Anita + Wesley's Elegant Turquoise & Coral Wedding

I just want to start out this post by saying this: I. Love. This. Wedding. I mean, I've never seen a wedding at The Barn that I didn't like, but this one is really special. From the ah-maaaa-zingggg ceremony to the simple but gorgeous reception decor... I just love every little detail. Not to mention, this couple is the sweetest. And their photos by Erika Dotson Photography are breathtaking!


Anita and Wesley were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on June 7, 2014. Their wedding day didn't have exactly what you'd call the most beautiful weather, but does that ever stop the Twin Oaks Team from creating insanely beautiful dream-come-true weddings? No way!

Anita's turquoise, coral and gray color scheme came a little bit unexpectedly. "I am quite an indecisive person and stress about the simplest things," Anita said. "It also didn't help that I procrastinated with anything and everything that had to do with the wedding. One morning I woke up and the three colors just popped in my head. From that day on I stopped procrastinating." And even though her colors and theme came together at the last minute, all of her decor turned out incredibly beautiful! 

Can we talk about Anita's dress and shoes real quick?! They are GORGEOUS. Her dress, which was purchsed from Always & Forever in Fort Smith, is elegant and timeless and so, so, soooo pretty. And those shoes, well... they speak for themselves. Amazing!

Anita's flowers were very simple and elegant. She chose two dozen white roses, with the stems wrapped in silk, and they were accented with a row of sparkly vintage brooches. (Notice that I am throwing in another shoe picture here... I love them THAT much.)

As I mentioned before, the weather on Anita and Wesley's wedding day was not very cooperative. At The Barn, our back-up plan for rainy day weddings is, of course, the barn itself. Lesleigh and the team set the ceremony decor and altar up in The Barn, and my goodness, if that's not the prettiest thing you've ever seen, I don't know what is! This is truly one of my favorite ceremony set-ups in Barn history. By the way, that altar is made of over 100 lilies strung together. Seriously

Even with the imperfect weather, it set the tone for our perfect day! It was everything I hoped it would be and more!
— Anita

Although the indoor ceremony set-up was drop-dead-gorgeous, Anita had been dreaming about an outside wedding, so that's what she got! I'll let her tell you in her own words about all that. 

"The day of the wedding... I felt like I was in a movie. I thought to myself, 'Of course out of all the other perfect weekends, it would be my weekend to have the torrential downpour.' I remembered coming to terms with reality that my wedding wasn't going to be outside. All that mattered was the fact that I was getting married to the coolest red-bearded man ever. Seconds after my reality check, my girlfriend came to the bridal suite and asked if I still wanted my wedding outside. I was so consumed with my thoughts I didn't realize the rain had stopped. Of course I answered YES, still thinking no way did everyone make it to the wedding with all the downpour! All my fears faded when I reached the aisle and saw all my friends and family standing there smiling at me! Then it happened, having to hold back tears when I laid eyes on my handsome groom!" - Anita

What a Barn Bride wants, a Barn Bride gets. So Lesleigh and the girls tore down the indoor ceremony and set it back up outside in record timing. And, yep, it was just as pretty as it was inside!

Everything about this wonderful place was my favorite from the shear beauty of being married outdoors and how breathtaking it was as I walked down the aisle taking in the magnificently tall trees and landscaping to the barn reception area with it still having an outside feel to it, everything was simply classic!
— Anita

You may notice that Anita and Wesley did not have a wedding party. This is honestly an idea that I really love. It seems like it would take a lot of stress off the bride, as well as keeping her friends from feeling like they have to spend a lot of money on their dress and accessories. While this idea certainly isn't for everyone (says the girl who had eight bridesmaids), I think it's a lovely idea! Some of Anita's favorite details of the day were her friends' dresses. "I had all my closest girlfriends pick out their own dresses and had half of them wear turquoise and the other half coral," Anita said. I can remember almost tearing up when they all came into my bridal suite. Everyone looked absolutely lovely."

love this picture of Anita's friends taking photos of her walking down the aisle! So cute! Nothing beats a beautiful bride + a gorgeous flower petal aisle, y'all. 

That is one happy bride!

What a kiss! Whew!

After their ceremony, Anita and Wesley had some really gorgeous portraits taken. I had a hard time narrowing it down to just a few. And let me tell you, just by looking through these photos, it's obvious how in love this couple is! And Wesley, you must be a funny man, because you sure make Anita laugh a lot. So sweet!


Anita and Wesley's reception was so uniquely pretty. Their colors were gorgeous, and I love the simplicity of their floral arrangements and decor. 

I know I always say this, but how good does The Barn look in these colors?!

By the way, this is just one of our fabulous bars at The Barn! It's a pretty one. 

As always, theCakePlace did a fantastic job on the cakes at this wedding. Anita's cake was simply elegant, and Wesley's cake might just be the coolest groom's cake we've ever seen. This man loves spearfishing, so his cake was perfect!

I love a cake that's pretty on the inside, too!

I don't know about y'all, but I think this reception looks like it was a whoooole bunch of fun. This looks like a really fun crowd! 

Anita and Wesley's grand exit from The Barn was stunning. Their guests showered them in flower petals as they left as newlyweds! 

As Anita and Wesley left The Barn, Anita said her new her new husband said, "I had so much fun," which she said "made it all worth it. "As cliche as it sounds, it truly was a fairytale!"

I'm also going to let Anita tell you in her own words about their honeymoon, because it sounds like it was INCREDIBLE. 

"We had our honeymoon in Fiji. I agreed to go on a live aboard for 4 days for my husband's spearfishing trip in exchange for staying in the only resort with over water bures, which are wood and straw huts. The live aboard was far from luxury. For 4 whole days, it was me and 9 other grown men on this stinky and not so clean 36 foot boat. At the end of that boat trip, I was so glad I did it. It was quite the adventure! The second week we hopped on a flight to Tonga to swim with the whales. It was probably one of the scariest and most thrilling experiences of my life! The calves, baby whales, were around 1500 lbs, and the adults were equivalent to school buses, yet they were such gentle creatures. We ended our trip with the over water bures! We were blown away with the resort. An unforgettable trip!" - Anita

As for her experience with The Barn, Anita had some super nice things to say! "The way you all handled the not so perfect weather and still being able to pull off an awesome outside wedding... I love the way the staff handled everything," Anita said. "The most important thing was that Wesley and I truly had a BLAST on our special day! We still have guests telling us how much fun it was! The wedding turned out better than I could have imagined. I am truly blessed to have found The Barn!"

Anita and Wesley, your wedding was beautiful, and we're so thankful that you allowed us to be a big part of your special day! We wish y'all the very best life has to offer! xoxoxoxo

So, what do you think? Simply gorgeous, huh?! I'll see you back here tomorrow. :)