Wedding Inspiration: Spring Wedding Ideas!

Happy March, y'all! Do you realize what that means?! Wedding season is just around the corner! Our wedding season is kicking off this month, and we are so. stinkin'. excited. for all the incredible things that are going to happen at The Barn in 2015. Big things are coming! We seriously cannot wait! 

Since the official start of spring is just around the corner, lets talk about a few of my favorite ideas for spring weddings. As unoriginal as it may be, I love pastel colors for spring weddings. They're just so pretty, and spring is the perfect time to use tons of them, as far as I'm concerned! I also love greenery, simple decor, and delicate details, like lace. Here are my favorite ideas for spring bouquets and decor! 


For spring bouquets, I'm loving two totally different looks: simple shapes, and messy, undone, organic bouquets with lots of greenery (I wrote a post about this type of bouquet here). Pastels are always my favorite for spring bouquets. I'm loving different shades of pink, too! And I'll say it again... lots and lots of greenery, please! Here are some of my favorite bouquet ideas for spring!


For decor, I adore simple tablescapes with lots of flowers, greenery (of course!), and taper candles. I looooove this tablescape below with the greenery cascading off the table. So gorgeous! I'm also super into these peach place cards. I love the look of beautiful wood tables with lace runners, too! Something else that I'm into that's kinda crazy: moss. Tons and tons of gorgeous moss! I also love hanging flowers, whether as an altar or reception decor. 

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty

I'm hoping we'll see lots of these ideas at The Barn this spring! I can't wait for this wedding season to officially kick off! It's going to be a good one.