Unity Candle Alternatives

A couple weeks ago, we talked all about several wedding "rules" that can (and sometimes should) be broken. Today, let's talk more in depth about one of those old school rules that you can totally break! I'm talking about unity candles. No, you don't have to have a unity candle, no matter what your mom says. The unity ceremony is one of the most important parts of your whole wedding day, so it's highly important that the unity ceremony you choose is meaningful to you. If a unity candle is sentimental to you, go for it! If not, here are some creative ideas for unity candle alternatives! 

MGB Photo , from  Meagan + Alex 's wedding at  The Barn .

MGB Photo, from Meagan + Alex's wedding at The Barn.

Photo Love Photography , from  Ashley + Derrick 's wedding at The Barn.

Photo Love Photography, from Ashley + Derrick's wedding at The Barn.

Love Letter & Wine Box
This unity ceremony is certainly one of the most romantic! The bride and groom each put something in the box, like a love letter to each other. You can also add a bottle of wine, or something sentimental. You nail it shut during your ceremony, and then you open it sometime down the road: on a specific anniversary, or when  you're going through hard times and you need a reminder of why you fell in love in the first place. You can also ask your officiant to read something special... here are a few examples of unity box readings. 

Shingleur Photography , from  Tang + DJ 's wedding at The Barn.

Shingleur Photography, from Tang + DJ's wedding at The Barn.

Paint Ceremony
Paint ceremonies are some of the most fun (assuming you don't spill any paint on your dress!). The bride and groom each pour a different paint color on a canvas while the officiant reads a passage. It's simple and fun! And it also makes for a cute statement piece for your home. 

Tryston Hines Photography , from  Samantha + Dalton 's wedding at The Barn.

Tryston Hines Photography, from Samantha + Dalton's wedding at The Barn.

Unity Cross
A unity cross is one of the most simple unity ceremony options, but it's certainly meaningful and sentimental. A unity cross comes in two pieces with a base, and the couple assembles it during their ceremony. It's meant to then be a focal point in the couple's home. There is a good option for a unity cross reading on this website.

Cottonwood Studios Worldwide , from  Ally + Tyler 's wedding at The Barn.

Cottonwood Studios Worldwide, from Ally + Tyler's wedding at The Barn.

During a handfasting ceremony, the couple's hands are literally tied together. If you ever wondered where the phrase "tying the knot" came from, now you know! ;) The hands might be tied together with a specific amount of cords (usually six), which represent the vows made. They can also be tied together with a sash. The cords or sash are usually wrapped around the couple's hands in an infinity symbol, signifying that they are bound to one another forever. Here are a few ideas for readings during a handfasting ceremony. 

Melissa McCrotty Photography , from  Emily + Casey 's wedding at The Barn. 

Melissa McCrotty Photography, from Emily + Casey's wedding at The Barn. 

Unity Prayer
A unity prayer is so simple. Being surrounded by your loved ones as they pray over you can be the most meaningful ceremony of all!

Melissa McCrotty Photography , from  mine + Richard 's wedding at The Barn.

Melissa McCrotty Photography, from mine + Richard's wedding at The Barn.

Tree Watering Ceremony
At our wedding, Richard and I watered a tree together. We asked our guests to write a wish for us or a word of advice and hang it on the tree. The tree was then placed at our altar for the ceremony, and we watered it while Richard's uncle read a passage we had picked out. (We chose option one on this website and altered it a little.) This was so meaningful to us, and it may have been a little weird for our guests to witness, but we loved it!

Even if you decide to go with a traditional unity candle, The Barn always comes up with something ridiculously pretty and unique, like these lovely little set-ups. 

J. Millwood Photography , from  Kaleena + Spencer 's wedding at The Barn. 

J. Millwood Photography, from Kaleena + Spencer's wedding at The Barn. 

Tryston Hines Photography , from  Megan + Jonathan 's wedding at The Barn. 

Tryston Hines Photography, from Megan + Jonathan's wedding at The Barn. 

What do y'all think? Are you more of a unity candle type of gal, or is the unity ceremony something you'd get creative with? I'd love to hear your unique ideas for the unity ceremony!

P.S. I'm all about "alternatives" for your wedding. A while back, I posted about wedding cake alternatives, and I'm still crazy about all of those ideas!