How To Make Your Guests More Comfortable

This post from last spring is for all of you who are in the middle of planning your weddings! Keeping your guests comfortable is a must if you want them to stay around and have a good time late into the night! 


One of your main concerns while planning your wedding and reception is probably how to make sure your guests stick around for most of the night, rather than leaving after dinner (or worse, right after the ceremony). The best way to make sure your guests stay until the end of the party? (Other than planning lots of fun things to keep them entertained, of course). You've got to keep them comfortable! Here are a few ways to do just that:

1. Take the weather into consideration. If you're planning an outdoor summer wedding, consider scheduling your ceremony for later in the evening so your guests will stay cool. At the very least, have your ceremony in the shade and provide your guests with fans that double as programs. If you're getting married in the late fall or winter, think about having an earlier ceremony before it gets too chilly or have a hot cocoa or apple cider station at the entrance to your ceremony. If it rains, have a backup ceremony site or provide your guests with umbrellas. 

Captured by Cottingham Photography , from  Katie + Josh 's wedding at The Barn

2. Get creative with your favors. How can your favors make your guests more comfortable? If you're getting married outside during the late fall or winter, you could place a basket of fleece blankets at the entrance to your outdoor ceremony (this also ties in with #1). Your guests would be warm and cozy, and they'd also have a practical favor that they'd enjoy for years to come! Another favor option: flip flops at the reception. No one wants to dance for hours in uncomfortable shoes! Buy a bunch of flip flops in different sizes in your wedding colors. One more idea: sunglasses! They're practical, and they're also great for wearing on the dance floor after you've had a few drinks. Favors that are functional and practical are the best. 

Cottonwood Studios Worldwide , from  Ally + Tyler 's wedding at The Barn

Cottonwood Studios Worldwide, from Ally + Tyler's wedding at The Barn

3. Carefully plan your seating chart. If you're having a seating chart, listen up! You've got to plan it carefully. Nothing is more awkward than sitting next to your ex at a wedding reception, so be sure to put plenty of space between exes and enemies! It'd be super nice for you to spend a bit of extra time planning your seating chart and place people together who you know have things in common! If your guests are seated next to friends (or make new friends), they'll be much more comfortable, which means they'll stay longer!

Photo Love Photography , from  Ashley + Derrick 's wedding at The Barn

Photo Love Photography, from Ashley + Derrick's wedding at The Barn

4. Pay special attention to out-of-town guests. You don't have to spend your wedding day worrying that your out-of-town guests are having fun, but try to spend a little bit of time beforehand making sure they'll have plenty of things to do! You could make a list of local attractions on your wedding website, give them a package full of goodies when they arrive in town, or even create an itinerary to insure that they'll have a good time. 

5. Allow your guests to bring a date. You know what's embarrassing? Going solo to a wedding where you don't know a soul (other than the bride and groom, obviously)! Even if some of your guests only know one other person at your wedding, they'll be much more likely to feel relaxed and have a good time. 


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