Preferred Photographer: Ken Gehring Photography

We're right in the middle of engagement season, so we know a bunch of your guys have recently put a ring on it! That means that you're probably starting to plan your wedding, and you're needing some vendor recommendations, right?! At The Barn, we've got a highly edited list of the best vendors in the state, and you can read about a few of them here. Last week I told you all about one of our favorite photographers, Shingleur Photography, and this week, I have another fabulous photographer to share with y'all! 

Do y'all remember our incredible Native American Heritage Styled Shoot from this past fall? Ken Gehring took the stunning photos from the shoot, and if you've seen them, you know why he's one of our favorite photographers. His work is consistently phenomenal and inspiring and breathtakingly gorgeous... just take a look through his Facebook albums, and you'll see what I mean. If you follow him on Facebook, you'll soon see that his photos are always being published everywhere. He's the real deal, y'all!

Ken has been a professional photographer for four years. He has been shooting weddings for two years, and in 2014, he shot 13 weddings. He prefers to shoot only one wedding per month, so he can send out edited photos in a timely manner. 

Although photography has been his career for only a few years, Ken said he has always had "an interest in photography and photographic memories since I can remember." 

"One of my favorite things to do as a child was to get out the old family photo albums and look through them," he said. 

I asked Ken to define his photography style, and he called himself a "hopeless romantic" when it comes to his wedding photography. "I am looking to capture those 'special moments' that often get overlooked by photographers," he said. "A touch, a kiss, those moments are the great ones!" 

I've had the pleasure of working with Ken myself, and I cannot say enough good things about him. He pays great attention to detail. He knows how he wants each photo to look, and he's great at making every detail just right. He knows how to pose his models, and he knows how to tweak even the tiniest details to make them look perfect. Plus, it is obvious that this man loves what he does... it shows in every shot he takes! His photos are always creative and stunning. If you're looking for a photographer whose photos are glamorous and look like they're straight out of a magazine, Ken is your guy! 

Ken said hiring a professional, rather than asking a family member to take photos at your wedding, is an absolute must. "For me, the photographic memories taken at a wedding are priceless, and entrusting a professional vs. Uncle Bob ensures that you will have great lasting memories of your special day," he said. "From lighting to posing, the professional photographer is well-trained and educated and will help you achieve great images that you will be proud to share with friends and hang in your home."

Ken's advice for couples searching for their ideal wedding photographer is to do your research. "Please meet with a couple of photographers, know pricing and offerings, and then make an informed decision that you will be comfortable with," he said. 

Each of Ken's wedding packages come with an engagement session. "I like to work with the couple prior to the wedding so that we can get a feel for each other before the big day," he said. He also offers bridals, boudoir sessions, styled day-after sessions (in which the couple can dress up in their wedding day attire and have a more relaxed themed photo shoot), albums and prints. Each couple gets a custom flash drive with their wedding photos and print rights. Wedding investments start at $1,600. 

Finally, I always ask the lovely folks I interview to give us a little feedback about The Barn. We love feedback, as it lets us know what we're doing right and also fills us in on what we can do better. Ken had some really sweet things to say about us!

"The Barn and the team led by Lesleigh are top notch in my opinion," he said. "The wedding day goes perfectly for the bride and the wedding party. And who, can I ask, does not want to get married in an upscale barn!!!" 

Ken Gehring Photography , from  Lisa + Michael 's wedding at The Barn.

Ken Gehring Photography, from Lisa + Michael's wedding at The Barn.

See why we love Ken Gehring?! He's one of the best! See y'all tomorrow!