Throwback Thursday: Blog Recap

Hey y'all! I don't have a Throwback Thursday wedding to post today, so instead, I want to show you a bunch of the incredible weddings I've posted on this blog over the last several months! A Throwback Thursday recap, in case you missed any of them the first time around. :)

We've had some spectacular weddings at The Barn over the years, and getting to interview our past Barn Brides and share their stunning weddings is definitely my favorite part of being The Barn's blogger. Every time I write about their weddings, I remember why I love my job and this very special place! 

Here are some of the weddings I've posted about since I started this job last September!

I have featured lots of pink weddings, but I'm not complaining! I never get tired of pink weddings!
1. The first wedding I ever blogged about was Emily + Casey's Aztec-meets-glitz-and-glam wedding. It was full of sequined and glittered details, teepees!!!, amazing cakes with macaron toppers, and so much pink and gold goodness.
2. My first Throwback Thursday post was Bayley + Lucas's sweet, Southern wedding. It was the first wedding at The Barn, which makes it extra special! I loved the flowers at this wedding, as well as the jam favors, Bayley's stunning dress and all the sweet, pink details. 
3. Ashley + Justin's pink vintage, rustic chic wedding is one that I always come back to! It had the most amazing, rustic-inspired details. And these two came to The Barn all the way from Vegas! 
4. Amanda + Brad's intimate, shabby chic elopement was definitely one of our sweetest weddings. My favorite details from this wedding: Amanda's bouquet, the romantic candlelit altar, the pink ruffled cake backdrop, and definitely the cake + teacups. This one was precious! 

As much as I adore pink weddings, I miiiiight love green weddings just as much. They're always so happy, creative and fun!
1. Jaclynn + Tyler's gorgeous green wedding... swoooooon! Every time I ask The Barn Team which wedding was their favorite, someone always mentions this one. This wedding in a nutshell: lots and lots (and lots) of green details (including their favors!), boots, calling the Hogs after the ceremony and the most amazing flowers.
2. Samantha + Danny's bohemian chic, woodland wedding was absolutely one of my favorites! The seafoam, gold and cream color scheme was creative and beautiful, and the flowers from this wedding were seriously THE BEST. Plus, look at that bride's flower crown! Love love love.
3. Courtney + Chad's country summer wedding was extra fun and colorful. It was pretty casual and relaxed, and you can tell this wedding was fun! It had yellow tulips hanging from the chandeliers, a gorgeous brooch bouquet, hay bales, and Southern, colorful details.
4. Kaleena + Spencer's blue and green wedding was super romantic and dreamy. These two are crazy in love, and you can clearly see that in their wedding photos! I loved their altar, their simply gorgeous flowers and Kaleena's dress. 

Weddings at The Barn are the absolute best. As a Barn Bride myself, I can tell you that for a fact. Looking back at these weddings, it amazes me how talented our team is! They can pull of any color scheme, style or theme, and each of our weddings turns out amazing. Isn't it incredible that each of these weddings took place at the same venue, even though they are all so different?! Seriously blows my mind.