10 Barn Weddings: Gorgeous Bouquets - Part Three

It's been so long since I've written a new 10 Barn Weddings post (the ones you've seen on here lately have been re-posts), so I'm really excited about this one! Let's talk about my favorite wedding topic: flowers! Y'all already know I think our flowers at The Barn are the best (because they are). Our floral designer, Ginger, is truly brilliant when it comes to putting together the most stunning bouquets and arrangements for our weddings. She is capable of rocking any style! If you want to see some of my other favorite bouquets, check out part one and part two! Here are 10 more bouquets that are ridiculously awesome! (We have seen so many gorgeous bouquets in 2015, so it was nearly impossible for me to narrow it down to just 10!)


Monica + Ryan's wedding was one of those that had gorgeous, fabulous details everywhere you looked. My favorite detail of all: their flowers! "I can't even put into words how beautiful it was," Monica said about her bouquet. "It was the first thing I saw when I entered the room. I cried as soon as I saw it." Crying over your bouquet is definitely a good thing! Other details from this wedding that you just have to see: fabulous mismatched bridesmaids' dresses, the prettiest altar ever, Monica's dress, their blush, gold and navy reception tables (such a great color scheme!), and literally every single other detail, because it was all just so great.

Kierstan + Bradley's rustic-chic wedding is proof that a neutral color palette is anything but boring! This wedding was nature-themed, with plenty of whites, creams and greens, as well as the prettiest rustic-chic details. Kierstan's bouquet was one of those that just takes your breath away! It was simple yet beautiful, and it was huge. You also have to see their petal aisle (so fab!), burlap and lace altar, and their rustic-chic reception, which had tons of burlap, lace and gorgeous flowers.

I'm fully aware that I've posted this photo way too many times, but it's one of my favorite photos ever taken at The Barn + one of my favorite bouquets, and I just can't get over it. I truly loved every detail from Katie + Alan's whimsical, romantic blush, champagne and emerald wedding. Katie's bouquet was pretty in pink, and it had just enough greenery and texture to make it unique and anything but boring. Their altar, reception tables, cake and Katie's blush dress can't be missed! 

Am I the only one who loses it over a purple wedding?! I wish we'd see more of them! Mackenzie + Tyler's wedding was elegant and fabulous, with lots of gold details, greenery and garlands, and pops of purple in their bouquets and the bridesmaids' dresses. These purple and white bouquets were some of my favorites ever... this greenery is perfect! I also loved all the gold, glittery details at their reception

Everything about Amber + Matt's wedding was bold and beautiful! I probably wouldn't have ever thought to pair red and turquoise together, but I'm blown away at how great it looks! This wedding was full of glam details. Who knew bouquets with only one type of flower could be so bold?! Amber's red rose bouquet was simple, but stunning, and her bridesmaids' bouquets were, too! One word to describe this wedding: lavish. Just look at that altar! 

Sujey + Jeffrey's Up-themed elopement was full of color and all things whimsical. Sujey's pink peony bouquet had a few pops of orange, pretty greenery, and a colorful bouquet tie. If you've never seen this couple's balloon altar, check it out now! It was one of my absolute favorite altars we've ever done. Also, this couple had the cutest mini naked cakes, and I'm still swooning over those! 

It is rare that a couple chooses a color palette as bold and colorful as Lindsey + Matt's, so when our team gets to work on a wedding with this much color, we go all out! There were so many incredible, bright details at this wedding, including the prettiest sunflower, hydrangea and rose bouquets. Their whiskey barrel-antique window-lace altar was uniquely gorgeous, and their ceremony and reception were full of rustic-chic, colorful, fun details. 

I am forever obsessed with girly pink peony bouquets, and this one from our Magical Meadow styled shoot is at the top of my list of favorites. This thing was elegant/whimsical/huge/awesome. This shoot is my all-time fave, and it included so many great details, including a dessert bar that you cannot miss, a pastel floral bridal gown, lanterns hanging from the trees, horses, pretty cakes, a beautiful drink table, and so, so, sooo many other pretty details!

This yellow and cream bouquet from Alyssa + Matt's wedding was the sweetest! Actually, all of this couple's wedding details were incredibly sweet and colorful. This wedding was truly fun! They had a fun blue, red and yellow color scheme, floral arrangements and bouquets with a just-picked, natural feel, a beautiful altar, the cutest reception table decorations, and an awesome, bold cake table. I am also still obsessing over Alyssa's dress!

2015 was the year of greenery! And I am not complaining one bit. Kelsey + Gueorgui's bouquets and floral arrangements consisted mostly of greenery, as well as a few white, cream and pale yellow flowers. And it was gorgeous! Their aisle was lined with gorgeous greenery, logs and vintage books. Their altar was full of greenery, and it was incredibly romantic. And their reception tables... they included lace, moss, vintage books, and so many other stunning details. This wedding was so full of pretty... there was something gorgeous everywhere you looked! 

Barn flowers are the best, y'all! I never get enough. My mind is blown week after week, and I'm sure you can see why! Have a great weekend!