Barn Staff Pictures, Site Updates + Boot Winner Pictures!

Last week, The Barn Staff had some totally sassfab headshots and group photos taken by the amazing Photos by Manda. And y'all, she made us look pretty darn good, if we do say so ourselves. This is our group photo, and I just love it!

And here are our headshots. I'm not gonna tell you Manda's secrets... But let's just say, she's sorta magical. ;)

By the way, I have been working on all those pages that you see listed at the top of this page, below our logo. You can see all of these photos on The Barn Crew page, and you can also read some fun facts about The Barn Staff! Each member has a quick bio, as well as a fun Q&A. Check it out! 

I've been working on our Barn Raves page, too. The brides (and photographers) I've talked to have had the sweetest things to say about us, so I compiled many of their kind comments in one section! If you want to read what our brides think about us, that's the place to find it. This page will be updated often, so keep checking back. 

I'm working on a complete overhaul of the Gallery page that I am super excited about. I'll be sure to let you know when it's finished, but for now, visit the Gallery to see some gorgeous photos from our past weddings. 

There have also been some small, but helpful changes made on the right side of this blog. Here's a little guide:

Our website, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, and our email address are all conveniently listed just under the link to our website. Click on 'em, and follow us! Below that is the link to our Bloglovin account. If you read blogs regularly, you MUST sign up for Bloglovin. And you must follow us. ;) And below that is a box in which you can enter your email address. If you sign up via email, each blog post will be emailed to you every morning, so you'll never miss one!

The blog's archives are also on our sidebar now, which means you won't have to scroll through pages and pages of posts to find the post you're looking for. Our posts are divided into categories, and now you can easily find every post within each category.

I hope all of these features make it easier for you to find us on our social media accounts, as well as navigate the blog!

Y'all remember that Barn Boot Giveaway we had a few weeks ago? Well the winner of the boots, Lyndsey Rich, came out to The Barn and our friends at Shingleur Photography got a few photos of her in her fancy new boots. See y'all, we really do giveaway a pair of boots!!! We're not like those Facebook pages that never give away the stuff they're supposed to be giving away!

Lyndsey picked the Tony Lamas, and boy, are they fabulous. I loveee this sweet picture of Lyndsey with her pup!

I'll be back tomorrow with part two of the invitation series I started last week! Have a great day!