Why You Should Consider A First Look!

It's no secret that we love a good first look! (I've probably mentioned that 50 times or more on this blog... Oops!) Whether or not you decide to have a first look totally depends on your preferences and how traditional or non-traditional you want your wedding day to be. Some of you may still be on the fence... A first look sounds like a good idea, but you're not sure about breaking the tradition of not seeing your fiance on your wedding day until you walk down the aisle. If you need some convincing, here are just a few reasons why you should consider a first look! 

You are able to get your nervousness out before the ceremony. This means no sweaty palms or stumbling through your vows! Definitely a good thing. :)

First looks are sooo romantic. It might end up being the most romantic part of your day! Your photos of those moments will be stunning.

Seeing each other for the first time with no one else around (except your photographer) means there is no pressure. You can ugly cry if you want to. You can scream with excitement and act a fool. You can't (or probably shouldn't) do those things in front of the crowd during your ceremony. ;)

You can take the majority of your portraits together before the ceremony. Since you've already seen each other, you can get your bridal party shots out of the way, too.

Having your photos out of the way before the ceremony means you can take a few more immediately after the ceremony (with family members, for example) and then head on over to your cocktail hour or reception to grab a drink and mingle!

If you want to go the traditional route and not see your fiancé until you walk down the aisle, by all means, do your thing! Maybe you should schedule a first look with your dad, mom, both parents or your bridesmaids! That way you can have fun, sweet first look pictures without breaking tradition. :)