Jana + Robert's Classic Black and Ivory Wedding

This week's Throwback Thursday 2012 wedding is simply fabulous (or #sassfab, if you speak Barn lingo). It's classic and elegant, a little bit rustic and suuuuuper gorgeous. Plus, this bride wore one of the best dresses EVER. As if that's not good enough, this wedding took place on the most perfect fall day, and it was so romantic and pretty. These gorgeous photos were taken by JRowe Photography, and I just can't wait for you to see 'em!


Jana and Robert were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on November 10, 2012. Jana's color scheme was ivory and black, and her wedding style was timeless, classic and elegant with some rustic touches. 

One of the most special and beautiful details of their day was the gorgeous backdrop that is fall at The Barn. "We were married in the fall, so the colors of the leaves changing against those colors was simply beautiful," Jana said. It truly was the most beautiful fall day! There really is nothing like fall out at The Barn. 

Back to that dress I mentioned... Um, could this dress be ANY more beautiful, y'all?! I don't think so either. Jana purchased her dress from Low's Bridal in Brinkley, and she did a dang good job. We haven't stopped thinking or talking about this dress. Amazing! Here are a few of Jana's bridal portraits, which were taken at The Barn. 

Stunning, right? That dress is perfection!

Jana's bouquet of white roses, peonies and hydrangeas, with lots of beautiful, cascading greenery, was simply stunning. "They had the most beautiful peonies I think I’ve ever seen in my life. They also had some greenery that hung from the bouquet that gave the feeling of real elegance and class. My bouquet was perfect….simply perfect," Jana said. And girl, we would have to agree. There's just nothing prettier than a simple white bouquet!

Before their ceremony, Jana and Robert had a sweet, romantic first look, and their portraits are just lovely! I can't get enough of those gorgeous November colors. Fall in Arkansas is the best, y'all. 

I will remember how relaxed, calm, and happy I was. I had NO WORRIES about what was about to take place. The Barn had everything under control, so I got to sit back and just enjoy the most important day of my life. That, in itself, is priceless.
— Jana

Jana and Robert's ceremony decor was also very classic and elegant, with a few rustic touches, like their burlap altar (with our pretty lit chandelier!), mason jars (with lit candles!) and lots of gorgeous wood (dressed up with pretty, pretty flowers!). Their ceremony floral arrangements matched Jana and her bridesmaids' bouquets: simple, classic and white, with lots of greenery. It was the perfect compliment to the rich fall colors! When your backdrop is this beautiful, you sure don't need anything fussy. Less is more

See what I mean about fall at The Barn?! Ya don't even need decorations with that much pretty.

This is  my favorite ceremony photo from The Barn, for sure. It's just breathtaking! Plus, this couple is seriously precious. <3

I have no regrets, nothing I would change, nothing I would do different, and nothing I feel like I missed out on. You simply excel at what you all do and I will forever love the Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch.
— Jana

After their super sweet ceremony, Jana, Robert and their loved ones moved on over to The Barn for an equally stunning reception. Jana said her favorite wedding details were the ones at the reception. "The tables were decorated perfectly with wood, candles, flowers, Jones soda bottles, and adorable mason jars with ivory and black straws," Jana said. 

This reception was one of our most simple, but also one of the most beautiful. It was intimate, romantic and cozy, and perfect for fall!

Jana and Robert had one of the prettiest wedding cakes, too, made by the always incredible theCakePlace. It was simple, yet fabulous, in the prettiest shade of gold.

One of the sweetest details of Jana and Robert's wedding day was this little display. Those are their mothers' wedding dresses! How sweet and special is that? We love details like this!

Jana and Robert also had some really adorable personalized Jones soda ('cause that's their last name! so cute!), and as well all know, those are always a hit. "Well my new last name was going to be Jones, so Lesleigh suggested sending in some of our engagement pics to Jones Soda company and having them send us custom Jones Soda bottles with our pictures on them," Jana said. "By far one of the coolest things ever." 

At the end of the night, guests got to take home some super cute water bottles, personalized with Jana and Robert's names, as well as their wedding date. You already know how much we love practical, creative, not-cheesy wedding favors, so we're all about these. 

As their reception came to an end, Jana experienced another one of her favorite moments from the day. "I loved the horse-drawn carriage and the sparklers when we left… really gives you the feeling you’re in a dream. And I was," Jana said. That's the best part of being a member of The Barn Team, folks. Making brides' dreams come true. If your dream is to be taken away from your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage, that's what you'll get. Magical!

Jana and Robert went on a relaxing honeymoon to the Bahamas! "It was a perfect 7 days. Beautiful weather, excellent food, and my best friend," Jana said. Sounds like absolute perfection to me!

When I asked Jana if her wedding day was everything she wanted it to be, she had some really sweet words to say!

"No, it was more. I can’t begin to explain how enjoyable my experience was with the barn. It was a ton of fun & stress free….everything wedding planning should be. Lesleigh and the team at the Barn were always very professional and so helpful…any changes I wanted they would make happen. Absolutely amazing experience and would do it again in a heartbeat." - Jana

Jana and Robert, we're REALLY ecstatic, honored and pleased as punch that you chose us as your wedding venue! We hope you have a life full of love, happiness, laughter, adventure and all things magical. xoxoxoxo

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