Preferred Photographer: Danielle Davis Art/Photography

Y'all already know how amazing our vendors are... because you've seen their work on this blog and on our Facebook page, and also because I talk about how wonderful they are all. the. time. ;) We keep a list of our favorite photographers, videographers, DJs and bands, caterers and other vendors, so when our couples ask who they should use for their big day, we can always give them a few recommendations! And let me tell ya, it's not easy to get on our preferred list. You've got to be the best of the best! 

Today's vendor, Danielle Davis Art/Photography, is one of our favorite photographers. She's one of the best, most talented photographers around, and if you've seen any of the weddings she's shot at The Barn, you already know how great she is! 


Danielle Davis Art/Photography , from  Ani + Nathan 's wedding at The Barn

Danielle Davis Art/Photography, from Ani + Nathan's wedding at The Barn

Photo by Benjamin Martin

Photo by Benjamin Martin

Danielle Davis has been a professional fine artist since 2001. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, which is how she says she "garnered quite a bit of photography skills." 

"It played a large role in my conceptual design and was the foundation for most all of my fine art pieces; sculptures, paintings, etc.," Danielle said. "I discovered the art of editing, digital photography, and graphic design throughout the years post college. I fell in love around '08 and my career as a professional wedding photographer was born."

Danielle shoots 25 to 30 weddings each year. She describes her photography style as "clean and vibrant." That's what I love about her photography! Her photos are always simple, bright and dreamy. They're always so romantic, and it takes a special photographer to pose couples in romantic-not-awkward poses! This lady is truly talented, y'all. I suggest you head over to her Facebook page and stalk her photos... you'll be endlessly inspired! 

Danielle Davis Art/Photography , from  Emily + Blake 's wedding at The Barn

Danielle Davis Art/Photography, from Emily + Blake's wedding at The Barn

It's true, y'all... professional wedding photographers can be expensive. But you get what you pay for, and when your wedding is over with and most of your memories of the day have faded, your pictures are all you've got to remember it by! I always ask our photographers why they believe couples should spend more and hire a professional photographer, and this is what she said: "I see what happens behind the scenes every Saturday. We troubleshoot through obstacles that our couples and their guests will never see. We know how to solve them quickly, quietly and without missing a beat because we are pros. To me, you're paying for every nugget of experience I hold dear to me."

"I still have my beautiful wedding images from 17 summers ago, from when I said 'I do,'" Danielle said. "It hurt to pay my pro as much as I did... but now, I cherish those priceless images. And when I'm sharing them with my three daughters, I realize I would pay him 10 times the amount to do it all over again."

Danielle Davis Art/Photography , from  Ashton + Mickey 's wedding at The Barn

A great suggestion from Danielle for deciding on your photography budget: Take 10% of your overall budget, and that's your photography budget. "Whatever photographer fits within those fences, find your fave and pull the trigger, book 'em before someone else does." 

When it comes to choosing a photographer, Danielle said couples should "fall in love with the photography first, then fall in love with the person."

"Wedding photography is a very intimate part of your wedding day; you want to love the personality that is photographing you and yours," she said.

Danielle Davis Art/Photography  , from   Ani + Nathan  's wedding at The Barn

Danielle Davis Art/Photography, from Ani + Nathan's wedding at The Barn

Danielle's photography packages range from $2,500 to $5,000. They include an engagement session, wedding day photography, and an online private gallery of lightly edited photographer-selected images, which are also given to the couple on USB drives with print and posting rights. She offers bridals and other sessions at an additional cost. 

Danielle Davis Art/Photography  , from   Emily + Blake  's wedding at The Barn

Danielle Davis Art/Photography, from Emily + Blake's wedding at The Barn

Finally, I asked Danielle to give us a little feedback! She had some super sweet things to say about us!

"The Barn is one of my absolute FAVORITE places to shoot weddings, bridals and engagements!" she said. "I see so many venues and staff throughout the year and The Barn is hands down one of the most professional, friendly, easy to work with venues. Not to mention their work is fabulous! Lesleigh's taste is always stunning. I've seen her design and redesign for each of my Barn Brides and all of them have felt special on their big day."

Danielle Davis Art/Photography  , from   Ashton + Mickey  's wedding at The Barn

Danielle Davis Art/Photography, from Ashton + Mickey's wedding at The Barn


See why Danielle is on our preferred list?! She's one of the absolute best. Danielle, we can't wait to work with you in the future!