One Ceremony Site + Four Unique Styles

At The Barn, we have weddings with dramatically different themes and color schemes each weekend (and every once in a while, we have three totally different weddings in the same weekend!). Obviously The Barn itself changes drastically with each wedding's theme and color palette, but I think our altar and aisle look the most different from wedding to wedding. From rustic chic to elegant and whimsical to bohemian, this beautiful little area has been made over time and time again, and it looks amazing dressed up in any style. Sometimes it's almost unrecognizable from one weekend to the next! Here's our ceremony site dressed up a bunch of different ways!

Rustic Chic & Country

MGB Photo , from  Meagan + Alex 's wedding

MGB Photo, from Meagan + Alex's wedding

Classic & Elegant

Whimsical & Dreamy

Bohemian & Hippie-Chic

Which style is your favorite? I'm all about whimsical/dreamy!