2015 Wedding Trends

First things first: we announced some really exciting news on our Facebook page today! All I'm saying is next week is gonna be SUPER good for us. Y'all won't want to miss it! 

Since we're already a few days into December (how did that happen?!), now's the perfect time to talk about wedding trends for 2015! The floral and color trends for next year are reallllllly, really pretty. They're whimsical, romantic and so very lovely. Here's what you're gonna see a whole lot of next year! 

Floral Trends

2015 will be the year of organic, rustic bouquets that are a little undone and messy, and definitely not round! Pale flowers (with bright and rich accents), an abundance of greenery and a lot of texture will also be huge. These arrangements will look like they've just been picked from the garden and thrown together effortlessly. Gorgeous! 

Color Trends

The most popular colors for 2015 weddings? Pastels, vibrant shades of pink and turquoise, dusty blues, and ocean colors, accented with neutrals and darker colors, like leaf green and caramel. 

Don't y'all love this stuff?! I can't wait to see how our 2015 brides work these trends into their weddings! Y'all have a great day!