Sujey + Jeffrey's Whimsical, Up-Inspired Elopement

Today's fun, whimsical wedding is the most perfect way to end your week... it's one of my absolute favorites our team has ever done! It was actually one of our elopements, and those always turn out amazing. When a couple books an elopement, they tell us the overall theme and colors they like, and our team gets to run with it and get totally creative with the design. This bride and groom are big fans of the Pixar movie Up... You know, the one with the cute old man and the pretty balloons that we all ugly cried in (or was that just me?). With that kind of inspiration, a wedding is bound to turn out incredible. And this one surely did.

These photos were taken by Shingleur Photography, one of our preferred photographers, and they are seriously magical. They did such a good job at capturing the whimsical style of this wedding... we're going to be obsessing over these photos forever!


Sujey and Jeffrey were married at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch on April 15, 2015. As I already mentioned, their theme was very unique. "Jeffrey and I love watching movies and we especially love Pixar," Sujey said. "So, we decided on an Up theme! I asked for balloons to be incorporated in the design, and I was completely amazed by what The Barn team created! There was balloons everywhere, and it was perfect!"

There were balloons and bright colors everywhere you looked at this wedding. Everything had a whimsical vibe, and it was so uniquely pretty.

While the wedding was full of whimsy and color, Sujey kept her dress on the simple side. She chose a classic, strapless gown from David's Bridal, with lace details and a sash. She topped off her look with a classic pearl necklace, which belongs to her mother-in-law.

"While we were wedding dress shopping, she surprised me by presenting the necklace," Sujey said. "It totally completed the dress!"

Sujey, you are such a gorgeous bride! 

For her bouquet and floral arrangements, Sujey asked for lots of color. "I wanted bright colors, and that's exactly what I got!" she said. Her bouquet was so unique! It included huge pink peonies, pops of orange, and beautiful cascading greenery. It was also tied with blue and orange ribbons and white lace. One of my absolute favorite bouquets! 

Jeffrey is an active duty Marine, so "it was a no-brainer that he had to wear his dress blues!" Sujey said. "The military is an important aspect of our lives."

That whole saying about there being nothing like a man in uniform? It's totally true. These two look fantastic together. These are some of my favorite portraits from weddings at The Barn. They are whimsical, beautiful, romantic, and dreamy! Good job, Shingleurs. 

And now let's get to the wedding detail that everyone is talking about... That altar! "It was incredible," Sujey said. "Sometimes, I look back at my wedding pictures, and I'm still amazed at how beautiful the altar was!" 

This thing was covered in balloons and finished off with a few peonies and other flowers that matched Sujey's bouquet. It. Was. Ahhh-mazing. Totally fabulous. The most fun altar ever! 

[Our wedding day] was amazing! The scenery was perfect and absolutely beautiful! I loved the altar!!! It was so mesmerizing and dreamy!
— Sujey

Their ceremony was small, intimate and romantic. "I will always remember Jeffrey’s HUGE smile throughout the ceremony!" Sujey said. How sweet is that?! 

"My favorite part about being married at The Barn was the stress-free experience!!" she said. "Our original plan was to get married after Jeffrey’s deployment. However, he didn’t want to wait anymore! I was in the middle of finals and completely unprepared to plan a wedding. I loved that you guys offered an elopement ceremony! I wanted a wedding experience, and I knew that you guys would deliver. I’m so happy that you guys made this a reality for me!!"

Planning your wedding was a pleasure, Sujey! We're so happy you got your fairytale wedding, without any stress. :)

I'm pretty sure there has never been a prettier photo of the kiss than that one right there! Swooooon!!! 

Aside from a stunning ceremony and a beautiful bridal bouquet, our elopement package also comes with a cake and a few reception decorations. TheCakePlace killed it with these mini naked cakes. They're so simple, but so pretty. Seriously my favorite cakes we've had at The Barn... Notice how I'm saying everything about this wedding was my favorite ever?! It's true!

And that balloon backdrop and balloon table runner?! It's just too much for my balloon-loving heart to handle. I love this wedding. LOVE, I tell you.

After their fabulous wedding, Sujey and Jeffrey left for a mini-honeymoon! "Jeffrey was only on leave for 9 days," Sujey said. "So, we had a 'mini-honeymoon' at Eureka Springs. We rented a small cottage for the weekend, and fell in love all over again. He’s stationed in Hawaii, and our relationship has always been long distanced. We plan on having our 'big honeymoon' in New Zealand 2016!"

New Zealand sounds incredible! We hope y'all have the best time ever when you get to go! 

Finally, I asked Sujey for a little bit of feedback on her planning experience and her wedding day. This is what she had to say about us: "I just want to thank y’all for everything! I’m so glad that I choose this venue for my Big Day! The altar was perfect and something that I could have never imagined. I know that you guys put a lot of work into the wedding, and it came out incredible! Thank you a million times over!"

Sujey and Jeffrey, you are so welcome! We loved planning your wedding day, and we wish y'all the very best! Enjoy New Zealand next year! xoxoxoxoxo


Y'all, I can't tell you how much I adore this wedding. I hope you loved it too! And if you're curious about our elopement package and what all it includes or how it works, head on over to this post for some more info. 

Have a whimsical, colorful weekend! :)