What NOT To Do When Planning Your Wedding

We're kicking off the weekend with a sorta funny, but also super serious post from last year! Y'all may think these things are a joke, but we've actually seen these things happen! More than once. Eep. Don't do it!!! We're forever traumatized.


I've written several posts on this blog about what to do to make your wedding even better, more memorable, and more fun for your guests. Today, let's talk about some ridiculous things that you should not do when planning your wedding. Y'all may think I am being funny with some of these... Nope. As insane as it is, this stuff actually happens! Don't make these mistakes while planning your big day. Just don't! 

(By the way, these photos have nothing to do with these don'ts... they're just pretty pictures from recent weddings at The Barn that I couldn't wait to share!) 

Pictures by Katie , from  Kelsey + Gueorgui 's wedding at The Barn

Pictures by Katie, from Kelsey + Gueorgui's wedding at The Barn

Don't invite strangers on Craigslist/Pope County Swap/whatever yard sale Facebook page people in your area use. We have actually seen a "Who wants to come to my wedding?" post on a Facebook yard sale page! Seriously, y'all, not only does this make you look desperate and sorta crazy, but it's also a quick way to get kidnapped/mugged/killed on your wedding day. 

Tryston Hines Photography , from  Katie + Alan 's wedding at The Barn

Tryston Hines Photography, from Katie + Alan's wedding at The Barn

Don't be that crazy bride on social media. Y'all know the one! She pins a ridiculous amount of wedding ideas on Pinterest each day (and has 10 boards devoted to wedding planning), she shares her wedding countdown on Instagram everyday, and she posts every. single. planning detail on Facebook. Sure, it's fine to post about the big things, like finding your venue or dress or sharing a milestone in your countdown. But don't be that girl who shares about ordering your cake, your catering menu, or every little detail that doesn't go as planned. 

Stephanie Parsley Photography , from  Mackenzie + Tyler 's wedding at The Barn

Don't spend so much time worrying about what you DON'T want to happen at your wedding that you forget to have fun and enjoy your big day. Don't be uptight. Not everything is going to go exactly as planned - during your planning process or on your wedding day - but you absolutely cannot let that ruin your happiest day ever. Don't flip out on people who don't return their RSVP cards, even though it's super annoying. Don't fight about trivial things like cake flavors. Concentrate on what's going right, like finding your perfect venue, scoring a great deal on a gorgeous wedding dress, and, helloooo! Marrying the love of your life. At the end of it all, if you're married and happy, everything is as it should be. 

Shingleur Photography , from  Sujey + Jeffrey 's wedding at The Barn

Shingleur Photography, from Sujey + Jeffrey's wedding at The Barn

Don't get on social media at your wedding or as soon as it's over. Be in the moment with your new husband! You can change your last name, check out all the photos tagged of you, or look at the photos under your hashtag on Instagram the day after your wedding... or even after your honeymoon. Give your spouse all your attention! Facebook can wait. And pleassseee don't be that couple who changes your Facebook status to "married" during your ceremony. Ugh.

I highly doubt any of our classy, wonderful couples at The Barn would make any of these mistakes, but hopefully someone who needed to hear this info will come across this post one day. ;)