there was a time right before I went outside to walk down the aisle that I got super nervous, but there was someone with me that just kept talking to me to calm me down. My wedding planner was so organized and super calm throughout the whole thing. Cindy impressed me majorly, and it was so nice to know I had someone who knew what they were doing. You guys made my day magnificent! I had a great time and some great memories. Thank you for making it all possible.
— Mrs. Brittany Higgins
Our wedding was perfect! I have been dreaming of my wedding for as long as I can remember. I had always wanted a wedding that was romantic, unique, and fun. And, I feel like all of my dreams came true... The Barn did a great job turning my dreams into a reality! The location was marvelous, and the finished product was everything I’d ever wanted and more! I’ve often asked my husband if we could do the whole thing again, because I just want to keep reliving it.
— Mrs. Kortney Ricketts
You all were amazing! I have used that word over and over, but it’s because it is so true! I just officiated a wedding and seeing how stressed the bride was about all of the details and coordinating with the vendors made me appreciate The Barn even more. Even being an out of state bride with a short engagement you accommodated my needs perfectly!
— Mrs. Megan Chavez
The decor, details and landscape were like a dream. I am very detail-oriented, and The Barn displayed everything that was special to me. I could have stared for hours at the inside of The Barn. I loved that everything was taken care of for me, and Cindy was there holding my hand the entire time! After all the rituals were finished, our reception was one big party! I have amazing memories of everyone dancing together to some of my favorite songs and just relaxing enjoying our special day. I loved that everything, including tear-down, was taken care of for me and my family. We couldn’t have had better service.
— Mrs. Molly Johns
From the biggest detail such as color scheme to the smallest such as taking selfies and keeping our timeline of events on check, The Barn did an amazing job truly listening to what we wanted and had envisioned to create a perfect evening. The details and atmosphere were exactly ‘us’ and the entire process was stress free and truly how a wedding should be planned and run. I cannot emphasize enough if someone is looking for a dream wedding without the fuss and stress, book with The Barn!
— Mrs. Lyndsey Rich
I LOVED everything about this place. From the list of preferred vendors, to the stress free planning, it was perfect. When it was over, we grabbed our stuff and left! It was great not to worry about sticking our families and friends with cleanup duties. The staff is amazing; the stress free wedding planning was even better... I was not a super involved bride, which is what I loved. I tell anyone who is thinking about getting married what a great deal The Barn is! I cannot imagine planning a wedding myself... I even bought a wedding planner book thing. I opened it like twice! I didn’t need it because they did everything!!!!
— Mrs. Cara Knight
I can’t pick one favorite detail. Everything was just amazing. The Barn is wonderful to work with... Y’all did fantastic! I loved everything.
— Mrs. Carla Dawson
The Barn staff did an amazing job! They took care of so much, which was sometimes kind of hard not to be in control, but I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I felt like they had a camera inside my head and knew exactly what I wanted. They were very accommodating and hospitable. Can’t thank them enough for all they did!
— Mrs. Mae Jaworski
My favorite part of getting married at The Barn was that it was (nearly) stress free. They take care of almost everything and I couldn’t have pulled it off without them... When I showed up and saw what they did with The Barn, I almost cried. It was more beautiful and perfect than I had imagined.
— Mrs. Amanda Wihebrink
My favorite part about getting married at The Barn was the consultations we had before the wedding ever started! They listened to every word I said to make sure they delivered everything I wanted on my wedding day. We even had some last minute requests that they were able to pull off in just a few days! Absolutely everything was amazing! The ceremony was sweet and special, the reception was fun and energetic, and the whole day was so ‘us.’ We can’t thank you enough!
— Mrs. Chelsea Schmidt
My favorite part about getting married at The Barn was knowing it was all going to be taken care of and guaranteed to take my breath away. I felt right at home out there on that beautiful ranch. The ladies there go above and beyond to make every element gorgeous and to take care of every detail I had not even thought of. They always make a bride feel like she is a forever-friend, like a special part of a united group of women who believe in truly magical weddings. Weddings that are composed of just as many beautiful elements as the blissful love the ceremonies contain... I still get all warm and fuzzy looking at pictures, like, that was MY wedding? How pretty! The ladies at The Barn are visionaries, and they have servants’ hearts and hands. Any bride will feel like a princess being pampered. There was no stress. It was all bliss.
— Mrs. Kaleena Colling
The Barn team did amazing! To this very day, my family members STILL talk about how much fun the wedding was and ask if we can do it again soon! The ideas Lesleigh had for the tables based upon my theme were right on! One of the best feelings is that The Barn made me feel like mine was the only wedding they were planning and the only one that mattered!!! Great job of making this ordinary bride feel like a VIP!!! I left thinking: How did we just manage to have THE PERFECT WEDDING?!?!?!?!? Well, obviously, the answer is the hard work of The Barn team is how we managed to have the perfect wedding!
— Mrs. Cortney Hoyt
I will always remember how easy the BATOR team made our wedding feel! I was able to enjoy every moment and was reminded to just enjoy my wedding, not to worry about anything!
— Mrs. Tang Jones
I can’t begin to explain how enjoyable my experience was with The Barn. It was a ton of fun & stress free....everything wedding planning should be. Lesleigh and the team at The Barn were always very professional and so helpful...any changes I wanted they would make happen. Absolutely amazing experience and would do it again in a heartbeat.
— Mrs. Jana Jones
I love the way your staff handled everything. The ladies were so patient and sweet to me even when I kept insisting for my wedding to be outside even with the pouring rain. The most important thing was the fact that Wesley and I truly had a BLAST on our special day!! We still have guests telling us how much fun it was!!! The wedding turned out better than I could have imagine, I am truly blessed to have found The Barn!!!
— Mrs. Anita Stewart
It was much more than I had anticipated! Lesleigh and her team did an amazing job with all the details I wanted incorporated into my wedding! They went up and beyond to provide the best for us and our guests.
— Mrs. Michelle Parrish
As soon as we pulled up to the Barn, we knew it was the place for our wedding. It was so beautiful and the whole layout was perfect for us. It looked picturesque and fit our bohemian theme so well. And everyone on the team was very helpful and made our wedding feel special and like they only had ours on their mind. We really appreciated all of their inputs and the way they listened to our wants and needs.
— Mrs. Samantha Harrington
My favorite part about getting married at The Barn is the Barn girls! They are so sweet and nice. Can’t imagine my special day without them in it. They made the day stress free and SO MUCH FUN! The Barn was decorated so beautifully.
— Mrs. Jaclynn Williams
I will always remember how wonderful The Barn was to my family on our special day. We literally had no concern in the world and were able to live out that day to the fullest. I will never forget Lesleigh not losing hope and refusing to give up that our ceremony would be held outside (even though it was raining). She had a ladder ready at our altar to put the finishing touches to when the rain was finally gone and it was go time. Like I said though, I had no concerns I knew she had it taken care of far better than I ever could.
— Mrs. Emily Wright
Lesleigh, Victoria and all the other ladies at The Barn made our day infintiely more perfect than we could have ever imagined. It was SO PERFECT, y’all. Seriously. I wish I could hang out at The Barn in my wedding dress and relive that day forever and ever. I had high expectations for our wedding day, but The Barn team pulled off a fabulous and beautiful wedding that exceeded all of my expectations. They were professional and fun to work with, and they took such good care of us. We can’t say enough good things about them!
— Mrs. Kelsi Flinn
My experience with The Barn was everything that I had hoped for and much more! Every meeting I had at The Barn was so smooth, and they were so organized. I always came into the meeting thinking I had thought of something that they hadn’t, and that was never the case. There was no reason to stress because they made my vision come to life! I could not be happier with everything that The Barn created and provided. They thought of everything, and it was beautiful and perfect. I love that all of their weddings, including mine, have brand new and unique details. My wedding planner was fabulous, and The Barn team was wonderful! Lesleigh, you have created a great thing!
— Mrs. Lauren Mann
Refreshingly unique... We work at venues all over the country and can honestly say this place is top notch. We can’t wait to get back. It’s an editor’s dream spot for photos and a beautiful option for any bride!
— Miles Witt Boyer
Lesleigh and The Barn Staff are truly a blessing to work with. Our entire wedding day went off without a hitch, and it was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. Choosing The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch as our wedding venue was honestly the best decision we made.. Well, besides each other of course!
— Ashley Stewart