Tang + DJ's Red, White & Blue Summer Wedding

As I'm sure you've noticed, a lot of the weddings at The Barn have a pink color scheme. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a pink wedding (my own wedding was pink + gold!). But it is always really exciting when a bride wants a wedding with a unique color palette. Today's wedding had a patriotic red, white and blue color palette, and it was so lovely! These photos by Shingleur Photography are gonna melt your little hearts.


Tang and DJ tied the knot at The Barn just this past summer, on July 12. Their wedding was full of beautiful burlap and lace, and as I mentioned, they had a really fun color scheme! Their colors were deep red, navy and ivory, but patriotism isn't exactly what they were going for. I'll let Tang tell you how their color scheme came about: 

Our colors are such a silly story. DJ never wore many colors except for his gray sweatpants and green and gold shirts because he played safety for Arkansas Tech. So, one day, I dressed him in red (which was a color he does not wear) and he just kept staring at himself in the mirror. We both thought he looked good in dark red. Then the ivory came from my wanting my dress to be ivory. I just think that ivory looks so good on my tanner skin. Then navy blue came from what little color would look good with the deep red and ivory!—Then what do you know, our wedding day changed from May 11 to July 12, just in time for Independence day. Then it kind of worked out being patriotic! - Tang

I love when a color scheme actually has a sentimental meaning! 

Let's talk about Tang's beautiful dress, which came from Rendezvous Formal Wear in Russellville. I love this dress. It's so unique, and the detailing is beautiful. You can see more of Tang's amazing bridal portraits here

I'm a sucker for a good wedding shoe picture, and I LOVE this one. Every bride needs a photo like this!

Tang's bridesmaids' dresses, which were purchased on Ebay, were also stunning! Red bridesmaids dresses are always a good choice. Check out how good these groomsmen look, too!

Tang and DJ's chose baby's breath and daisies as their flowers. Tang said she wanted something a little non-traditional; she actually wanted calla lilies, but DJ wanted daisies, so she went with those. "I think that was all he really had to do with the wedding decisions," she said. And ladies, when your man vocalizes his opinion about anything wedding-related, it's usually a good idea to go with it. ;)

The ceremony decor was very simple and a little bit rustic. There were buckets of baby's breath lining the aisles, as well as a killer petal aisle. They had a simple lace altar, which is always oh-so-pretty. Tang said their fans, which were their wedding programs, included "little Bible verses from us for our guests to remind our loved ones how to stay in love." Adorable!

Tang and DJ's wedding ceremony was sweet, lovely and perfect. They had a really fun, unique detail during their wedding... A unity paint ceremony! I love this idea. I bet this is super cute hanging up in your home, Tang and DJ!

Shingleur Photography . That's a happy groom, y'all! So sweet.

Shingleur Photography. That's a happy groom, y'all! So sweet.

After the kiss, Tang, DJ and their wedding party had a whole bunch of STUNNING, super romantic photos taken. This first one is so, so beautiful!

I will always remember how easy the BATOR team made our wedding feel! I was able to enjoy every moment and was reminded to just enjoy my wedding, not to worry about anything!
— Tang

Ha! This detail is just awesome.

Tang and DJ's reception decorations were just as beautiful as their ceremony ones! Their tables were full of red wine bottles, white and blue flowers, as well as lots of burlap and lace (one of the very best combinations!). Their cake, by theCakePlace, was pretty stinkin' amazing, and really creative. I'm guessing this groom loves Batman! ;) For dinner, Tang and DJ's guests ate barbecue from Fat Daddy's, as well as a bunch of delicious food from Umami. Tang called it "the perfect mix of food for both of our families."

Instead of a groom's cake, DJ had a Coke and root beer float bar! This is such a fun idea! Their guests got to keep their cute Hello Kitty and Batman cups.

Y'all, check out this reception entrance. Tang and DJ, y'all are super cool. More brides and grooms should do this! Seriously. 

This sweet couple had a whole bunch of other cute details, like these Mr. & Mrs. chair signs, and this precious "ring for a kiss" cowbell!

Judging by these pictures, this reception was a fun one. Tang and DJ, it sure looks like y'all know how to have a good time!

At the end of the night, Tang and DJ made their grand exit through a bunch of pretty sparklers, and as we all know, that's always a winner!

Looking back on their whole experience with The Barn, Tang had some really sweet things to say. She said her favorite detail about The Barn was her personal concierge on her wedding day. "It felt so nice to be waited on and serviced!" she said. Another thing she loved about her wedding day was "how easy it was to get married by not lifting a finger, but still having everything I wanted!" THAT is how your wedding day should be, future brides!!!

Tang and DJ, thank you SO MUCH for allowing us to be a part of your big day! We loved every second of it, and we wish y'all the very best! xoxoxoxo

Don't y'all love this wedding?! I think it's seriously precious! The Barn always does the best details, and the ones at this wedding are so sweet. Love it!