Kortney + Dakota's Vintage Country Pastel Wedding

I truly adore this wedding. The pretty pastels, the whimsical vintage rustic chic vibes, the sweet couple, the happiest bride ever (seriously, wait until you see her smile)... what's not to love?! These photos by Tryston Hines Photography, one of our preferred photographers, are so beautiful and dreamy! (And just a warning, I'm probably gonna show ya too many of 'em, because I loved them all too much to narrow it down to just a few. ;) 


See that adorable font?! We LOVE details!

See that adorable font?! We LOVE details!

Kortney and Dakota were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on May 12, 2013. Their color scheme was gray with pastels, and Kortney defined their theme as "vintage country." 

"My friend lovingly called it Backwoods Barbie," Kortney said. Hilarious! "This theme developed from my love of mason jars and wildflowers and Dakota's and my mutual love for country music. Pinterest also had a lot of input as well."

Kortney's dress, which was from David's Bridal, was simply stunning. I just love the shape of this dress and how simple, yet gorgeous it is. You're a beautiful bride, Kortney!

The bridesmaids' gray dresses were also from David's Bridal. How pretty are these?!

These groomsmen look pretty darn handsome, too. Jeans + vests + ties = always a good idea.

This picture of Kortney and her bridesmaids makes me laugh! Y'all are the epitome of #sassfab.

Kortney's bouquet was so lovely! She said she requested a "wildflower" look, and she said she thought it turned out "breathtakingly beautiful." I agree! Kortney also included a couple sentimental pieces in her gorgeous bouquet. "I also have a couple of extremely important family members who are no longer with us, and we tied their pictures into my bouquet so that they would be with me on this day," she said.

The bridesmaids carried simple baby's breath bouquets. Dakota and his groomsmen wore boutonnieres of scabiosa pods and craspedia. 

Kortney had two very special first looks with the most important men in her life: her dad and Dakota. "I have always been a huge daddy's girl, and sharing those few precious moments with him was something I will hold with me forever," she said. "I'd written him a letter, and we shared a teary hug and kiss before all of the festivities got under way. It was important for me to have this moment with him, because he got to see his little girl turned bride and be in the moment of that for a bit before everything else took over."

I wish I could show y'all every single sweet picture from this first look! They are all so precious.

Kortney's first look with her groom was also incredibly sweet. "I am a bit of a control freak, and big events stress me out," she said. "I am SO thankful that Tryston convinced us to do a First Look because it was just what I needed. I will always cherish the first time I saw my soon-to-be husband in his husband-to-be outfit, and he saw me all ready and bride-y. To see him in that moment and spend a few minutes without the chaos of the day was pure perfection; it reminded me what the day was really about."

Kortney, you are so pretty!

Kortney and Dakota's ceremony details were pretty as could be. They had mason jars with stunning pastel floral arrangements lining their aisle. There were pastel pillows on the pews. Their altar was burlap with pastel arrangements and a beautiful whiskey barrel! 

Our wedding was perfect! I have been dreaming of my wedding for as long as I can remember. I had always wanted a wedding that was romantic, unique, and fun. And, I feel like all of my dreams came true.
— Kortney

These photos of the groomsmen and bridesmaids praying over Kortney and Dakota before their ceremony are precious.

The ceremony itself was perfect. Kortney and Dakota wrote their own vows, which is something Kortney said she's so happy they decided to do. "To this day, Dakota teases me about some of the promises I made him, like to always give him the big piece of chicken and to help him stay cool by taking the burden of the majority of the covers," she said. "Both Dakota and I are math people (I'm actually a math teacher), and in his vows, he told me that he loved me more than all of the numbers on a number line: real, imaginary, and those not thought of yet. I feel like our vows made our ceremony ours, and made it a very unforgettable day." 

Don't y'all LOVE this couple, based on those hilarious vows alone?! My goodness.

"Dakota proposed to me using a rock. Part of his proposal speech was: 'Flowers are too mainstream.' Then he went on to describe our relationship as being each other’s rocks. So we incorporated this in our wedding; we had all of our guests write some advice/loving words on a rock then put it in the basket that was passed around. When the time came, we combined the baskets from his side and mine while the officiant explained to our guests that they were the 'rocks' of our individual lives and that we wouldn’t be the people we are without their love, support, and influence.  This symbolized the biblical parable of a house being built on a foundation of rock." - Kortney

This idea rocks! (See what I did there? ;) But really, how meaningful, especially since it ties in with their proposal story. And you know they still love looking at those rocks and what their loved ones wrote! Such a good idea, you guys.

Speaking of good ideas... check out this picture of the kiss! Asking your photographer to take the photo from this angle is brilliant. How fun to see the looks on your guests' faces as you give each other a big ol' married smooch!

Ahh, the newlywed look. There it is. :)

I told y'all Kortney is the happiest bride of all time! Just look at her! 

While most couples plan a grand exit, Kortney and Dakota mixed things up a bit and had a grand entrance. And boy, was it pretty. Their guests released a whole bunch of balloons, and then these two rode off on a horse-drawn carriage for a few private moments to themselves. Y'all are full of brilliant ideas!

"Balloon releases have a bit of significance for my family," Kortney said. "So, it seemed like a no brainer for me to incorporate one in my wedding. And I just LOVE how the pictures turned out!"

Kortney and Dakota's reception details were just as pretty as their ceremony details! They were whimsical, vintage inspired, and so very pretty. Their tables had vintage soda crates filled with the prettiest floral arrangements. They also had pastel painted mason jars and chalkboard signs with country love song names written on them! For dinner, they had a Mexican buffet, with fajitas and tacos and cheese dip and salsa... always a winner!

Kortney and Dakota's cake and cupcakes were ridiculously cute. Goodness gracious. TheCakePlace always does a killer job!

Kortney and Dakota were full of creative ideas, so you know their favors were good! "I LOVE to kick Dakota's butt in Rummy and various other card games," Kortney said. "So, we pass a lot of time playing cards. We gave out decks of cards with our names and wedding date on them." Love love love love.

The reception itself was a dang good time, full of dancing and laughter and a good ol' time with their loved ones. "One of my bridesmaids and I have a history of choreographing and directing little skits or dances, so we had our bridal party line dance into the reception," Kortney said. "Then, my dad has always wanted to do something different than the 'typical' daddy/daughter dance, so we choreographed a music compilation dance for that as well." 

Judging by the 200+ pictures, these dances were AWESOME. And hilarious. Good job, y'all!

After their fun reception, Kortney and Dakota headed off to Walt Disney World (hence the cute Disney font on The Barn's sign and their menu!). "We had a BLAST! We were given buttons that said 'Happily Ever After' and everywhere we went, people congratulated us on being married," Kortney said. "Mickey and Minnie made a big deal about us being another married couple. We finished our trip with a stop at Panama City Beach and strolled along the beach alone at night. It was the most magical and romantic trip of my life!"

Finally, I asked Kortney to tell us how we did, and she had some really sweet things to say about our team! "The Barn did a great job turning my dreams into a reality! The location was marvelous, and the finished product was everything I'd ever wanted and more! I've often asked my husband if we could do the whole thing again, because I just want to keep reliving it," she said. That's exactly how we want you to feel after your wedding at The Barn!!!


Kortney and Dakota, thank you SO so sooo much for picking us as your wedding venue! It was an honor to get to be a part of your best day ever! We wish y'all tons of love and laughter... and judging from these pictures, you've already got it. :) xoxoxoxo

See what I mean? These two are as cute as they come. See y'all tomorrow!