Courtney + Chad's Colorful Country Summer Wedding

Today's Throwback Thursday wedding from 2012 is a cheery one! It's colorful and sweet, and it's gonna put a smile on your face. Plus, judging by these pictures, this couple knows how to have a great time.

This wedding had not one, but two fabulous photographers (BnBauman Photography and Cassandra Heiser Photography, who just so happens to be the bride's sister), so there are lots and lots of great photos that I'm really excited to share with y'all! 


Courtney and Chad were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on August 4, 2012. Their wedding was fun and colorful, with pretty shades of green and yellow. The vibe was country, Southern and a little bit rustic. Although their style was country, Courtney and Chad were actually one of our out-of-state couples! Courtney said getting married at The Barn was like "the Southern christening" before they moved to Arkansas and "the perfect way to start our new life together." Well, we're sure glad that y'all gave us the honor of kicking off this new chapter of your lives together in Arkansas!

Courtney called herself a Pinterest bride! "I found a lot of styles that I liked through the site and tried to narrow down exactly what would fit us the best," she said. "We both were in agreement, and tried to stay as grounded as possible, in that the day is about the experience more so than having every little detail we wanted. We wanted our style to reflect the fun that we planned (and succeeded) on having and therefore went with an array of bright colors." 

love a bride who acknowledges that their marriage is more important than their wedding! And I love a bride whose main priority is having a big ol' fun party with her loved ones. Courtney, you're a good woman!

Courtney's gorgeous dress was from David's Bridal, and boy, did she look stunning in it! I simply love these photos!

Courtney, you were such a lovely bride!

Courtney asked her bridesmaids to choose their own dresses, and her reasoning behind it is excellent. "All of my bridesmaids traveled from out of state to be in our wedding," she said. "Therefore, I wanted to keep their other expenses as minimal as possible. I asked them to all wear a short, green dress, that they either owned already or could find for a minimal cost. It ended up looking beautiful having everyone in different dresses and allowed them to show their own style!"

Is it just me, or does she seem like the sweetest bride ever? And these bridesmaids... well, they look fabulous and like a whole bunch of fun! You can't go wrong with mismatched bridesmaids. Especially in such fun colors!

Check out the handsome groomsmen's vests and ties in different shades of green. Pretty sure I've never seen that done before, and I think it's brilliant! 

Let's talk about these super creative, adorable bouquets for a sec. Courtney's brooch bouquet is amazing. Each of the brooches were given to her by friends and family, and her aunt turned them into this beauty. "It is something that I can keep and treasure forever," Courtney said. "And hopefully pass down if I have a daughter someday." 

The bridesmaids' bouquets consisted of wooden flowers and burlap, with a single charm to match Courtney's. "I loved not using real flowers because the bridesmaids were able to keep them as mementos," she said. 

For their ceremony seating, Courtney and Chad chose hay bales with colorful blankets and lace covering them. And let me tell ya, that sure is a great look for our ceremony area! The aisle was lined with yellow tulips in mason jars, and their burlap altar was simple, with yellow flowers and ribbon. The ceremony was relaxed, but so pretty!

Although I knew somewhat about the style I wanted, I needed some help planning all of the details. Having the staff at The Barn there to help plan every last detail was worth every penny! We would not have had nearly as nice a wedding had we tried to do it on our own.
— Courtney

Courtney and Chad's ring bearer had the coolest ring bearer vehicle ever. It's a fact. And I told y'all just the other day how much I loved their calendar guestbook

This photo of Courtney getting ready to walk down the aisle is so cute!

I'm not sure if there have ever been any cuter flower girls and ring bearers!

After a beautiful ceremony, Courtney and Chad and their family and friends went on over to The Barn for a real fun reception. Like the ceremony details, the reception details were full of color and yellow tulips. There were even yellow tulips hanging from the chandeliers! Their decor also included plaid and hay bales. Sweet country goodness. 

Speaking of hay bales, Courtney had a funny story about those! I'm sure Lesleigh will love it. ;)

I will always remember how one of my husband’s friends threw a hay bale into one of the fans outside and broke it! I could have killed him! Sorry Lesleigh!!!
— Courtney

These chair signs, y'all. Don't you forget it, Chad!

Remember at the beginning of this post when I told you that Courtney and Chad looked like a really fun couple? Well, here is proof. This reception looks like it was A LOT of fun. There are a whole bunch of dancing photos from this wedding, and that is always a good sign!

Told ya.

I love this sweet sister photo!

As wedding favors, Courtney and Chad gave out customized koozies. "We had a lot of beer at our wedding ;) Of course we had to have koozies that went with them!" Courtney said.

After their reception, Courtney and Chad left for a fun Jamaican honeymoon! They stayed at a Sandals resort, and Courtney said they spend the whole week relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Perfection!

Looking back on their experience with The Barn, only remembered one negative thing about their wedding day: the August heat. "We had several friends and family members leave early because they were too hot. The only thing I would have changed would be getting married at a different time of year!" she said. Since then, we have added more than 12 perimeter fans. So future July and August brides, you don't have to worry about that!

I loved having a team to help me plan and make sure everything went smoothly. They were wonderful and gave me the wedding I dreamed of!
— Courtney

Courtney and Chad, thank you SO MUCH for allowing us to be such a big part of your wedding day! We hope your life together is full of love, joy, happiness and all good things! xoxoxoxo

Y'all can see more of this wedding on our Facebook page, here and here. See y'all tomorrow with another 10 Barn Weddings post!