Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Wedding

If you aren't already aware, The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch is an all-inclusive venue. That means we take care of everything for our couples, including flowers, decor, coordination, set-up and tear-down, catering, cake, entertainment, and anything else they desire. The only thing our couples have to do: pick a dress/tux/bridal party outfits, an officiant and a photographer. (However, if you're a future bride and you want to be more involved and hands-on with your wedding planning process, we're totally okay with that, too!) We're totally the opposite of a DIY wedding venue! 

The DIY wedding trend has been all the rage for the past several years, and if you have a Pinterest account, that's certainly not news to you! However, this trend is beginning to fade, and if you ask me, that's very much a good thing. If you want a small wedding with a DIY look and feel, by all means, go for it (if you have plenty of supportive family and friends who are willing to help!). But if your desire is a larger, detailed wedding, please hire a professional! Here's why:

Tryston Hines Photography , from  Lindsey + Matt 's wedding at The Barn

Tryston Hines Photography, from Lindsey + Matt's wedding at The Barn

You most likely won't save that much money. Wedding professionals and wedding venues often have deals worked out with their vendors, so they're able to get a cheaper prices on flowers, food, cakes and other items than someone who walked in off the street. If your planner or venue has partnerships with their vendors, you will save money, and probably a lot. If you choose to buy these things yourself (as opposed to having a family or friend make them for you), you'll end up spending more! Plus, when you choose to DIY, you're more likely to go over your budget. If you choose a wedding planner or an all-inclusive venue, they'll keep you on track on your budget, and they also know how to stretch your money as far as possible. 

Stephanie Parsley Photography , from  Mackenzie + Tyler 's wedding at The Barn

It's just simply not worth the stress. Unless you don't have a job and can spend most of your time working on your wedding, it's not worth the time either. You will put more time and effort into a DIY wedding than you think, and you'll most likely be stressed. Is that really worth it to potentially save a couple bucks? Do you want to remember the biggest day of your life as stressful and a lot of work, or do you want to remember it as being blissful and romantic and wonderful?! Have you ever been to a DIY wedding in which the bride and groom seemed totally stressed and like they weren't enjoying their big day? I have, too, and that's no way to begin a marriage!

Allison Harp Photography , from  A+J 's wedding at The Barn

Allison Harp Photography, from A+J's wedding at The Barn

Having someone to set up and tear down your wedding decor is worth its weight in gold. When I ask our brides to tell me their favorite thing about getting married at The Barn, many of them tell me that not having to decorate (and then un-decorate) everything was the best part. It's so wonderful to be able to relax with your bridal party on your big day (and the day before, and after the party is over). 

Andrew Arceri , from  Megan + Daniel 's wedding at The Barn

Andrew Arceri, from Megan + Daniel's wedding at The Barn

If you still want to DIY some aspects of your wedding, choose carefully what you want to make yourself. I did my own wedding invitations, and I'd totally recommend it. It was very important to me to feel like some of our wedding decor had our own personal touches on it, so we made several chalkboard and hand-painted signs, painted my bike pink and gold (seriously), and made our flower girls' dresses. We also asked our families to bake pies for our favors, which we sliced up and packaged in handmade boxes. Other good ideas to DIY: your unity candle (or unity candle alternative) or favors. But don't attempt to do any of the big stuff yourself - like the cake, catering, centerpieces, flowers, hair and makeup (unless you're a pro), or wedding coordination - pretty please!

Tryston Hines Photography , from  Katie + Alan 's wedding at The Barn

Tryston Hines Photography, from Katie + Alan's wedding at The Barn

If you don't believe me, take it from these brides who loved not having to lift a finger on their big day!

"My favorite part about being married at The Barn was the stress-free experience!" - Sujey

"I got to live a girl’s dream and basically plan my wedding on Pinterest and they put it together for me hassle free! It was amazing. The fact that they did everything from set up, décor, took care of the catering, already had a cake place, staff for the wedding, etc. made it almost stress-free for my husband and me." - Chelsie

"My favorite part about getting married at The Barn was that the staff was so helpful and made everything stress free for myself and my mother." - Brittany

"My favorite part was that I truly got to enjoy my day because the staff at The Barn took care of everything and made sure it all went smooth... I’ll say it over and over again, The Barn is the best! It was so easy to just show up and love every minute of my wedding.” - Lisa

"I will always remember how my mom, myself and my family got to just come and enjoy my wedding. After setting up, doing and cleaning up 3 previous weddings, it was nice to go and just enjoy the festivities." - Cathryn

"I just officiated a wedding and seeing how stressed the bride was about all of the details and coordinating with the vendors made me appreciate The Barn even more." - Megan

"I loved that everything, including tear-down, was taken care of for me and my family. We couldn’t have had better service." - Molly

"The details and atmosphere were exactly ‘us’ and the entire process was stress free and truly how a wedding should be planned and run. I cannot emphasize enough if someone is looking for a dream wedding without the fuss and stress, book with The Barn!" - Lyndsey

"I LOVED everything about this place. From the list of preferred vendors, to the stress free planning, it was perfect. When it was over, we grabbed our stuff and left! It was great not to worry about sticking our families and friends with cleanup duties. The staff is amazing; the stress free wedding planning was even better." - Cara

"I will always remember how easy the BATOR team made our wedding feel! I was able to enjoy every moment and was reminded to just enjoy my wedding, not to worry about anything!" - Tang

I could keep going on and on, but that would be obnoxious. ;) I think you get the point! Having someone to do your wedding for you is totally awesome! And, at least at The Barn, it is not as expensive as you might think. :)