Cortney + Doug's Texas-Themed Wedding

Hey y’all! You’re in for a real treat today. This Throwback Thursday wedding from 2012 had a unique theme, a stunning bride and groom, and a clearly great party. Their reception at The Barn was so fun! Their photos are by Liz Chrisman Photography, and we just love ‘em.


Cortney and Doug were married on November 24, 2012. Their wedding colors were red, white and pewter. They chose a Texas theme! (If you know our boss Lesleigh, you know she LOVED this. ;) Cortney said they decided on this theme because there were some red-dirt songs they wanted to use in their wedding and reception.  “We both love rustic décor, including the Texas star and knew we wanted to incorporate that in as well,” Cortney said. “As the wedding planning evolved, I also invoked a ‘diamonds and pearls’ theme because I knew I wanted something classy, timeless and sophisticated!”

As you’ll see in these photos, Cortney and The Barn Team did an excellent job of incorporating her theme into every.single.last.detail. Amazing!

Cortney and Lesleigh knew each other before Cortney chose The Barn as her wedding venue, so Cortney knew she was in capable hands!

“The Barn team did such a wonderful job of taking all of my wants and wishes and making them materialize! I went to school with Lesleigh, so there was no doubt in my mind that she would collect a team that was competent and would work well together! Only a couple of weeks before my wedding, The Barn had some staffing changes, so Lesleigh was the actual one coordinating my reception which excited me!” - Cortney

I love these photos of Cortney and her girls getting ready! She said getting their hair and makeup done took longer than expected, so they were “a little rushed getting to the wedding, but arrived just in time to enter at the start time!” Of course The Barn Team had everything ready to go... That’s the beauty of getting married at The Barn. You can literally show up in a fancy dress and walk right down the aisle without having to worry about anything whatsoever. :)

Cortney’s lovely dress was from Low’s Bridal in Brinkley. Don’t you love it?!

The bridesmaids’ dresses were from Alfred Angelo in Arlington, Texas. You can never go wrong with red floor-length dresses! These are gorgeous. I love this classic groom and groomsmen look, too. This is one heck of a good lookin’ wedding party.

Cortney’s bouquet consisted of 18 red roses, each with a rhinestone in the center, and stephanotis, which had a pearl in the center. The stems were covered in white satin and rhinestones. The bridesmaids’ bouquets were white roses, each with a rhinestone in the center. They were wrapped in satin and covered with pearls. These are so glamorous and timeless!

Cortney and Doug were one of our few couples to have their ceremony somewhere else and then come back to The Barn for their reception. They were married in the pavilion on Mount Nebo, which is a gorgeous, rustic venue atop a mountain not too far from The Barn. Cindy and Victoria, our planners, worked on their wedding décor, and it was beautiful. 

“My wedding programs were made by my sister-in-law and included paragraphs I had written about each of my bridesmaids, letting the guests know how special and important each girl is in my life,” Cortney said. The photos on the fireplace mantel are of Cortney with her deceased grandparents. The glittery H was made by her maid-of-honor.

We love a bride in boots!

After a sweet, perfect wedding ceremony, Cortney and Doug had a few beautiful portraits taken on top of the mountain. Look at that view!

Then Cortney, Doug and their guests drove down the mountain and on over to The Barn for a real fun Texas shindig! Their tables were full of red linens, Texas stars, lanterns, red roses and sweet little notes for their guests. The Barn sure looks good in red!

“Rather than a grand exit, we did a grand entrance,” Cortney said. “I didn’t want to stage an exit at the beginning of my reception because I didn’t want to halt the party. So, in order to have all of my guests in the photo, we simply did an entrance!” LOVE this idea!

Cortney and Doug had personalized gobos on the outside of The Barn, as well as on the dance floor. (They’re the lights that say “Hoyt” and “Cortney and Doug.”) These are so cool!

They kept their Texas theme going throughout the reception, even with their drinks! “We knew we wanted to serve only Texas beer and wine, so we took a couple of trips down into the Texas Hill Country to collect favorite wines to serve at each table as well as at the bar,” Cortney said. I know, right?! This is the best thing ever! When your theme is carried out in every detail of your wedding and you have a fun backstory for your details… Well, that means you can pull off one heck of a wedding. Good job, y’all!

Even their favors were Texas-themed. (I know, right?!) They sent their guests home with the steak rub that their favorite Texas steakhouse uses!

For dessert, they had theCakePlace make their recipe for dessert pudding. Such a special detail! They also a fancy wedding cake, also made by theCakePlace.

A few of Cortney’s favorite moments from the reception: “One was the toast by my bridesmaid Jodi Kusturin. In it, she made the comment to be quick to forgive in my marriage. That advice has come in very handy at times. The other is my toast. I had NO plan to give a toast, but when the last toast was done, the mic was presented to me. On the fly, I thought to tell the story about how Doug and I met. I loved getting to share that story with all of our wedding guests and incorporating some humor in for some laughs! I will also always remember how cold it was for my guests, but I was sweating from all the dancing! O! And my brother—in-law was introduced to Moonshine that night! LOL!”  Sounds like a good time to me! ;)

You can tell just by the insane amount of dancing photos that Cortney, Doug and their loved ones know how to have a good time.

The wedding was amazing! Everything was perfect! The day turned out to be rather cool, which ended up keeping the dance floor busy later on at the reception so everyone could stay warm!
— Cortney

After their reception, Cortney and Doug headed up to Eureka Springs for a relaxing, laidback honeymoon. “We went to Beaver Creek in Eureka Springs and stayed 4 nights in a cabin on the lake,” Cortney said. “It was the PERFECT relaxing time after the stress of trying to plan a wedding from a whole state away! And the option to avoid stressful airport crowds and security and a flight was the BEST decision I made in regards to the wedding!”

Looking back on their experience with The Barn, Cortney had a bunch of sweet things to say about us! And she used a whole bunch of exclamation points, which is always a good sign! ;) Here’s what she said:

“Man! Where to start?!? The Barn team did amazing! To this very day, by family members STILL talk about how much fun the wedding was and ask if we can do it again soon! My husband even wishes we could do it every couple of years! :) The ideas Lesleigh had for the tables based upon my theme were right on! I missed my 2nd planning meeting because of poor time management, but Lesleigh was awesome about still coordinating with me to learn my wishes. I could not decide on a caterer, so Lesleigh actually coordinated 2 separate caterers for the wedding so we could have fish AND Bar-B-Q! One of the best feelings is that The Barn made me feel like mine was the only wedding they were planning and the only one that mattered!!! Great job of making this ordinary bride feel like a VIP!!! I left thinking: How did we just manage to have THE PERFECT WEDDING?!?!?!?!? Well, obviously, the answer is the hard work of The Barn team is how we managed to have the perfect wedding!” – Cortney

Isn’t she the sweetest?! Cortney and Doug, thank y’all so much for choosing us as your venue! We loved getting to play such a big part in your best day ever! Best wishes from all of us at The Barn! xoxoxoxoxo


Don’t y’all love this wedding? I do! Every little thing about it. See ya tomorrow, with a 10 Barn Weddings post. :)