10 Barn Weddings: Astounding Aisles

Just this week, a vendor said to me via email, "I'm pretty sure everything about that barn is the most beautiful thing in the world." I happen to agree! I think this place is more inspiring than just about any other, and I know I'm not alone in that. Magic happens at The Barn, y'all. Every detail is mindblowingly beautiful at every wedding, no matter the theme/style/color palette/season/whatever. One of my favorite details to check out at each of our weddings: the aisle. They are all uniquely beautiful and so different that sometimes our ceremony area is almost unrecognizable from one wedding to the next. 

Whether super simple, rustic, elegant or lined with a petal design, our aisle decor is always serious eye candy. Here are 10 of my favorite aisles ever!

If you looked up "rustic-chic" in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure there would be a picture of Kierstan + Bradley's wedding next to it. From the burlap and lace altar to the stunning neutral flowers to this aisle, every detail of this wedding was rustic-chic perfection. I gasped when I saw this aisle, and I'm pretty sure everyone at this wedding probably did, too! That's like a gazillion flower petals... over-the-top and fabulous. Their aisle was also lined with logs and beautiful, neutral flowers. One of the prettiest our team has ever done, for sure. 

Ashton + Mickey's wedding had a pink and gold color palette, with plenty of feminine-meets-rustic details. Their aisle was one of my favorites because it combined girly pink and white floral arrangements and pink mason jars with rustic elements, like wooden crates and cloches made of chicken wire (one of my favorite details ever). Plus, that tulle altar just set everything off perfectly. This wedding took place on a rainy day, and I actually think the rain made it even more beautiful! 

Ally + Tyler's ceremony details were creative and wonderful! Their aisle was lined with logs, pretty floral arrangements, and photos of them throughout their relationship. What a sweet, personal way to make a statement! At the end of the aisle, their altar had a fireplace mantel decorated with more personal photos. We were big fans of their unique light blue, pink, ivory and gray color palette, too. 

I just wrote about A+J's wedding on the blog yesterday, but I had to bring it up again. I'm going to be thinking about the details from this wedding for a long time/probably forever. ;) Anyway, how pretty is this purple aisle? It was lined with logs, floral arrangements with a natural, organic feel, purple mason jars, and wire sconces on shepherd hooks...  simple, rustic, and straight out of a fairy tale. If you missed this wedding yesterday, you seriously need to see every gorgeous detail. Right now.

Sometimes the most gorgeous aisle set-ups don't happen in our ceremony area... Anita + Wesley's wedding almost happened inside The Barn due to rain, but our team moved it back outside at the last minute. How gorgeous was their back-up plan? This aisle is the epitome of swoonage (which isn't a word, but let's pretend!). Romantic candlelight + a stunning ivory petal aisle + round rose arrangements all leading to that insanely amazing altar. It doesn't get much prettier. Check out the outside version in their blog post! 

I know I talk about Samantha + Danny's boho-chic wedding wayyy too much, but can you blame me?! This aisle might be my very favorite, because just look at those flowers. Ginger (our floral designer) killed it with those boho-chic, woodland-inspired arrangements. The shape of those arrangements is so good (I think I just gave away my level of flower nerdiness right there). The logs, bits of lace, and their bohemian altar are just the icing on the already delicious cake. If you haven't seen the other details from this wedding, check it out pronto

Kelsey + Gueorgui's wedding was one of our most unique, because of the Bulgarian traditions in their ceremony and reception, and because of the stunning details. Kelsey loves the look of mostly greenery, so our team only incorporated a few flowers into her arrangements. The aisle was lined with logs, tons of greenery, candles and vintage books in muted colors. The lush greenery of our ceremony area in springtime was the perfect backdrop for this green wedding. (And that altar? Helloooo, beautiful!)

Jessica + Daniel's ceremony details were beautiful and simple. They were married on the lawn of The Barn, in front of an arbor which is now in their back yard (seriously sweet). Their aisle didn't have a lot of details, because when you have a petal aisle as pretty as this one, you don't need much else! It was lined with wire sconces filled with small floral arrangements. Stunning! Fun fact: this wedding also had some of my very favorite bouquets!

It's pretty rare that I'm into anything this rustic or country, but what's not to like about Rachel + Johnnie's sunflower aisle? Wedding details just don't come happier than these... this aisle just makes me smile! I never knew I liked sunflowers until this turquoise and yellow, sunflower-filled wedding! This aisle was all logs, mason jars and sunflowers, with a rustic burlap altar at the end. The flower girl makes it even cuter! ;)

Ashley + Derrick's ceremony and reception were filled with lots of vintage goodies, plenty of color, and some of our prettiest flowers ever. Their aisle was lined with logs (like pretty much all of these that I'm obsessed with!), mason jars in pastel colors, and lots and lots of gorgeous pink and white floral arrangements with lots of greenery. Sooo many pretty things to look at at this wedding!

Happy Friday, y'all! I hope you have the best weekend. I'm currently road tripping, so it's going to be a good one for me. ;)