Around The Barn

Y'all know how beautiful each of our weddings are at The Barn, but did you know just how gorgeous the area around The Barn is on any ol' day?! I'm sure you've all seen our amazing barn doors, our ceremony area, and the inside of The Barn, but if you haven't been out here, you're missing out on some of the prettiest and coolest spots we have. For example, have you seen our Bridal Suite, Groom's Room or our four (yes, four) bars! Did you know we have an outdoor kitchen and a fire pit? 

These spots make for the most romantic, fun and special portraits on your wedding day. And when you choose The Barn as your venue, you get to hang out in all this beauty all. day. long! Here are some pretty places around The Barn that you may not have seen already! 

Bridal Suite

Groom's Room

LOVE Marquee Sign

Blue Swing

Gorgeous Chandeliers

The Barn Doors

Bed Swing


Indoor Bar #1

Indoor Bar #2 (we've used this one outdoors as well!)

Outdoor Bar #1

MGB Photo , from  Meagan + Alex 's wedding

MGB Photo, from Meagan + Alex's wedding

Outdoor Bar #2

The Lawn + Pretty Lighting

The Bridge

Stephanie Parsley Photography , from  Samantha + Danny 's wedding at The Barn

And finally... we offer more than 35 acres of natural Arkansas gorgeousness! Here's just a tiny sneak peek:

MGB Photo  , from   Meagan + Alex  's wedding

MGB Photo, from Meagan + Alex's wedding

And this is definitely not all the beauty we have to offer... you just have to come out and see it for yourselves! But make an appointment first, pretty please!