Kaleena + Spencer's Romantic Blue & Green Wedding

Have you ever met a couple that you could tell were madly in love with each other from the very instant you met them? I'm talking head-over-heels in love, the folks that you know are meant to be together forever, because they clearly share something so unique and true and perfect... The kind of love that makes people want to throw up! Well, that's how I felt when I met today's couple! (Okay, so I haven't actually met them. I have only talked to this bride on Facebook. But still, just reading what this sweet girl has to say about her husband, it's obvious that these two have something powerful!)

If you don't believe me, read this post that our former blogger, Ashley, wrote about this couple. (If you click that link, grab a tissue, 'cause there's a pretty good chance that you're gonna ugly cry.) Y'all... These two. I don't even know what to say about them. They clearly know how blessed they are to be together, and it just melts my heart! Their photos were taken by J. Millwood Photography, and they're totally swoon-worthy!


Kaleena and Spencer were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on March 22, 2014. The inspiration for their wedding colors and theme is seriously the cutest thing ever. Their colors were blue and green, and their theme was "simply breathtaking," as Kaleena put it. 

"Our inspiration actually came from the venue itself and what it lends itself to. We loved the idea of something simply breathtaking. A nature-embracing venue, mixed with floral pieces that speak for themselves the organic beauty of love, and romantic elements. Our colors were various shades of blue and green. This stemmed from the color of our eyes. We have always competed on whose eyes were the most remarkable. (I still say his green eyes are the absolute best.) These are also our favorite colors." - Kaleena

Umm, don't you love this sweet girl already? These two are SO ROMANTIC, y'all. Check out this precious first look, which Kaleena said was "emotional, raw and full of sincerity." How stunning is her dress?! It was from Low's Bridal in Brinkley, and boy, is it pretty! Kaleena said they wanted to keep most of their wedding simple, but her dress "had its own spin. It was romantic, but it had an exceptionally detailed bodice. I had an elegant veil to go with it," Kaleena said. Lovelovelovelove. 

Kaleena and Spencer's wedding party looked pretty darn fabulous, too. The bridesmaids wore crinkle chiffon dresses from David's Bridal that were blue and green, and each had a different shape. The groomsmen wore tan suits with vests and ties in shades of blue and green. Spencer's Best Woman wore a lovely tan dress.

It was more than I could have dreamed! I would have liked the wedding to have lasted all day just so I could explore every detail that the ladies put into place. It was an incredibly love-filled day. The venue was exquisite, the people were full of joy, God was smiling down on us, and the man of my prayers married me. I call that a perfect wedding day!
— Kaleena

Kaleena had a unique Barn experience in that Milissia, our facilities manager, was her planner. Kaleena taught Milissia's son in school, and she knew Milissia was her girl! Together, the two of them planned some of the most romantic, beautiful, dreamy details. Let's talk about these lovely flowers!

Kaleena told Milissia that she wanted flowers that were "simply breathtaking.... Florals that evoke a beauty that only God's hands can design and don't announce themselves with showiness, but charm their way into your good graces. Your eyes cannot help but love them. Flowers that just leave you gently breathless." They decided on hydrangeas, curly willow and baby's breath.

"However, Spencer let me know right away, we must include lilies in my bouquet," Kaleena said. "My bouquet was the only floral piece including them. Spencer calls me his lily and he often gets me flower arrangements including them."

As if that's not already ridiculously cute, listen to this: Spencer actually helped arrange his bride's bouquet. I know, right?! You got yourself a good man, Kaleena! "He is a very thoughtful and romantic man," she said. "These sorts of gestures make Prince Charming take notes." Yep... men, y'all need to take notes from this guy!

And the cuteness just continues. Spencer's boutonniere had Bells of Ireland, and Kaleena's bouquet had them, too. It was the only flower that just the two of them carried/wore. "I thought it romantically symbolized what we alone shared on that day," she said. Soooo sweet. 

Their ceremony decor was super dreamy, and a little bit rustic. Their altar was draped in tulle with gorgeous flower arrangements. Kaleena said standing in front of it felt "surreal... like I might be dreaming." Their aisle was lined with logs and beautiful flowers. They had an antique mirror for their guestbook and a birdcage for cards. The unity candles were wrapped in burlap. "Love stood out more than anything on that day," Kaleena said. "Delicate blooms, fabric sweeping and rustling on the altar, and all that The Barn's natural terrain had to offer was the most stunning backdrop for the love that we shared on that day."

This ceremony was truly perfect and so, so sweet. Kaleena and Spencer serve in a youth ministry, and the pastors they serve under were their officiants. The ushers were part of the youth outreach, as well. They wrote their own vows. "I considered our vows the most personal thing we brought on that day," Kaleena said. "We shared the wedding and its moments with our close loved ones, but those promises are to one another. We had prayer, scripture and an atmosphere of worship. That truly reflected what we are about."

This is how a groom should look at his bride!!!

I just felt God’s pleasure over that wondrous day. I can tell you that there are so many special moments, and they all whirl by so quickly. I loved seeing that breathtaking altar with Spencer waiting for me at the end of that aisle.
— Kaleena

After the ceremony, these two lovebirds stole a few quiet moments to themselves. Look how attractive they are! My goodness.

Kaleena and Spencer and their guests then headed over to Fellowship of Christians Church for their reception. Kaleena said it was very important to them to have their church involved in the celebration. She and Spencer planned the reception themselves, and a friend of Spencer's mother made their cake.

Afterwards, they headed to a lakehouse in Bull Shoals for a romantic, peaceful honeymoon! "It was a very private, intimate setting," Kaleena said. "We basically got to hide out in the mountains in newlywed bliss. We love nature and peaceful getaways. That is what we got!"

Kaleena had some really sweet things to say about us when I asked her how we did. I'll let her tell you in her own words what she thought about The Barn experience! This is gonna give you goosebumps, guaranteed.

"My favorite part about getting married at The Barn was knowing it was all going to be taken care of and guaranteed to take my breath away. I felt right at home out there on that beautiful ranch. The ladies there go above and beyond to make every element gorgeous and to take care of every detail I had not even thought of. They always make a bride feel like she is a forever-friend, like a special part of a united group of women who believe in truly magical weddings. Weddings that are composed of just as many beautiful elements as the blissful love the ceremonies contain... I still get all warm and fuzzy looking at pictures, like, that was MY wedding? AUGH! How pretty! The ladies at The Barn are visionaries, and they have servants' hearts and hands. Any bride will feel like a princess being pampered. There was no stress. It was all bliss." - Kaleena

Kaleena and Spencer, it was an honor to get to be a part of your big day! Y'all are the sweetest, and we wish you so much love and happiness! And we know you're gonna have it, because it's obvious that what you two share is true and incredible and perfect and real. :)