10 Barn Weddings: Spring!

Hey y'all! I don't know about in your neck of the woods, but in Arkansas, winter has finally decided to show up. We may even get snow tomorrow! I'm not really big on the cold, so this dreary weather has me looking forward to warmer weather and spring weddings! Spring weddings at The Barn are always magical. It looks gorgeous out here when everything starts to bloom and the landscape gets all green and lush. For Flashback Friday, I wanted to share again these springtime weddings from 2013 and 2014. Have a great weekend!


If you've never seen Arkansas during the spring, you're missing out. It's seriously so beautiful around here. It pretty much turns into a rain forest, with tons of green everywhere you look, beautiful dogwoods, and blooming flowers. So obviously springtime is one of the most beautiful times to have a wedding at The Barn! The only downfall to choosing a spring wedding? Rain and severe weather! But whether it rains or the sun is shining on your wedding day, it's sure to be beautiful!

Here are some of my favorite spring weddings at The Barn!

Ashley + Michael's gorgeous May 2013 wedding always wins over my heart, and I'm pretty sure it has everything to do with that beautiful peony + succulent combination and Ashley's stunning dress. Plus, these two are obviously madly in love with each other! The sweetest. 

It was frigid and rainy on Cara + Brock's wedding day back in March 2013, but it was beautiful nonetheless! Just look at their perfect lace altar! This pretty blue and green classic, Southern wedding was moved indoors, but it was still so gorgeous. You can read their blog post here

Sarabeth + John's wedding last April was full of pink and prettiness! Some of my favorite details: their gorgeous altar set-up with a pretty blue table and stunning flowers, mismatched pink bridesmaids' dresses, flower market-inspired reception decor, and the prettiest getaway dress. Their flowers were also incredible! Pink roses and succulents with pops of yellow and lots of greenery. Yes, please. 

Spring is the perfect time for a yellow wedding, and Sasha + Nathan's yellow and green wedding was soooo pretty and springy... if that's a word! They had simple yellow and white floral arrangements and bouquets, and the bride wore a flower crown, which is always a good idea! Plus, just look at their gorgeous getaway! 

Danielle Davis Art/Photography

Danielle Davis Art/Photography

Ani + Nathan's elegant white and pink wedding is one of those weddings that I just can't shut up about. They were married at The Barn back in 2013, and their wedding was ahhh-maazzzinggggg. Their tables were some of my favorites, and helloooooo, 1,000 paper cranes. LOVE this wedding. 

There's something beautiful about blue and green weddings, and Kaleena + Spencer's was up there with the prettiest. Their altar was so dreamy and romantic! Their bouquets and arrangements were simply beautiful. And their wedding party looked incredible... I love those mismatched blue and green bridesmaids' dresses! You can read their blog post here

Elizabeth Leighton Photography

Elizabeth Leighton Photography

Mae + Mike's sweet rustic-chic wedding was full of the prettiest details! Their blush and white flowers were accented with lace and burlap, which is the best combination ever. Plus, do you see that burlap altar?! Stunning!!! Oh yeah, and this bride wore a crown of baby's breath. Swooooon! You can read all about their wedding on the blog here

The only word to describe Cedrah + Lee's April 2014 wedding? Vibrant! Their reception tables were full of so. much. beautiful. color. Their bouquets and floral arrangements consisted of colorful sunflowers, daisies, hydrangeas, tulips and ranunculus, and they sure were pretty! 

Any time I ask our team about their favorite weddings, it never fails that someone always brings up Jaclynn + Tyler's wedding from last May! And well, when you look through their wedding photos, you'll know why. Their wedding was very Southern and very green. They had mismatched green bridesmaids' dresses, green floral arrangements, and even green favors! You can read all about this wedding here

EmeryAnn + Andrew's wedding is another one of those weddings that I write about all the time, and that bouquet is obviously part of the reason why. The details at this wedding were fabulous! Lace doilies, hanging decorations in The Barn, and everything about their ceremony was perfection. 

Hopefully all this talking about spring and summer weddings I've been doing lately will give winter a hint that it's time to get the heck out of here. Peace out, winter! Y'all have a warm, lovely weekend!