Cara + Brock's Classic Blue & Green Wedding

You have probably noticed by now that I talk about rainy wedding days a lot on this blog. Arkansas weather is pretty crazy sometimes! Many of our brides have told me that on the morning of their wedding, it was pouring. They'd get so nervous, and then something magical would happen and the sun would come out moments before their wedding ceremony! However, that isn't always the case. Sometimes it rains and sleets on your wedding day, even though it was 70 degrees the weekend before. Ugh, Arkansas. But even when it does pour or sleet throughout your ceremony, we bring the magic inside The Barn (unless getting married outside in the rain is your kind of thing, and then we're okay with that!). And honestly, weddings inside The Barn are sometimes my favorites! This is one of those magical inside-The-Barn weddings. :) These photos are from Tryston Hines Photography, and they're gorgeous! 


Cara and Brock were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on March 23, 2013. While many of our brides are super into planning their weddings, Cara is simply not that kind of girl! She said she and Brock chose The Barn because she was "not into wedding planning." I love her honesty! 

"I wanted a destination wedding, so I could just show up and get married," Cara said. "My husband's family doesn't travel much, so luckily we found a place that was local, yet didn't require me to do anything but show up. Literally, I pinned some stuff on Pinterest, showed up and said 'yes, no, yes' to their plans, and off they went. This wedding was truly their masterpiece."

That's the great thing about The Barn, y'all. You can totally not care about wedding planning, and your wedding is still going to turn out amazing. The weddings for which our team is given total creative freedom always turn out incredible! 

Cara and Brock chose blue, green and white as their wedding colors. "I wanted something different, that I hadn't seen a million times," Cara said. Lesleigh told Cara about some blue paisley tablecloths she had used several years ago at a party, and those became the inspiration for the overall look of their wedding. The style of their wedding was classic and timeless and so very pretty!

Cara's lovely bridal gown came from David's Bridal. She wanted something simple and not "overly fancy," as she put it, and personally, I think it's stunning! I truly love a simple-but-gorgeous gown as much as I love an over-the-top one. And those shoes! Perfection. Here are some beautiful shots from her bridal session.

Cara, you are stunning!

Cara and Brock's first look was so sweet. I love the look of anticipation on their faces right before they see each other!

The bridesmaids' dresses were also from David's Bridal. The name of this color is Horizon, and it could not be any more perfect with Cara and Brock's decor! This photo of Cara and her bridesmaids sipping champagne in the bridal suite in their matching monogrammed button-ups is so cute!

The guys look incredible too! I love a man in a gray suit. Whew! 

This is one good lookin' wedding party!

Let's talk about these simply gorgeous bouquets. Cara admitted that she's not into flowers either... I love an honest bride! ;) "I knew I didn't want roses," she said. "We did mostly hydrangeas, with peonies and baby's breath." Her bouquet was all white, and the bridesmaids carried blue, green and white flowers. "Talk about perfect!!!" Cara said. I couldn't agree more!

Although their wedding was eventually moved indoors, Cara said the lace altar outside was her favorite detail from the day. It sure is gorgeous draped in lace, with these pretty flowers!

As beautiful as their outside ceremony set-up was, it was just as lovely when our team moved it into The Barn! The antique white doors, logs and wood discs, blue and green floral arrangements and plenty of candlelight made this ceremony so romantic. "When the ceremony was moved inside, it was very intimate," Cara said. "I wanted the white doors at the aisle. They got moved inside to provide a closed space that made the ceremony much smaller." 

This moment between Cara and her dad, right before he walks her down the aisle... precious!

Cara and Brock's ceremony was short and sweet! "I didn't want the candle or the sand or any of that other business," Cara said. "It was a short, quick expression of our love."

Even though the weather stressed me out, that was it. The night before, the girls and I all spent the night in the same place and drank wine. That’s it. There was no decorating, standing on ladders, hanging things from the ceiling, etc. It was so relaxing. When we arrived, the staff was so welcoming and excited. It was also just a fun day! The band was terrific. I really wanted a fun party, which we totally accomplished.
— Cara

After their sweet ceremony, Cara and Brock and their guests moved to the other side of The Barn for a gorgeous, fun reception! I say this about every color scheme and theme we decorate The Barn in... but, seriously, The Barn looks incredible in blue and green! Their reception tables were dressed in solid blue and blue paisley tablecloths, with beautiful hydrangea centerpieces and romantic candlelight. 

The attention to detail was amazing. I could not believe all the little touches they had everywhere. There were these big confetti pieces that had our names on them. It was cute!
— Cara

Cara and Brock also had pretty much the best favors ever - homemade wine! . "We did Peach Chardonnay and Blackblerry Merlot," Cara said. "It was so yummy (not that we sampled it during the bottling or anything)." Cara had the cutest wine bottle labels printed from Vistaprint, and they were the perfect touch!

Cara and Brock's cake, made by our preferred vendor theCakePlace, was beautiful! 

There are literally about a thousand pictures of Cara and Brock's guests dancing at their reception. Look at how much fun these folks are having! Even the rain and sleet couldn't slow this group down. ;) 

Cara and Brock's sparkler getaway is so fun! These two lovebirds went home to relax for a day before leaving on their honeymoon,  which is a great piece of advice for future brides! "We went home Saturday night and crashed," Cara said. "On Sunday, it was nice to sleep in, do laundry, pack and not leave so much chaos behind. Instead of wory about if I had everything packed before the wedding, I just had to worry about packing Sunday!" Such a good idea!


Just because the bride and groom leave, it does not mean the party has to end... Clearly. ;)

Cara and Brock honeymooned in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and relaxed in 80 degree weather ("a vast improvement over the Arkansas weather," Cara said) at an all-inclusive resort. Perfect!

Throughout the questionnaire I sent to Cara, she bragged on our team over and over again. This girl is the sweetest... she really knows how to melt our hearts! Here's a little bit of what she had to say about us:

"In case it isn’t obvious, I LOVED everything about this place.  From the list of preferred vendors, to the stress free planning, it was perfect.  When it was over, we grabbed our stuff and left!  It was great not to worry about sticking our families and friends with cleanup duties.  The staff is amazing; the stress free wedding planning was even better.  I think I stressed more about invitations than anything, mostly because I didn’t have anything else to do.  I was not a super involved bride, which is what I loved.  I tell anyone who is thinking about getting married what a great deal The Barn is!  I cannot imagine planning a wedding myself.  Several of my mom’s friends asked her where her wedding binder was.  She was like 'what binder?  Do I need one?'  I even bought a wedding planner book thing.  I opened it like twice!  I didn’t need it because they did everything!!!!" - Cara

Brides like Cara truly make our job wonderful, and feedback like this makes us love what we do even more. :)

Cara and Brock, y'all are the sweetest! Thank you so much for choosing us as your wedding venue - it was an honor! We wish you nothing but the very best life has to offer. xoxoxoxo

I don't know about y'all, but this wedding melted my heart. I love it! So much. <3