6 Must-Have Apps for Your Wedding

"There's an app for that."
We've all heard that a thousand times, in every Apple commercial, right?! Turns out, there is really an app for everything. Including about a gazillion apps to make your wedding even more spectacular. There are apps for consolidating your guests' photos from your wedding, being your own DJ and just about every aspect of wedding planning. We're officially living in the future, y'all. Here are 10 apps to download before your wedding!

Loverly - Free
If you're a bride-to-be and you don't yet have a Loverly account, you simply must get one. It's like Pinterest, but only for all things wedding-related! You can search for every wedding detail imaginable by colors and styles. You can also use the website and app to shop for everything from bridal gowns to bridesmaids' dresses and literally every last tiny wedding detail. This app has the most wedding inspiration all in one place!

WedPics - Free
This photo sharing app is the best for consolidating your guests' photos from your wedding into one place. Your family and friends sign up using your wedding ID, and then they can upload the photos they took with their phone for you (and your other guests) to see. You can even print photos using this app!

Appy Couple - Free download, with a one time $35 fee to create your app/website
This is the wedding app to end all wedding apps. They don't call this "your wedding guest concierge" for nothing. With this app, you can design a gorgeous, personalized app + website, which you can then add all of your guests to. There are pages for everything from your love story to travel and hotel arrangements. One really cool feature: Your guests who use the app will only see the events they're invited to (i.e. if some are invited to the rehearsal dinner but others aren't, you can specify which guests you want to be able to see the rehearsal dinner page). 

Spotify - Free (for the version that has ads), or $9.99/month for Spotify Premium
Obviously Spotify isn't a wedding-specific app, but in my opinion, it's the very best music app for creating playlists for your reception. I chose not to have a DJ at my wedding, and I purchased Spotify Premium instead. For $9.99 per month, you can download practically any song ever recorded! And you can create an endless amount of playlists. For my wedding, I had separate playlists for our cocktail hour, dinner and a whole bunch of good ol' dancing songs for our reception. I would highly recommend Spotify Premium to anyone who can't afford a DJ! I still use it everyday!

Wedding Planner by The Knot - Free
There is a reason why so many brides use The Knot to plan their weddings. It's really good. Their Wedding Planner app is great for finding wedding inspiration, keeping up with your wedding checklist, staying on budget, saving and sharing photos and vendors, and managing your guests. This one is a must-have!

Evernote - Free
This note-taking, to-do-list-making app allows you and your spouse-to-be, as well as anyone else who is involved in the wedding planning process, to view the same to-do lists and notes, so you're all on the same track. It's a great way to keep up with  appointments with your vendors and any tasks you need to complete before the wedding.

If you're already married, did you use any wedding apps? I used the heck out of Pinterest and Spotify, but I really wish I would have thought to look into other wedding apps! 

Tomorrow I've got a really fun 2012 wedding to share with y'all! See ya then.