10 Barn Weddings: Ravishing Receptions

Nothing compares to a reception at The Barn; as a former Barn Bride, I can promise you that our team goes all out on receptions. No detail goes forgotten or untouched. What makes a reception extra amazing? Gorgeous decor. Tons of details. Special things for guests to eat/do/experience (like a great dessert bar or a fun activity). And above all, it's gotta be a fun party that makes your guests want to stick around late into the night.

Every reception of ours has been fabulous, but some of them just turn out over-the-top ahhhh-maazzzingggg. Here are 10 that were super special... these are the ones that were extra beautiful and/or extra fun! 

Mackenzie + Tyler's wedding was equal parts glam, boho and fabulous. Their decor included lots of glitter and lots of green garlands - an unexpectedly beautiful combination. The most stand-out aspects of this wedding: gorgeous florals, a boho-chic ceremony (that altar!), and hellooooo! This unreal reception set-up. I am crazy about The Barn all dressed up like this!

I know I talk about Nikki + Scott's wedding wayyyy too often, but can you even blame me?! Sorry not sorry. I mean, this reception was pretty much every girl's dream. A stunning pink + gold color palette, metallic details galore, pink peonies, a pink candy buffet, a ridiculously amazing menu, and the prettiest cocktails of all time. Pinners love this one, and I'm sure you can see why!

Receptions just don't come any prettier than Katie + Alan's. Everything about this wedding is totally swoon-worthy, from the pink, emerald and gold color palette to those ridiculous flowers and the bride's stunning dress to these reception tables! Their reception had so many fab details, like these chevron table runners, mismatched vintage glassware, glitter and sequins, beautiful flowers, gold place settings, a fun cake. This wedding = LOVE. 

Ashley + Ivan's wedding will forever go down in Barn history. I wasn't actually there for this one, but I've heard a whole lot about it... One thing I've heard is that everyone within a 5 mile radius could hear the party. ;) And we consider that a good thing! This reception had it all: an elegant, glamorous vibe, with a few rustic touches. The prettiest flowers ever. Papel picado, a Cuban-fusion band, a Cuban cigar bar, and a few other Latin influences. Every detail of this wedding was eye candy!

If there was an award for Most Detailed Reception Ever, Emily + Casey's Aztec-inspired reception would probably win! Gorgeous pink flower arrangements (atop teepees!), chevron table runners, that pink ruffle + marquee letter table backdrop, more than one fabulous wedding cake, mercury glass vases, groom's table details, a teepee! I could go on and on. This reception was everything. (Notice how several of these receptions included our chevron table runners? Those must be good luck or something!)

This photo from Samantha + Danny's wedding is the only thing you need to see to know this reception was fun. This reception was what we call woodland, boho-chic. It was simple, yet beautiful. There was burlap and lace, deer antlers and cow skulls, some of my very favorite flowers our team has ever done, an amazing seafoam ombre cake, a trail mix bar (!), and so many pretty details in between. 

Jordon + Nick's reception was one of our most uniquely beautiful, and we're big fans of all things unique. While we love all of our pink weddings, it's refreshing to see a color palette like this one! Cranberry + wheat made for the most perfect fall wedding, and their reception was simply stunning. Tons of burlap, cranberry accents, mason jars, and lots and lots of wheat. This one was a breath of fresh air! 

There are literally about a thousand photos of Cara + Brock's guests dancing, and that's obviously a good sign! What's even more impressive is that it was cold, raining and sleeting on this couple's wedding day... even junky weather can't put a damper on a Barn party! These two chose a classic, timeless theme for their reception, with the prettiest blue and green color palette, lots of hydrangeas and some seriously pretty tablecloths!

Courtney + Chad's reception in one word? Fun. This bride's main priority was to have a big ol' fun party with her loved ones, and she absolutely succeeded. Every detail of this summer wedding was just that: super fun! This wedding was full of color, tulips, country-inspired details (hay bales! plaid!), and lots of green. 

Considering that this collage has not one, but two photos of people upside-down on the dance floor, I think you can assume that this reception was pretty darn fun. Ashley + Justin brought all their guests on a tour bus from Vegas, so what would you expect?! ;) Aside from being super fun, this reception was also beautiful. This reception was rustic chic at its prettiest! A custom pallet wall, hay bales, burlap, a fun mason jar drink display, a bluegrass band (yep!), mason jars full of flowers. This one was good

See what I mean?! Nobody does a reception like The Barn Team does a reception. No matter what style/colors/vibe/theme our couples want, it's going to be incredible, guaranteed!