Just Engaged?! Here's What To Do Next!

I re-post this little blog post EVERY year right after Christmas, because we know a whole bunch of you are newly engaged and you're unsure of what to do to kick off your wedding planning season! If you're one of those lucky ladies who got a ring over the weekend, this post is for you! :)


Hey y'all! I hope you had a merry Christmas, full of love and all things good!

If you got engaged this week (and I know a bunch of you did, because I've seen it ALL over Facebook and Instagram), CONGRATULATIONS!!! Even if you were expecting a ring and didn't get one, don't give up hope! New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day and plenty of romantic snowy days are just around the corner. ;)

You just got a fancy, beautiful, shiny ring put on your finger. Now what? Call your family and friends, change your Facebook relationship status and post a fabulous selfie with your bling. Then come back here and follow these next few steps! 

1. Book your venue!!! You simply MUST do that before you start thinking about any other details. If you're considering getting married at The Barn, get ahold of us NOW. 2017 is already pretty filled up for us. We don't want you to be sad if the date you want books up, so don't hesitate! Facebook message us or go to the contact page and send me a message RIGHT THIS SECOND. I mean it. You can also email us at barnattwinoaksranch {at} yahoo {dot} com! 

2. Book your photographer. Having gorgeous photos from your wedding is so important, and great photographers book up fast! As soon as you find your perfect venue, give that photographer whose pictures you've been stalking for years a call. Hopefully they will have your desired wedding date open, but if not, get ahold of us and we'll send you a list of our favorite photographers! 

3. Get a manicure. You're going to have lots of people wanting to see the ring, and you don't want them distracted by chipped polish or dirty fingernails! Put some of your Christmas money toward a fancy manicure. It's a necessity.

4. Insure your ring. You won't regret it. You can sometimes even add it onto your car insurance for just a few bucks a month. Easy! 

5. Buy a few bridal magazines. Go crazy pinning wedding inspiration on Pinterest. Get excited for what's going to be a really fun, busy chapter of your life! 

Newly engaged ladies (and gentlemen), we are SO EXCITED for you! We hope plenty of you will book your big day with our experienced, insanely talented team. We would love to help you plan the wedding of your dreams!