Kierstan + Bradley's Rustic Chic Nature-Themed Wedding

Y'all, I am BEYOND EXCITED to share this stunning 2015 wedding with you today! It's been forever since I've shared a wedding from The Barn on this blog, and this one is the cutest way to end my little hiatus. (Barn Brides, get those questionnaires back to me! Wink wink.) 

This couple was married just last month, and their rustic-chic theme was so perfect. We hadn't had a full-on burlap-and-lace, rustic-chic wedding in a while, so this was a real treat! The bride is actually the niece of our beloved floral designer, Ginger, and our team just loved working with this sweet bride and her handsome groom!

These photos were taken by Tryston Hines Photography, one of our preferred photographers, and they are seriously the best. She did a beautiful job capturing this magical day! I can't wait for y'all to see this one. 


Kierstan and Bradley were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on May 8, 2015. Kierstan described their theme as "burlap with lace and lots of greenery." Their color palette was very neutral, with lots of white, cream and green. 

"We both love nature, so I wanted it to look kind of natural," she said. "I would have thrown some pink in with the flowers, but he hates pink!" Bradley, that's how you know your woman loves ya! ;)

I can't believe how lovely this bride was! Her dress, which was from Danielle's Bridal, was absolutely stunning. The lace is beautiful, and the silhouette is classic and so gorgeous. And check out those shoes! Kierstan, you were the prettiest bride EVER. 

One of the highlights of this wedding? The insaaaanely gorgeous flowers. I gasped when I saw this white and greenery bouquet! It contained a mixture of dahilias, roses, peonies, and a whole bunch of greenery. It was a little bit messy and undone looking, which is a look we're all crazy about! It also had a piece of blue lace from her grandma's wedding dress wrapped around the stems. So sweet! 

These two had a super sweet first look, which is something we're always big fans of! First looks = good for calming wedding day jitters, the perfect photo opportunity, and so. darn. romantic. Plus, you're going to end up with a bunch of pretty portraits like these. And that gives you more time to hang out with your guests after the ceremony, because you're spending less time on photos! It's a win-win situation, y'all. 

About this precious first look, Kierstan said this: "I will remember the way he looked at me with so much love when we shared our first look." That's as simply sweet as it gets, you guys. 

I loved getting married at The Barn because it was out in nature, and the scenery and decorations were beautiful. The flowers were gorgeous, too!
— Kierstan

Kierstan and Bradley chose not to have a wedding party, which is a trend I'm becoming increasingly fond of. It's a great way to keep your day even more stress-free, and you don't have to worry about stressing out your friends with the cost of a dress or tux, and all the other expenses that go along with being in a wedding! Good idea, y'all.

This couple's ceremony decor was just unreal. It was incredibly dreamy, with so many beautiful flower arrangements, as well as the most gorgeous petal aisle of all time. (I'm not exaggerating. The aisle was covered in about a billion white flower petals. Such a stunning way to make a statement!) They also chose a burlap and lace-draped altar, with amazing flower arrangements. The aisle was also lined with logs and even more of those gorgeous flowers! 

Once again, these flowers! Oh my goodness. Swoon!

The ceremony was just perfect. It was intimate and romantic and full of love. Kierstan said one of the most memorable moments came from the ceremony. "I will always remember the mosquito that was on the preacher's shiny bald head for at least 10 minutes during the ceremony," she said. "I tried so hard not to laugh or swat it myself!" HAHA. Outdoor ceremonies can be interesting, that's for sure! ;) 

Cannot get enough of this petal aisle!!! LOVE.

That is one happy groom!

And how is that for a photo of the kiss?! SO pretty!

After these two made it official, they stole a few private moments to themselves, and Tryston caught all the romance on camera. These portraits are swoon-worthy. These two, y'all. They're glowing! :)

The newlyweds and their guests then headed into The Barn for a beautiful reception. This reception is the definition of rustic-chic! Their tables were covered with burlap, lace and plenty of gorgeous neutral floral arrangements, with more of that fabulous greenery. There were mason jars, wood vases, rustic candlesticks, barrels, the prettiest place settings and romantic candlelight. The Barn looks so good in this style.

TheCakePlace always kills it when it comes to wedding cakes and desserts as beautiful as they are delicious, and this time was no different! This cake, with its beautiful burlap backdrop, is rustic-chic perfection. And those peanut butter dessert shooters? Let's just say that I'm pretty much drooling on my keyboard. 

Kierstan and Bradley spent the rest of their reception with a romantic first dance, a sweet father-daughter dance, and a real good time with their guests. 

At the end of the night, they made their grand exit through a bunch of sparklers and ran way for a week-long honeymoon with their precious 9 month old daughter! 

"We went to Fort Pierce, Florida and stayed in a condo that was right on the beach," Kierstan said. "It wasn’t a very busy area so we mostly had the beach to ourselves so that was nice! The water was perfect and the weather was also. Our 9 month old daughter got to go as well and she loved to play in the sand. Overall it was a great trip!"

When I asked Kierstan to let us know how we did, here's what she said! "The staff was perfect! They did everything for us and everything ran smoothly. Everyone was so nice. The decorations were amazing as well, better than anything I could have thought up. And of course my Aunt Ginger's flower arrangements were beautiful!"

Kierstan and Bradley, we're so happy that y'all chose The Barn as your wedding venue! It was an honor! We wish y'all the very best! xoxoxoxoxo


See what I mean?! This wedding was ridiculously good, and I'm crazy about it. I'm seriously head-over-heels for those flowers! 

See y'all on Thursday with the cutest 2013 wedding. :)