Easy DIY Shabby Chic Wedding Garters

Today I'm sharing with you the easiest tutorial to ever hit the Internet. I almost feel guilty even posting this, because it's just too quick and easy.

A couple months before my wedding, I went crazy spending all my birthday money on wedding details. One of the details I purchased was a garter set. I bought the set on Etsy for around $25, and I was in LOVE with them. I still am, really, but now that I know how inexpensive and simple it is to make your own, I would encourage other brides to go the DIY route. I spent $14 and about 10 minutes on three garters! 

Melissa McCrotty Photography . This is the garter set I purchased on Etsy for my own wedding.

Melissa McCrotty Photography. This is the garter set I purchased on Etsy for my own wedding.

If you want a garter set (as opposed to one garter), you'll probably want to make a more extravagant, fancy garter (to keep) and a simple one (to toss). 

Here's what you'll need:
Lace baby elastic headbands. Seriously... If you haven't noticed, garters kind of are just baby headbands. ($1.99 for a set of two)
Fabric flowers and/or embellishments ($1.99 to $3.99 for each piece)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Fabric glue (optional)
Needle and thread (optional)


You can find all of these items at Hobby Lobby or your local craft store. 

1. This is the longest, most difficult part of the tutorial: Go to your local craft store and pick out the headbands and embellishments you want to use. Your options for colors and styles are almost limitless, so this can be difficult! But once you pick out your supplies, it's all smooth sailing from here.

2. Try the lace headbands on. You want your garter to be a few inches above your knee (but not too high up, or everyone is gonna get a show when your groom removes it for the garter toss!). You want it to be snug enough that it won't slide off your leg, but not so tight that it's uncomfortable. If it's too large, cut a straight line along the seam. Cut off as much of the lace as you need to for it to fit. You can glue it back together with fabric glue or your hot glue gun, or if you're more talented than I am, you can sew it back together with a needle and thread. Tip: Lay a piece of cardboard (the packaging for your flowers will work fine) under the lace when you're applying the hot glue, so the lace doesn't stick to your work surface. 


3. If you're lucky, you picked flowers that already have a clip on the back. (If you didn't, I will get to that in a minute.) This is where things get extremely advanced. Are y'all ready for this? Clip. Your. Flowers. On. The. Garter. I know, right?! Whew! If it doesn't feel secure, add a few dots of hot glue to the back and stick it onto your lace (which should be on a piece of cardboard so it doesn't get glued down to your work surface). Here is how these two turned out:

Don't you think they're the cutest?! I can't decide which one I like better. I love how girly the black one is, but I also love the blue and burlap on the second one. And it could totally be your "something blue!"

4. If you didn't choose a clip-on flower, there are a few more steps involved, but it's still stupid easy. If the flowers you chose don't have any sort of embellishment on the front, here's how to add it: put a generous amount of hot glue in the center of one of the flowers and then stick on some bling! Then flip the flower over, add some hot glue, and stick it onto your lace (again, you'll notice that mine is on a piece of cardboard as to keep it from getting glued down on the table). Repeat with any remaining flowers. Here's how the third one turned out:


I really love this one! I think it's my favorite of the three. Probably because it is so similar to the ones I wore in my wedding. ;)

Which one is your favorite? Did you (or will you) make your own garters? I'd love to hear in the comments! By the way, we heard that some of you were having an issue with your comments not going through on the Barn Boot Giveaway post. We've decided to extend the giveaway until Thursday, October 16! Head over to the giveaway post for more info.