Gift Ideas for Your Bride or Groom

One thing I regret not doing on my wedding day: getting a special gift for my husband. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who forgot to do that!) With all the other millions of things to think about while planning your wedding and then packing up for your big day, this detail can get pushed to the back burner. Putting the time and effort into buying or making a wedding day gift for your bride or groom may not be at the top of your wedding to-do list, but it's so special when couples exchange memorable gifts before their ceremony (whether during the first look or by having the gift delivered to the bridal suite/groom's room). The sweetest photos often come from those moments! 

Brides and grooms, you should definitely consider getting something special for your new spouse! Your gift doesn't have to be expensive or over-the-top. Write them a super sweet, tear-jerker of a letter and pick out one of these classic or modern gifts, and your wedding day will be even more special!

Classic Gifts For The Groom

A watch or pocket watch, which would be extra special if it's engraved with his initials, your wedding date or something sweet like "together until the end of time"

Cufflinks, whether a traditional pair engraved with your initials and wedding date, or something a little more fun

Cologne. A) When he wears it later on, it'll remind him of your wedding day and B) Who doesn't love a yummy smelling man?

A flask. Engrave it with his initials and your wedding date, a meaningful quote, or something funny. (See a trend here? Buy something nice, have it engraved and call it a day!)

A nice shaving kit or toiletry set... perfect for taking on your honeymoon!

Modern Gifts For The Groom

A book of boudoir photos, a gift he'll never forget! ;) Even if a boudoir shoot is way out of your comfort zone, keep in mind that there are plenty of ways to be modest and classy while still being sexy! Do a quick search for boudoir photo ideas... you're sure to find some that you'd be comfortable with!

A journal or a box of letters written throughout your relationship. Practically free, and probably the most meaningful gift you could give him. He'd cherish it forever! 

A special treat for the honeymoon, like a round of golf or reservations at a spectacular restaurant

 A gift basket full of inexpensive itemslike socks (in case he gets cold feet), alcohol (to calm his nerves), breath mints (to guarantee a fresh kiss) and some of his favorite treats

A bottle of liquor and cigars for him to enjoy with his groomsmen while you and your bridesmaids finish getting ready

Classic Gifts For The Bride

A Bible, personalized with her new name

A timeless piece of jewelry that she'll wear forever, like a pair of diamond or pearl earrings, or a bracelet that goes with everything

Something engraved or embroidered with her new monogram, because she's going to want to show it off a lot!

Her favorite perfume... the scent will always take her back to her wedding day! 

A wedding band, engraved with something sweet

Modern Gifts For The Bride

A surprise honeymoon! Grooms, if you want your bride to love you more than ever (if that's possible) and you want your guests to be seriously impressed with you, keep your honeymoon a secret and surprise her with it at the reception! 

A memory box, filled with concert ticket stubs, movie tickets, photos from vacations you've taken together, letters you've written to her throughout your relationship... trust me, it'd be the most romantic thing ever and your bride would feel like the luckiest lady in the world!

A pretty bracelet with the latitude and longitude of your wedding location

Something to wear on your honeymoon, whether it's pretty lingerie or a new swimsuit coverup

A pre-wedding spa treatment... If you know she's got some extra time on the day of your wedding, schedule a massage, facial or pedicure for her. There's no better way to begin a marriage than when you're totally relaxed! :)

While exchanging gifts with your new spouse may not be completely necessary (after all, the best gift is marrying each other!), it's a fun and romantic way to begin your new lives together!