It's All In The Details!

At The Barn, we firmly believe that the details totally make your wedding day! Even the tiniest things, like cute straws and personalized confetti, add such personality to your wedding decor. Big or small, your details are what make your wedding day your own! The more unique they are, the more you and your guests will remember them. Our team tries not to let any detail go unnoticed; our job is to think of even the tiniest of details that our couples wouldn't come up with on their own. We go ALL OUT when it comes to details, y'all! 

Here are some lovely, unique details from weddings at The Barn!

Ani + Nathan's wedding was full of stunning details! Some of the most beautiful details from this wedding were the 1,000 paper cranes hung over the lawn. I'm in LOVE with this! (The ribbons tied on the backs of these chairs are super cute, too!) 

Our stunning bouquets and floral arrangements are often my favorite details from a wedding, and these flowers from Megan + Jonathan's wedding are so pretty! The arrangements on their altar and the unity candle arrangement were gorgeous, and our chandelier is always one of my favorite details, too! 

EmeryAnn + Andrew's wedding had no shortage of boho-chic, Anthropologie-inspired details! There were doilies everywhere at this wedding... our team even fancied up our log benches and the guestbook table with doilies! 

Ashley + Derrick's wedding had so many beautiful details, and their cake table was one of my favorites. Not only are these cakes spectacular, but the log cake stands and the pink fringe backdrop are fabulous! 

Lindsy + Keith's sweet Southern wedding had LOTS of country-chic details, including horseshoes on their floral arrangements! How fabulous are those?! They also had a fancy chalkboard menu and, of course, some cute little straws. 

It's been a while since I mentioned my own wedding, so I'm allowed to again, right? ;) See that fancy polka dotted dinosaur? That's right, folks. When you ask The Barn Team to paint a bunch of dinosaurs and put flowers in their backs, they do it. Where else can you find a team that will do that?! 

Gail + Brian's bohemian wedding had, like, a gazillion details. There were dreamcatchers and gold cow skulls and colorful streamer backdrops and floral crowns and GLITTERED FEATHERS (!!!)... my goodness, this wedding was amazing!

Ashley + Justin's wedding had the prettiest rustic-chic details... so many that I had to post all these photos. ;) They had a custom pallet wall, haybale seating, a mason jar display, the most beautiful flowers, and so many other great details!

When your wedding is green, like Jaclynn + Tyler's, we believe your favors should be, too. And your straws, of course! We always have the cutest straws!

Emily + Casey's wedding had a whoooole lot of pink and gold glittery details... there was so much to look at at this wedding! It was stunning. Their floral arrangement teepees are some of the coolest details ever. We love 'em.


Tomorrow we're gonna be rebellious and fill y'all in on wedding "rules" that can be broken. It's gonna be good! See ya then!