Preferred Photographer: Shingleur Photography

Happy 2015, y'all! It's no secret that at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch, we work with some of the very best vendors in the state. I've already told you about two of our most delicious vendors, theCakePlace and Blue Willow Catering, and today I want to share with you one of our favorite photographers. Lance and Kathryn Shingleur from Shingleur Photography have been friends of ours since way back in The Barn's early days. They've taken like a gazillion photos out here, at many of our weddings, our Winter Fantasy styled shoot from last year and several engagement and family sessions. Lesleigh, the owner and creative director at The Barn, trusted Lance and Kathryn to take her family's photos this year, so you know they're good! 

From  Lesleigh and her family 's AMAZING portrait session!

From Lesleigh and her family's AMAZING portrait session!

Lance said taking photos began as a hobby for him. "Kathryn would be my model on any given afternoon, and we would head out on random gallivants and take pictures," he said. It wasn't until after Lance and Kathryn took Lance's cousin's engagement and wedding pictures that they considered doing photography professionally. 

"We said yes with a 'you get what you get' disclaimer, and they were still on board!" Lance said. "So, we did it! We edited the images with Photoshop, put the images on Facebook and began getting messages and emails from people inquiring about our services!"

From  Misti + Robert 's precious engagement session. 

From Misti + Robert's precious engagement session. 

Lance then took "a leap of faith and started booking clients, charging them and producing quality work." They have worked in photography for three years now, and Lance said he just started considering himself a full-time photographer within the last seven months. Their first wedding was in 2012, and they have shot more than 50 weddings since then. Their goal for 2015 is to shoot at least 30 weddings! 

From   Gail + Brian  's bohemian wedding.

From Gail + Brian's bohemian wedding.

I asked Lance to define his photography style, and he described it as natural light photography. "We have the equipment to shoot in any location (including indoors), but you just have to love some gorgeous Arkansas scenery!" Lance said. "There's nothing better than a soft, buttery image to take your breath away! We can do anything with a sunny day, and we love shooting when it's overcast as well. Our specific style tends to want to capture what's naturally there. We take total control of our shoots, including posing, to make everyone feel comfortable and to ensure we are getting what we see in our mind's eye! We are always on top of the new styles and love to challenge ourselves with new technology and new trends with weddings." 

From   Brittany + Jacob  's gorgeous wedding.

From Brittany + Jacob's gorgeous wedding.

One thing I love about Shingleur Photography is that they always take many detail photos! Of course you want gorgeous portraits and candid shots from your wedding day, but having great detail shots is SO important, too! Here are just a few of my favorite detail shots taken by Lance and Kathryn:

From  Gail + Brian 's bohemian wedding.

From Gail + Brian's bohemian wedding.

From   Brittany + Jacob  's gorgeous wedding.

From Brittany + Jacob's gorgeous wedding.

We have grown to love what we do, and take much pride in producing quality images that our clients will cherish forever! It’s our main focus to capture “Life as a Photograph!”
— Lance
From  Brittany + Jacob 's gorgeous wedding.

From Brittany + Jacob's gorgeous wedding.

Shingleur Photography offers several packages for wedding photography, including engagement photography, a bridal portrait session, and wedding day photography (or any combination of the three). Their largest package includes more hours of photography on your wedding day, as well as additional add-ons. "However, we are extremely flexible and love to please any kind of bride!" Lance said. For pricing and additional information, you can email Lance and Kathryn at 

From  Tang + DJ 's sweet red, white and blue wedding, which I wrote about  here . 

From Tang + DJ's sweet red, white and blue wedding, which I wrote about here

To Lance and Kathryn, hiring a professional photographer for your wedding day is a necessity.

"Getting a professional photographer, in our opinion, is just as important as getting a cake for the reception, actually more important. Your cake will be gone in a few minutes, your decorations will be put away, your flowers will fade, your dress (sometimes) won't fit anymore, but your wedding photos will always be there. Sure, you can ask Aunt Paula or Uncle Roy to take your wedding photos, but their point-and-shoot or even their DSLR camera cannot capture what a professional can. A professional has an eye for making you look your best. They also have an eye for making your venue (ANY venue) look the best. What do you want your grandkids seeing some day? Something that is the best, or something that you settled for?" - Lance Shingleur

Lance also added that a quick turn-around time is highly important. He likes to have wedding photos finished within two weeks, and he said he hardly ever exceeds that limit "because we know just how excited our brides are to see their images... and we are just as excited to get their wedding day footage into their hands! Let's see Aunt Paula and Uncle Roy do that good!"

From   Misti + Robert  's precious engagement session.

From Misti + Robert's precious engagement session.

Lance's advice to brides who are searching for a photographer is to "choose someone with experience. Choose someone who is going to show up on your wedding day who is happy to be there instead of dreading it. Choose someone who presents themselves professionally vs. someone who might show up at your wedding in a t-shirt and sweats or jeans."

"There are many photographers who do weddings just for the money, and that's not what you want," Lance said. "We like to walk away from weddings having made new lifetime friends and confident that we have done our job efficiently, professionally and courteously." 

From  Lyndsey + Brad 's sweet family photos. (P.S. They  got married  at The Barn last year!)

From Lyndsey + Brad's sweet family photos. (P.S. They got married at The Barn last year!)

Finally, I asked Lance to give us some feedback about The Barn, and he had some really sweet, heartwarming things to say about us!: 

"Oh, where to start! The Barn is uniquely fresh and always, ALWAYS classy! We never worry about shooting weddings at The Barn because we know they settle for nothing less than perfection! We LOVE not having to show up and be the wedding planner! Sometimes it's nice to just take the role of the photographer only! The Barn Staff is exceptionally nice and take just as good of care of us as they do their bride and groom. We also love the endless background potential for any kind of shoot. We have loved shooting engagements, bridals, families, mini sessions and of course many weddings there! It’s totally #sassfab!" - Lance Shingleur

From  Stacy + Jason 's lovely wedding.

From Stacy + Jason's lovely wedding.

Aren't these two great?! Not only are they fantastic at what they do, but they're genuinely sweet and fun to work with! If you're engaged and on the hunt for the perfect photographer, definitely hit these two up. You'll be happy you did!

Have a great weekend!