Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Hey y'all! Tuesday was a crazy day for us at The Barn. We not only had Kelsey and Gueorgui's 30 day consultation and Kelsey's bridals (in the frigid, nasty, pouring down rain), but we also got some really exciting news that night that we'd love to share with you. Our team was honored to be invited to a banquet hosted by the Arkansas River Valley Tri-Peaks Tourism Association! Along with the finest businesses and organizations in the area, we were nominated for a tourism award. And guess what... we won the award for Yell County! That means that we've brought in more out-of-towners than anyone else in our county. In fact, Lesleigh totaled it up, and last year, we brought in more than 5,000 people from out of this area! We are officially in a hall of fame! How exciting is that?! Anyway, here's our pretty little award. 

We're soooo excited, flattered and honored! We love our area, and we're so happy to attract people from other states (and sometimes other countries) to check out the beautiful area that is the Arkansas River Valley! 

And now for something pretty entertaining... One of the requirements of working at The Barn is that you must take selfies with whatever inanimate objects you're told to. Seriously, it's in our contracts. Look it up. On that note, here's a weird, nice little collage of us being way too excited about our award... and the flower arrangement. (I hope y'all were serious about me posting these. If not, sorry 'bout it!) ;)

And here's proof that we can, in fact, be normal when we have to be!

Anyway, we had a great time at the banquet, and we're beyond excited about our fancy little award! Thanks again, Arkansas River Valley Tri-Peaks Tourism Association!