Lindsy + Keith's Sweet Southern Wedding

There's nothing like a Southern wedding, y'all! Today's wedding is so sweet. This couple is just precious, their color palette and details were so fun and unique, and they got married at dusk, which is pretty much the most romantic thing ever. 

These photos were taken by Shingleur Photography, one of our preferred photographers... when you see these photos, you'll know why they're some of our favorites! Y'all are gonna love this one.


Lindsy and Keith were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on September 27, 2013. Their wedding theme was very Southern and country, and their colors were orange and turquoise. 

"The moment we got engaged, I already knew those were the colors I wanted," Lindsy said. "Turquoise is my favorite color and orange is Keith's favorite color." I love it when a couple's wedding colors have a little story behind them! 

Lindsy's beautiful dress came from Danielle's Bridal, and I just have to share with you some of her bridals... okay, maybe a lot of her bridals. They're waaaay too pretty for me to narrow them down any more than this! By the way, that's Lindsy's horse! Beautiful.

Lindsy, you are stunning!

The bridesmaids' dresses also came from Danielle's. How pretty is this color for bridesmaids' dresses?! It's so fun and refreshing! And we always love a bridal party in boots!

While we're on the subject of bridesmaids, let me tell you how the morning went for Lindsy and her bridesmaids. Lindsy said she and her girls spent the morning of the wedding getting their nails painted, then they gathered up their dresses and beauty supplies and headed to The Barn to get their hair and makeup done! And that's that. No setting up, no stressing out, no putting together last minute details. That's what it's like to get married at The Barn, y'all!

(But actually, there was a little bit of a stressful moment that day, when one of the bridesmaids stepped into an anthill in front of The Barn's sign... and apparently she was allergic! Lindsy said she broke out all over and turned red... Luckily they were able to get her medicine and ice packs and the show went on. ;)

Would you look at these handsome groomsmen? This wedding party looks so good. 

Lindsy and the bridesmaids' bouquets were stunning. They were so colorful and unlike any we've ever done at The Barn! Lindsy said she wanted the bridesmaids' bouquets to compliment their dresses... since the dresses were blue, she wanted orange flowers, but she also said she didn't want the bouquets to look like "an orange ball." She had Ginger mix in some white flowers and tons of gorgeous greenery!

"Same idea with my bouquet," she said. "I did not want it to be completely white, so it had the same orange flowers in it, as well as the greenery. My bouquet was unique in the fact that it was a cascading bouquet." 

This photo of Lindsy's boots + bouquet.... swoon! It doesn't get much prettier than that. Plus, how fun is this invitation suite? It perfectly set the tone for this fun, sweet, country wedding. Perfection!

Lindsy and Keith incorporated two details - horseshoes and duck feathers - into their decor that told a lot about themselves, and we love it when a couple's details tell their story! The duck feathers were used in the groomsmen, groom and usher's boutonnieres. They came from ducks that Keith had... such a unique detail! The horseshoes were used in the floral arrangements, but more on those in a minute. :)

The decor at the ceremony was very simple and beautiful. The altar was draped with beautiful white fabric and outlined with simple, stunning greenery. There were also two orange and white floral arrangements on the altar. They had vintage doors at the entrance to their ceremony that were also draped with gorgeous greenery! And they had a super fancy chalkboard sign, too. 

They were married at dusk, which is so romantic! "The ceremony could not have gone any better than it did," Lindsy said. 

After their precious, romantic ceremony, Lindsy and Keith and their guests headed over to The Barn for a Southern reception that was a dang good time! Remember those horseshoes I mentioned? Here's where they made an appearance, in lots of gorgeous orange and white floral arrangements. Let me tell you a little about those! These horseshoes had actually been used on Lindsy's barrel racing horse. If that's not a fun, special detail, I don't know what is!

"I used some horseshoes in our engagement pictures so it made sense to incorporate them into the wedding," she said. "I was really pleased in the way the staff put them into the arrangements."

"The guests had a good time at the reception eating a variety of popcorn flavors, fruit kabobs and s'mores," Lindsy said. "We had our first dance, daddy-daughter dance, and mom-son dance. Great fellowship was had and I would not change how it turned out."

A s'mores bar!!! Always a winner!

Two more fun details from this reception: the cakes! How cool are these?!


Lindsy and Keith, we can't thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of your best day ever! Y'all are the sweetest, and we wish you nothing but the very best life has to offer! xoxoxoxo


Didn't y'all love this wedding?! We need to see more orange weddings around here... and more fabulous greenery. Love!