Molly + Chris's Vintage Chic Wedding

When you get married at The Barn, you become a part of our big ol' family! Today's bride was a member of our family even before her wedding. She was a bartender at The Barn, so if you're a former Barn Bride, you may remember her from your own wedding! We love this couple and their gorgeous, unique wedding. This wedding was truly vintage: there was baby's breath and pearls and bowties and the bride even wore pin curls! Their photos were taken by Amber Lane Photography, and they're seriously lovely and oh-so-romantic.


Molly and Chris were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on September 7, 2013... a particularly hot early fall day! "I think I will always remember that detail!" Molly said. "100 degrees in September was not expected, but our wedding party were troopers!"

Their wedding theme was one of our most unique! This bride used all baby's breath instead of a mixture of flowers, and it was STUNNING. It was simple and understated, but so very pretty and romantic. Many brides want vintage details in their wedding decor, but this couple chose a full-on vintage theme, and it couldn't have been more gorgeous!

"We had a vintage chic wedding theme," Molly said. "We had mostly ivory, white, burlap and touches of yellow and gray. I knew from day one I wanted a vintage feeling wedding. One of my favorite inspirations was my brooch bouquet of all my grandmother's jewelry. I didn't want anything to be over the top, just touches of classy vintage."

Every detail of this precious couple's wedding day was vintage-inspired and classy, especially this drop-dead-gorgeous lace and beaded bridal gown. Molly's gown came from Danielle's Bridal in Clarksville, and holy smokes! It's stunning. Here are a few of her lovely bridal photos. 

Girlfriend, you are BEAUTIFUL. And seriously classy!


The bridesmaids' dresses also came from Danielle's Bridal, and they are just as pretty as you'd expect from a bride with impeccable taste! Chris and his groomsmen looked sharp in gray suits and yellow bowties. Gray is always my favorite on men... these guys look pretty darn fantastic! 

Molly's bouquet consisted of five pounds of brooches! It is GORGEOUS. She said most of it was her grandmother's, and she added some pieces of her own. It was wrapped with lace from the sleeve of her mother's wedding dress. "This was so special for me, because it will be something that I will have for the rest of my life," Molly said. The bridesmaids carried baby's breath bouquets that were wrapped with lace. 

Molly and Chris's ceremony decor was simple, vintage-inspired and so pretty. Their altar was draped with tulle and tied with burlap and lace. The aisle was lined with Mason jars filled with baby's breath. Their guestbook was a gorgeous bench for their loved ones to sign!

Ladies, this is how your man should look at you as you're walking down the aisle!

Those pin curls though. Sooo pretty!

The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch was by far the biggest blessing to my wedding! Without the amazing owner, Lesleigh, and her amazing crew my wedding wouldn’t have been near as memorable. This team is literally making couples dreams come true.
— Molly

This is literally the dreamiest wedding kiss photo ever.

I always love how happy and blissful the bride and groom look when they're walking back down the aisle. There's nothing as precious as those few private moments you get to share with your new spouse right after your ceremony!

I adore these romantic shots of Molly and Chris taken after their ceremony. These two are clearly head-over-heels for each other! Swoon!

My favorite part about getting married at The Barn is the timeless classiness of The Barn that was just so beautiful. I truly feel like our wedding is magazine worthy, it’s so beautiful!
— Molly

These photos... I can't even. The lighting. The landscape. This gorgeous couple. SO ROMANTIC. I am seriously having a moment.


Molly's favorite details of the day were her reception tables. They were covered with white linens, burlap table runners, white painted wine bottles and white vases with "poofs of baby's breath," as she said, and pearls streaming them together. "It was something out of a magazine!" Molly said. I would have to agree! 

I truly feel like we hit vintage chic on the head. Or at least my vision of it. I feel like my baby’s breath only, white wine bottles and homemade thank you gifts were truly mine. I also loved the men’s bow ties, my pin curled hair and brooch bouquet made us unique.
— Molly

The top right photo in the collage above shows Molly and Chris's unique, sentimental wedding favors. "My grandmother owns a ceramic shop in Higden, Arkansas," Molly said. "Together we cut out hearts from clay that had been pressed in lace. I then carved our initials and the wedding date into the reversed side. There was a hole at the top where I could hang them by raffia."

This photo collage really captures the magic that is a wedding at The Barn! It is just as dreamy and magical in real life as it in in these photos! 

Molly and Chris's wedding cake was made by Molly's mother. It was a simple white cake wrapped with burlap and ribbon. Chris's Texas Rangers groom's cake and cupcakes were made by theCakePlace, and they were perfect! If you know our boss Lesleigh, you know she loved this cake. ;)

Molly said one of her favorite memories of the day, aside from the ceremony and "all the love we felt from the people who came to our wedding," was getting to dance with her loved ones at her reception. This wedding has the absolute most romantic photos, so of course these first-dance photos are melting my heart!

These folks know how to have a good time, as evidenced by these next few photos!

And yep, that is Lesleigh's son Kolton tearing up the dance floor! ;)

Even this couple's send-off was unique! Many of our couples leave The Barn with a sparkler send-off (which I mention all the time how much I LOVE), but Molly and Chris had the cutest yellow "wish wands" their their guests waved as they left! 

Molly and Chris left the next week for New Orleans. They went on a Carnival cruise to Cozumel. "It was short and sweet and a wonderful vacation that we repeat every September!" Molly said. Umm, I LOVE this idea. I want to repeat my honeymoon every year!

I always ask our brides to let us know how we did when I send them our Barn Bride Questionnaire. They usually make me blush and sometimes they even make me teary-eyed. This is what sweet Molly had to say about us! 

"The decor, details and landscape were like a dream. I am very detail-oriented, and The Barn displayed everything that was special to me. I could have stared for hours at the inside of The Barn. I loved that everything was taken care of for me, and Cindy [their wedding planner] was there holding my hand the entire time! After all the rituals were finished, our reception was one big party! I have amazing memories of everyone dancing together to some of my favorite songs and just relaxing enjoying our special day. I loved that everything, including tear-down, was taken care of for me and my family. We couldn't have had better service." - Molly

Molly and Chris, it was an honor to be a part of your big day! Thank y'all so much for choosing us as your venue! We wish y'all a lifetime full of love, laughter, happiness and all things good. xoxoxoxo

I hope y'all l-oooo-v-eeee this wedding as much as I do. I know I say all of our weddings are my favorites, but this one really made my heart happy!