Wedding Do's and Don'ts: Social Media

Last week was full of good, exciting news for The Barn, and finding out that Green Wedding Shoes, one of the biggest wedding blogs, named us one of the 24 Best Barn Venues in the country was the icing on the already delicious cake! We are SO thrilled and honored to be on this list! You've gotta scroll through the entire thing... all those barns! So pretty! 

Today, let's talk about something that most of us spend a great deal of time on: social media! When you're newly engaged, planning a wedding or newly married, you have a million things going on, and it's tempting to put every single exciting detail on social media. But before you post yet another Facebook status about your wedding planning woes, read this list of five DOs and DON'Ts for brides on social media!

Elmer Escobar , from  Amanda + Brad 's elopement at The Barn

Elmer Escobar, from Amanda + Brad's elopement at The Barn

DON'T post about your engagement on social media until you've already told everyone close to you. This includes both sets of parents, grandparents, any other family members you and your fiance are close with, and close friends. If they find out at the same time as everyone else, their feelings will be hurt! I know it's exciting and you can't wait to change your relationship status on Facebook, but call them first! Hearing their reaction over the phone will make it worth it. :)

Salt & Sky Studios , from  Nikki + Scott 's wedding at The Barn

Salt & Sky Studios, from Nikki + Scott's wedding at The Barn

DO restrain yourself from posting every detail of wedding planning. Sure, there are some things that are worthy of a Facebook or Instagram post (like finding your dress, bridal showers, when you've hit big milestones in your countdown, etc.), but no one needs/wants to hear about about your 3 pm appointment with a potential caterer or what you checked off your wedding to-do list this week. Sorry to break it to ya! 

KMWarford Photography , from  Bethany + Jamie 's wedding at The Barn

KMWarford Photography, from Bethany + Jamie's wedding at The Barn

DON'T post photos of your dress before the big day. I have seen girls do this, and it blows my mind. I'm usually all about doing things your own way and breaking traditions, but this is one exception. I know you're insanely excited about it and it looks stunning on you, but just don't do it!!! Even if you spill the beans on every detail of your wedding day, please, please, pleeeease let your dress be a surprise!

Stephanie Parsley Photography , from  Jessica + Daniel 's wedding at The Barn

DO turn off your phone on your wedding night. Seriously. Your last name and relationship status changes can wait until tomorrow. Or until after your honeymoon. If you're on social media at 8pm on the night of your wedding, a) people will think your reception was so lame that everyone left early and b) YOU AREN'T PAYING ENOUGH ATTENTION TO YOUR NEW SPOUSE. Is nothing sacred anymore?! Turning off your phone during (at least part of) your honeymoon isn't a bad idea either. 

Samantha Daniels Photography , from  Jordon + Nick 's wedding at The Barn

Samantha Daniels Photography, from Jordon + Nick's wedding at The Barn

DON'T post embarrassing photos of your friends doing drunken, crazy things at your bachelorette party or your reception. One day, your friends are going to interview for a real job. They'll thank you for not posting photos of them dancing on tables or doing a keg stand! 

Speaking of social media, I sure hope you're following all of our accounts! If not, here's our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and our website. See y'all tomorrow!