Trending Tuesday: The Best Wedding Dresses for 2015

Today I'm taking a break from sharing our fabulous 2014 weddings with you. Instead, I'm going to share some of my favorite wedding dress trends from Fall 2015 Bridal Fashion Week, which took place just last weekend in New York. These dresses will be available in the spring, just in time for those of you getting married next fall to try them on! 

While there were hundreds of beautiful dresses and new trends on display at this year's Bridal Fashion Week, I've narrowed them down to five trends that I just love

Here are my Top 5 Wedding Dress Trends for 2015:

Sheer Long Sleeves

Illusion Necklines

Short & Sassy

Cap Sleeves


If you kept up with Bridal Fashion Week, do you remember seeing a dress trend that really stuck out to you? There were some doozies, that's for sure (I'm looking at you, crazy two-piece, crop-top wedding dresses). But there were SO many gorgeous ones, too!

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