Bar Tips & Etiquette

We have lots of fun, fall weddings coming up at The Barn over the next few months, and I know many of our brides are thinking about the final touches for their big day! One thing you're probably making a few decisions about at this point during your planning process: your bar! I originally wrote this post about bar etiquette back in March, and I think some of y'all could possibly benefit from seeing it now. If you're not sure what you're doing when it comes to the bar, here you go! 


Last week, I showed y'all some of my favorite wedding ideas for a really fun part of your reception: the bar. This week, let's get into the subject of bar etiquette. We all know that an open bar is the only way to go. (Pleeeease, no cash bars. EVER. Sorry, y'all. It's just bad etiquette.) But what other rules should you follow? Here are five tips for creating a fun, fashionable bar at your own wedding! 

1. Create signature cocktails. It's seriously fun! Come up with a few drinks you and your fiancΓ© love (or do "his, hers and ours" cocktails), give them a cute name, and your guests will remember them. This is such a fun wedding detail that truly makes your reception unforgettable! Bonus points if your drinks match your color scheme! 

2. You don't have to have a huge variety. If you're doing signature cocktails, two or three is plenty, especially if you're also serving beer or wine. You don't need to have 10 types of beer or wine either! Choose just a few of your favorites. One Barn Bride served only Texas beers and wine at her Texas-themed wedding... What a special detail! 

Liz Chrisman Photography , from  Cortney + Doug 's wedding at The Barn

Liz Chrisman Photography, from Cortney + Doug's wedding at The Barn

3. Purchase the right amount of alcohol. A good rule of thumb is to plan on having 2 drinks per guest. Some of your guests will drink more than that, while others won't drink any, so it all evens out! If you're responsible for buying all alcohol and mixers, do a little bit of simple math to figure out how much you need of each. 

4. Mocktails are fun! They're fun for kids, and they're also fun for adults who are pregnant or don't drink. You can get just as creative with mocktails as you do with your signature cocktails! Your options are limitless.  Ideas I like: Shirley Temples, virgin mojitos and punch served in fancy glasses. 

From our  Open Barn 2014

5. Get creative with your signage and drink decorations. Okay, so this isn't required, but it sure is fun! Create a cute sign with your drink menu and put it in a fancy frame, or have a calligrapher make a fancy chalkboard menu. And don't forget some adorable drink stirrers! 

I hope this helps some of y'all who are planning your wedding! Getting all the details for your bar together can be a little bit difficult, but it's also super fun! Really, have a great time with it. :)