Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Gift Ideas

For the past couple of weeks, I've been sharing gifts in all price ranges for your bridal party: two weeks ago, I shared bridesmaids' gifts in two price ranges, and last week, I showed you my favorite gift ideas for groomsmen. This week, let's talk about gifts for the cutest members of your bridal party: your flower girls and ring bearers! Buying gifts for the little ones in your wedding can be tough. Flower girls aren't as into fancy clutches or silk robes as your bridesmaids will be. And obviously you can't buy your ring bearers a flask that matches your groomsmen's flasks! But you also don't want to give them something cheesy like a coloring book. Here are my favorite ideas for flower girl and ring bearer gifts that are kid-appropriate and kid-approved!

1. A personalized robe ($37). If you're buying personalized robes for your bridesmaids, why not get your flower girl one, too?! Flower girls are always all about being flower girls, so they'll love proudly wearing a robe that displays their very important title! 
2. A pearl bracelet with a colored ribbon ($14) will feel so-very-fancy to your little flower girl, and it'll also be adorable with her dress! 
3. A personalized handkerchief ($16) for your flower girl to carry on her wedding day is so sweet! (She may not realize how special it is now, but someday she will!)
4. A monogrammed hoodie ($35). Anything monogrammed is always a hit with your bridesmaids, and I'm betting your flower girl will love it, too. Order this hoodie in your wedding colors - so cute!
5. The sweetest letter and flower necklace ($12). If your flower girl is a girly girl, she's sure to love this! She'll wear it long after your wedding day is over, and it will always remind her of your big day.
6. A kid-sized statement necklace ($15). The only thing better than a statement necklace on an adult is a statement necklace on a kid. Soooo stinkin' cute, and it'll look great with her dress!

1. An engraved front loader bank ($24.95). What little boy doesn't like dump trucks, and what little boy doesn't like money?! This one's a winner.
2. A ring bearer shirt ($22) that truthfully lists his duties. 
3. A personalized ring bearer baseball bat ($24.99) will remind him of your wedding day, and he'll think it's cool, too!
4. A personalized baseball ($14.99) to go with his bat. Perfect for little boys who love sports!
5. Airplane cufflinks ($21.99) might make him a little more excited about wearing a suit! Plus, they are just adorable.
6. A gift basket full of candy, snacks, a disposable camera, games, toys and plenty of things to keep him entertained. Little boys aren't typically too excited about being in a wedding... hopefully a fun gift basket will make him realize it won't be so bad! ;)

Buying gifts for my bridal party was more stressful than I'd like to admit... I hope these gift guides have helped those of you who are currently planning your wedding! 

We've got lots of exciting things going on at The Barn today! More about that tomorrow! ;)