Fall Flower Crown Friday!

Let's end this week on The Barn Blog just how we started it... With a bunch of pretty fall flowers! Y'all have a great weekend! xoxo


Since it seems like everyone is anticipating the official arrival of fall in just a few short weeks, and since Flower Crown Friday is one of my favorite blog topics ever, let's combine the two and talk about flower crowns that are perfect for fall weddings! (You can see Flower Crown Friday part one here and part two here, as well as a post about hair florals for everyone in the bridal party here.)

At The Barn, we looove flower crowns. We can't get enough of them! Flower crowns for the bride, bridesmaids, mother/grandmother of the bride/groom, flower girls... bring them on, and lots of them. While we've done flower crowns for many of our spring and summer weddings, we haven't made a whole lot of them for fall weddings. And how sad is that?! Fall bouquets are so pretty and interesting, and just think of how beautiful a fall-themed flower crown would be!

The things I'm looking forward to seeing in bouquets this fall are: rich colors, unexpected color combinations, beautiful texture, a natural/just-picked look, and lots of greenery. I hope we see those things in many pretty flower crowns this fall, too! Here are some pretty ones to get you inspired! (By the way, some of these are kind of over the top... If you're not into wearing a big, beautiful flower crown on your wedding day, consider rocking one in your bridal pics!)

Have a great weekend!