10 Barn Weddings: Purple!

As a child, I had my dream wedding all planned out. My color scheme would be purple and silver, I'd have a huge wedding cake with mini plastic staircases leading from tier to tier (seriously), and my bridesmaids would wear purple, shiny dresses. Of course I now realize how horrific that would be, but back then, I thought it sounded like the most glamorous thing ever! Even though my style has changed dramatically, I'm still a big fan of purple weddings. They're kind of rare these days, and I think they're totally underrated! 

It was actually hard for me to find 10 purple weddings from The Barn, which obviously means we need to see more purple in the near future! A few of these can actually be called purple weddings, but some of them... well, you kind of have to use your imagination. ;) It's more like a pop of purple here and there. So yeah, future Barn Brides, please consider purple! Here is some super pretty purple inspiration from The Barn! 

Michelle + Chad's wedding was full of purple and a rustic-chic theme. This wedding, although it took place in 2012, is still blowing up the Internet! Their flowers were unreal, and that petal aisle?! It's one of our most repinned Pinterest images, for obvious reasons. The Barn was all decked out in purple, with lace and burlap accents, and it was absolutely gorgeous. This couple also had a pretty, rustic chic cake!

Mackenzie + Tyler were just married in April, and their wedding was fabulous and elegant! Their bridesmaids wore lilac dresses, and the bouquets were white and light purple flowers with lots of cascading greenery. I looove these bouquets! The also had lots of touches of gold, and you've just got to see their altar, cake table and reception set-up. 

Meagan + Alex were married in the fall, and their purple color scheme combined with the colors of autumn was stunning. Their purple bouquets and flower arrangements incorporated succulents and greenery. Their reception had a cozy, romantic vibe. They had a rustic burlap altar, and you just can't beat The Barn during the fall. Amazing!

Lexy + Jeremy's wedding was not only purple, but it was also ombre, and I'm still absolutely crazy over it! So. Much. Purple! You've got to check out their aisle, which was lined with purple flowers in an ombre pattern. Their flowers were stunning, and their tulle and purple floral altar was absolutely dreamy. I love that this bride kept the ombre color palette going even in her bridesmaids' dresses!

Kelby + John Max's wedding was full of gorgeous pastels, including light purple! Their theme was a little bit rustic, a little bit shabby chic. This wedding was so unique! The bridesmaids each wore a different colored pastel dress, the bouquets and floral arrangements were unlike any we've seen since, and each of the ceremony and reception decorations were perfect. Check out their aisle and altar! 

Stacy + Jason's orange and plum color scheme is definitely something you don't see everyday, which made this wedding even more special. Some of my favorite things about this wedding: a romantic lace altar, unique and colorful bouquets, and their aisle, which was lined with mason jars full of orange and plum flowers. 

Ashley + Chuck's wedding was unique, because we actually let someone else do the flowers for once! (This literally never happens, but when the bride is marrying into a florist family, we sometimes make an exception!) I never knew how much I could love a napkin until I saw the photos from this wedding. You'll have to see them to know what I mean. ;) Other highlights from this one: the nearly bare, rustic altar, a rustic-chic cake, and that bridal gown!

Kortney + Dakota's wedding had a pastel color palette and the sweetest vintage country theme. Their bouquets and flower arrangements are some of my absolute favorites! This wedding had such a fun, sweet, romantic vibe, and it carried over into every detail, from the balloon entrance to The Barn to the reception table decor. 

You kind of have to use your imagination with this one! ;) Ashley + Michael's wedding had some of my very favorite bouquets and flower arrangements. Succulents + purple-ish pink flowers + baby's breath? Stunning! This wedding had plenty of lace and burlap accents, beautiful flowers everywhere, a gorgeous altar, and that dress! I loved this bride's dress! 

From our  Instagram

From our Instagram

The photos from this December wedding have yet to hit our Facebook page, but as you can tell from this Instagram sneak peek, this one was stunning! We see lots of pink and gold weddings at The Barn, but purple and gold?! Totally refreshing, unique and glam. This wedding looks extremely romantic and fabulous!

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!